New Music From Lindsay Rush

The long-awaited debut album from singer/songwriter Lindsay Rush is now soon to be released. To celebrate the occasion and reward the fans for their patience, Rush & co. have posted clips from each track on the album entitled, ‘Real Life’. The clips are good previews of what is to come on her album, as well as on tour this Summer. Rush will be hitting the road late this Spring, debuting the tour at Calliope Fest in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Lindsay Rush Releases Title of Debut Album

Recording artist, Lindsay Rush, has reportedly released the title of her long-awaited debut album. The album, to be called ‘Real Life’, is expected to be released in late August/September. “It’s (the songs) all drawn from experiences encountered by myself or people that I’ve come across throughout my life. Even the songs that aren’t about my personal experiences, are based on true events.”

Michelle Branch And Others Lend Names To A Good Cause

Contributed anonymously:

Michelle Branch, Dakona, Dar Williams, Vanessa Carlton, Lindsay Rush and other young musicians lend their names and time to help a great cause. These musicians are now national spokespeople for MPower-Musicians for Mental Health. The artists can be seen at shows and online spreading the word that there is help out there for those who need it. Some, like Carlton, even go out on a limb and share their own life experiences with others to help the cause.