Lisa Scott Lee Pondering Career Change

Former Steps star Lisa Scott-Lee spoke with Ann Montini of Sky News about rumros suggesting she’s planning a further series of her MTV show ‘Totally Scott-Lee’. “If my new single flops I plan to quit singing, so the next series may feature me trying it out as an actress,” she said, likely before learning ‘Electric’ did indeed flop.

Lisa Scott-Lee’s Partial Reality

Ann Montini of Sky News reports that Lisa Scott Lee is admitting her MTV “reality” show ‘Totally Scott-Lee’ isn’t all real. “It’s not fully scripted but we’re given ideas of where to lead the action,” the former Steps star revealed to a spy.

Lisa Scott-Lee’s Hubby Reveals Why He’d Never Two-Time Her

Former Hear’Say star Johnny Shentall spoke with News of the World about his sex romps with his wife Lisa Scott Lee. “We make love whenever and wherever we can,” Shentall said. “We love having sex outside…it’s exciting knowing we could be caught at any minute.” Asked about a specific encounter with the former Steps beauty, Shentall revealed, “We went to ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ film premiere in Birmingham last month. We had a room in the Malmaison hotel and when I arrived Lisa was waiting for me in just a set of cream La Perla underwear. She was planning to do a striptease for me, but I couldn’t wait. We made love three or four times that night and made quite a bit of noise…I think we may have disturbed a few people!”

Lisa Scott Lee Gleeful Over ‘Totally Scott Lee’ Ratings

Former Steps star Lisa Scott Lee checked in with fans on her official website on Monday (September 5), following the debut of her MTV UK reality show ‘Totally Scott Lee’. “Hi Guys!!! Hope you’re all well and enjoying ‘Totally Scott-Lee’! Apparently you are coz I’ve just got the official viewing figures from MTV and they’ve informed me that we got 5x the average ratings for an MTV show,” she happily wrote. An incredible ——. 0.6 million watched us – so THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your support!! Keep watching and hopefully I’ll get a top 10 with ‘ELECTRIC’. I’ve just recorded it so as soon as it’s finished, we’ll post it on my website and you can tell me what you all think! Hope you like it!!! Lots of Love Lisa x”

Mac And Bumble Launch Party

Mikey Green of Phixx, former Steps stars Ian ‘H’ Watkins and Lisa Scott-Lee, and Liberty X star Michelle Heaton attended the Mac and Bumble Launch Party on April 28th in London, England. Check out pictures from FilmMagic.

Lisa Scott-Lee Won’t Swear Like Ozzy On MTV Show

Former Steps star Lisa Scott-Lee tells The Glasgow Daily Record she won’t be swearing up a storm like Ozzy Osbourne when she begins her MTV reality show ‘Scott-Lee Unlimited: The Newlyweds’ with husband Johnny Shentall. “I’m not a big swearer,” she said. “I have respect for my family and fans, so we’re definitely not like ‘The Osbournes’. But I’ve watched [the U.S. version of] ‘Newlyweds’, which is a great show.”

Lisa Scott-Lee’s Handbag Stolen

A handbag owned by former Steps star Lisa Scott-Lee, which contained £900, an iPod, and a notebook with scribbled lyrics has been stolen. “I can’t believe this happened,” she complained to The Sun. “It’s so annoying.” The bag was lifted while she was partying at London’s Pangea club the other night.