Lucy Walsh Live Set At backBEAT On September 6th

Lucy Walsh will be holding an exclusive live performance at backBEAT on September 6th at 8:30 p.m. PST. The daughter of Eagles’ guitarist Joe Walsh will be performing songs from her new EP, ‘1882’, and will be featuring special guests as well. The event is only streamed live and won’t be repeated. Check it out at

Lucy Walsh Covers ‘Rain’ By Patty Griffin

Lucy Walsh performed a cover of ‘Rain’ by Patty Griffin on her YouTube channel. The song is off Patty’s 2002 album ‘1000 Kisses’. Walsh earlier today cited Griffin when asked if she had the opportunity to perform with someone dead or alive, who would it be.

The video at YouTube has since been removed.

Maroon 5 And Ry Cuming Tour Behind The Scenes

Ry Cuming, Lucy Walsh and James Valentine

Lucy Walsh has been documenting her time on tour playing in Ry Cuming’s band while he’s on tour with Maroon 5 and Guster. Ry is seen miming along to ‘So Yesterday’ by Hilary Duff in the van before arriving at the venue. After showing highlights from the live show, Lucy, Ry and James Valentine of Maroon 5 were seen doing some gambling and doing some recording on the tour bus. Watch the clip via YouTube below.

Lucy Walsh Joins Ry Cuming On Tour

Lucy Walsh checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lucywalsh) on Saturday (July 17), talking about her opportunity to go on tour as a keyboardist and backup singer for Ry Cuming, who is touring with Maroon 5. The daughter of Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh writes:

I have taken on a ridiculously fun side project…playing keys/singing with musician RY CUMING! and guess what…we’re going on tour with Maroon 5 throughout the next months! Good times ahead my friends, and you will be there for it all. Of course I am recording my own album at the same time, so I have absolutely every moment accounted for these days.

Lucy Walsh Always Wanted To Be The Center Of Attention

Lucy Walsh sits down for an interview, talking about touring with Ashlee Simpson and the story behind her song 'Lullaby'Lucy Walsh sat down for an interview at the Marin County Fair with Matt Fowler. The daughter of Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh said from the age of 3 “I wanted to do whatever was going to make me the center of attention” when asked when she knew she wanted to be a musician.

She also talked about growing up with a famous father, the experience being on ‘Rock the Cradle’, touring with her friend Ashlee Simpson, the inspiration for ‘Lullaby’, getting to hang out with Cyndi Lauper for a day, and what she’s learned from being a musician.

“Ashlee was a friend of mine and when ‘SNL’ happened, she called me really upset and asked me if I would be in the band,” Lucy explained. “It was fun to be in her band because the tour had a lot of money, so we had great buses. You’re just travelling with your friends, waking up in a different city everyday and playing gigs.”

On the inspiration for ‘Lullaby’, she said, “‘Lullaby’ I wrote about a boyfriend of mine named Andrew who passed away of cancer when he was 22 and that’s who I wrote that about. It’s a heavy thing. The message really is to do the things that are in your heart and tell the people you love that you love them because we all know that life changes in a second.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Lucy Walsh Very Excited After Signing With David Letterman’s New Label

Lucy Walsh updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@lucywalsh) on Friday (May 14) after signing with David Letterman’s newly launched record label Clear Entertainment (C.E.) Music. The daughter of Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh writes:

I signed with DAVID LETTERMAN’S new record label! I am recording my debut record in LA, and I am very excited to know that it will be well lined up with plenty of publicity avenues. Feels good to have the power building under me. I look forward to sharing the process with you.

Lucy Walsh Recording Debut Album In Nashville

Lucy Walsh

Lucy Walsh updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@lucywalsh) on Friday (January 8) after making her way from Los Angeles to Nashville to work on her debut album. The daughter of Eagles’ guitarist Joe Walsh writes:

I am currently in Nashville through the end of February recording my debut album. I drove from Los Angeles (with Sparklepuss of course) and got here in 3 days. There were definitely some trip highlights…a dead horse on the road in Oklahoma, a man in an Indian Chief costume hitch-hiking in New Mexico…good stuff. So MUSIC is the point…and I am about to make the best record in the history of records. Of course YOU will be the first to know all details and updates…stay tuned.

Lucy Walsh Discusses The Power Of Music

Lucy Walsh spoke with Causecast about the value of music in shaping teenagers, providing music to those who don’t have access, and the importance of music as an outlet. “You see people who are so opposite just totally united in this music,” the daughter of Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh says. “Everyone knows it goes without saying music is so powerful.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Lucy Walsh Contributes To Roy Orbison Tribute Album

Lucy Walsh posted a couple updates on her blog at MySpace (@lucywalsh) on Thursday (April 9), talking about teaming up with Secondhand Serenade on ‘Fall For You’ and recording a track on the Roy Orbison tribute record. The daughter of Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh writes:

My friend John Vesely of Secondhand Serenade invited me to sing with him on his new acoustic release of his hit single ‘FALL FOR YOU’…it is available on his new Deluxe Version CD in stores now. This experience really has come full circle in a cool way, i found John’s music on MySpace, then chose to perform FALL FOR YOU on my MTV show ‘Rock the Cradle’-and now I’m singing with him on his acoustic version. VERY AWESOME!

I have recorded a Roy Orbison song for his Tribute Record, available for purchase on iTunes APRIL 21st! I recorded his song ‘Not Alone Anymore’ and am honored to be part of the Tribute project.