Lisa Scott Lee Video Of The Sun Interview

Lisa Scott Lee’s official website has her interview with The Sun posted as a video file. The clip features shots from her sexy photo shoot and the former Steps star talked about the band’s sudden breakup and her mix of emotions that followed, her forthcoming solo album, and the dance sound she’s trying to capture. The footage has since been removed.

Lisa Scott Lee Gets Raunchy For Solo Debut

Former Steps star Lisa Scott Lee is sexing up her image before releasing her debut solo single ‘Lately’. The singer was photographed wearing stockings and suspenders and lacy undies to show off her new raunchy image. “I don’t see anything wrong with a bit of leg and cleavage,” she told the Sunday People, adding, “”I feel good about my body now, so I want to show it off. Sexiness doesn’t do any harm.”

Lisa Scott Lee Performs At G.A.Y. Astoria

Former Steps star Lisa Scott Lee performed at G.A.Y. Astoria in London on Monday (May 12). The singer wore an eye-popping outfit that reminded The Sun of Kylie Minogue’s outfit at the 2001 Brit Awards.

Lisa Scott Lee Wants To Be The Next Kylie Minogue

The Sunday People chatted with Lisa Scott Lee, who has taken on a solo career after the breakup of Steps. Asked if she wanted to be the next Kylie Minogue, Lee says, “Of course, I’m setting very high standards for myself. There is definitely a gap for a British solo artist doing pop dance. I want to compete with Kylie and be right up there at the top, otherwise there’s no point in doing it. I’ve worked really hard and I feel great right now.” But don’t look for her to wear Kylie’s trademark hotpants. “I’m not going to go there, but I am going to get my legs out this summer and wear mini-skirts,” she said.

Lisa Scott Lee Dumps Girl Next Door Look

The Sunday People reports former Steps star Lisa Scott Lee has dumped her girl-next-door look in a bid to outdo Kylie Minogue. “I like shoots where you get all this underwear and heels,” she said. “Loads of flesh, with a little bit of mystery – it’s part of the new image. My video’s not sleazy, but it’s very sexy. If you feel sexy inside, it shows on the outside. I really admire Kylie, she’s reinvented herself and that’s something I’m setting out to do.”

Lisa Scott Lee At Fox FM

Lisa Scott Lee stopped by Fox FM for an interview during her radio tour to promote her new single ‘Lately’, due out on May 12th. Lisa said the breakup of Steps left her “very, very angry. It was bad timing and bad taste.” The 27 year old further said she “had lost everything” when the band split up 16 months ago.

Lisa Scott-Lee Cuts Fine Figure

The Sun had photos, since removed, from the filming of former Steps star Lisa Scott-Lee and her debut solo single ‘Lately’, which is due out on May 12th in the UK. A source on the set said, “Nobody could believe how sexy Lisa was in the shoot – a million miles away from her days in Steps. She’s in great shape and super confident. She’s going to give Kylie Minogue a run for her money.”

Former Steps Singer Gets Skimpy For Solo Debut

The Sun had a promo photo, since removed, of former Steps singer Lisa Scott-Lee in skimpy gear, sexy boots and lots of flesh ahead of her debut track Lately which hits record stores on May 12th. A spokesman for the singer said, “This is about as far away from Steps as you can get. It’s sexy, edgy stuff that will get more than a few blokes hot under the collar.”