LFO Split Up Again After “Differences In Philosophy”

Rich Cronin updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@richcronin) on Monday (September 28), announcing that LFO has split up again after reuniting with a tour just a couple months ago. Cronin was quick to say the split isn’t related to his leukemia. He writes:

Hi Everyone,
In case you’ve already heard, it is true. LFO will no longer be touring together and we have decided to go our separate ways.

Rest assured I am not sick. Everything is great. We just had some differences in philosophy and we all thought it best to end the journey on a high note.
Thank you to EVERYONE who came out to see the shows and who made the tour great. We all love you and thank you so much.

I wish Brad and Devin the best of luck with their new project. Keep following me at www.myspace.com/richcronin, twitter.com/richcronin and on the Facebook fan page.

I am focusing on my solo project, writing and recording new music and getting ready for many amazing things in the future. Stay tuned!!!

Thank you!!!

Brad Fischetti Solo Effort Completely Different Than LFO

Brad Fischetti of LFO was interviewed by Wildwritings.com and was asked about his new solo album, and how is it different from his past music. Brad responded, “It’s completely different than LFO. It is very alternative and moody. The songs don’t adhere to a particular formula or format. They evolve around pianos, strings, and haunting vocals.”

Brad Fischetti Talks Solo Project & LFO Days

LFO star Brad Fischetti is now solo as Sari and is on his own record label, 111 Records. Asked if he was frustrated being in the boy band, Brad said, “Being in LFO was not frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, we had our issues but I wasn’t frustrated with being in LFO. I was frustrated with the way every thing went with the second LFO album. 2001 brought a menagerie of problems for us, which in itself was frustrating. Despite the problems, I never wanted out of LFO and never even considered doing something on my own until well into the LFO hiatus.”

LFO Pick Up Slack For O-Town

LFO will open for Britney Spears for several dates in December in the place of O-Town, who’ll be playing dates of their own that conflicted with Spears’ dates. You can check out the LFO shows in Boston Dec. 11, Raleigh, N.C., Dec. 14, Atlanta Dec. 15 and New Orleans Dec. 16.