Record Bosses Put The Leash On ‘Unleashed’

The Daily Star reports former Steps star Lisa Scott Lee’s solo career is in trouble, with bosses pushing back the release of her debut album ‘Unleashed’ to “sometime next year.”

Lisa Scott Lee Demands ‘Retake’ After TV Shambles

The Mirror reports Lisa Scott Lee’s rendition of the unfortunately-titled ‘There Are Worse Things I Could Do’ had the ‘Grease Mania’ stage crew in fits of laughter, prompting the former Steps singer to demand to re-shoot the performance. A show insider said, “When Lisa came off stage, some of the crew were cruelly laughing at her which upset her even more and she gave them deathly stares. They ignored her pleas to be allowed to do it again and went ahead with a set change for Darius, who was next up.” After much persuasion she was allowed to sing again. Lisa said, “I wanted to do it again because I wasn’t 100 per cent happy with the first performance. It was all right, but I wanted to leave knowing I’d given it my best shot.”

Lisa Scott Lee Disappointed With ‘Too Far Gone’ Sales

Former Steps star Lisa Scott Lee tells The Mirror she was disappointed her first solo single ‘Too Far Gone’ didn’t make it into the top 10. “It was a shame because I really did work hard,” she said. The singer then cheered up thinking of the diamond that designer Pascal Mouwad is sending her after she sang at his Beirut bash. “Yes, it’s on its way,” she smiled. “Apparently, it’s worth £5,000 so it should be a real shiner.”

Lisa Scott Lee Puts America On Back Burner

The People reports former Steps star Lisa Scott Lee was overheard announcing backstage at a recent radio show, “America is interested, but I’m holding them off until at least next summer. Before I go there I want to keep my fanbase over here alive.”

Party In The Park At Whitbread Hop Farm

Former Steps star Lisa Scott Lee, Louise Rednapp, Mark Owen, Gareth Gates, former Hear’Say singer Kym Marsh, and Girls Aloud performed as part of ‘Party in the Park’ at the Whitbread Hop Farm in Kent on Saturday (September 6). Check out pictures from RexFeatures (page1 / page2).

Jealous Jack Nixes Kym’s Gig With Triple 8

September 7, 2003 – Management for former Hear’Say singer Kym Marsh gave no reason for her cancelling her scheduled gig in Hull on Thursday, but friends of the couple tell The People that her jealous hubby Jack Ryder was behind the decision. A pal revealed, “Jack wasn’t exactly happy about Kym being at the same gig as Triple 8.” Marsh was linked to 888’s David Wilcox when her marriage hit the rocks, but she denied having an affair.

Lisa Scott Lee Performs At Astoria And Touts ‘Idol’ Bro

Lisa Scott Lee was touting her brother Andy as Britain’s answer to *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake backstage from her performance at the G.A.Y. club at London’s Astoria on Saturday night. Andy, at the show, is one of the final 50 contestants on the new season of ‘Pop Idol’, and is dating Michelle Heaton from Liberty X, who also attended the former Steps star’s concert. “Anything Justin can do Andy can do as well, if not better. All his moves, the way he sings, he’s got great potential,” Lisa insisted. “He has a fantastic R&B voice and the best is yet to come. There’s no reason he can’t go on to win Pop Idol. I just hope people don’t think the reason he has got this far is because his big sister is in the business.”

Lisa Scott Lee Won’t Strip For Cash

Former Steps star Lisa Scott Lee tells Now magazine that she refused an offer to pose nude for a men’s magazine. “I’d definitely draw the line at doing a photo shoot for Playboy,” she revealed. “In fact, was recently offered a lot of money by a top-shelf magazine, but turned it down. was flattered, but it isn’t something I’m interested in doing.”

Lisa Scott Lee’s Compliment Turns Into Massive Gaffe

Former Steps star Lisa Scott Lee turned up at one of Robbie Williams’ gigs at Knebworth last month and managed to stick her foot in her mouth, touching a sore spot in regards to the singer’s weight battle. “At the party he kissed me on both cheeks and said ‘you look very petite and dainty’,” Lisa explained to the Daily Star. She says that she then responded, “Oh thank you – you looked huge tonight.” She continued, “I meant on the stage, which was massive. He just pulled a face and I tried to bumble my way out of it by saying ‘Oh my god, I don’t mean you looked huge. It was very embarrassing, but fortunately we got over it and had a nice chat.”

Lisa Scott Lee Gets X-Rated

The Sun reports that the once squeaky-clean Steps star Lisa Scott Lee says she loves bondage, sex toys and stripping. “I like to experiment. I like a bit of pain and I like using toys, too,” the singer said, no doubt to the delight of her fiance Johnny Shentall, the former member of Hear’Say. “Johnny is lucky because I do a good strip. He gets the best at home.” And on lesbian sex, she says, “I am straight but you never know what opportunities will come your way.”

Will Lisa Leave Hear’Say Boy For Gem Tycoon?

The Mirror reports former Hear’Say member Johnny Shentall is facing stiff competition for his girlfriend, Lisa Scott-Lee, in the form of diamond tycoon Pascal Mouawad. “Pascal realizes that Lisa has a boyfriend but it’s not like he’s making an obvious pass at her,” an insider said. “He thinks Lisa’s a very special girl and deserves to be treated accordingly.” A spokesperson for the former Steps singer said, “She was bowled over by Pascal’s hospitality and is looking forward to seeing him again.”