Madonna’s Flack Quits

Madonna’s long-term spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg has quit to move onto representing new and emerging acts on the Warner Bros label. Liz stated, “We had reached the top of the mountain. Our relationship had been so close and vital. I had never before imagined it ending. But then the real world came to an end with the World Trade Center disaster. I decided I wasn’t in a position to sustain the emotional commitment necessary to stand between Madonna and the media. I’ve given everything I can.”

Rosenberg insists the two will still remain friends “I love her, cherish her and lovingly say goodbye. Our friendship will remain.”

In explaining her decision to continue working for Warner, Rosenberg stated, “Now I get a chance to work with some of Warner’s new emerging artists. There will be life after Madonna. And I get to work with Cher on her new album.”

Madonna Rages Over Airport Delay

September 26, 2001 – The Las Vegas Review Journal’s Norme Clark reports Madonna flew into a rage after learning during her final staff briefing on the Drowned World tour that she’d have to get to the airport 3 hours early to catch her chartered plane, likely because of the new security measures in place at airports following the September 11 attacks.

Madonna Urges Peace at Friday Show

September 15, 2001 – Madonna told the crowd last night at the Staples Center, “Last night, we had a moment’s prayer for everybody who died on Tuesday. Tonight I’d like to say a prayer for peace, Violence begets violence, and I don’t know about you, but I want to live a long and happy life, and I want my kids to live a long and happy life.” Madonna also asked the crowd who was chanting “USA! USA!” to think globally rather than locally.

Madonna’s Remarks May Cause Negative Feelings

September 15, 2001 – Madonna donated proceeds to her LA concert Thursday to benefit children that were orphaned following the tragic terrorist attacks Tuesday in the United States that killed thousands of parents. Madonna’s comments though may have upset many in the same respect, albeit to a much lesser extent, as Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell’s did the same day.

Madonna told the crowd at the Staples Center, “I think that each and every one of us should look inside our own hearts and examine our own personal acts of terrorism, hatred, intolerance, negativity, the list goes on and on.”

“We’re all responsible. It’s not just Bin Laden, it’s all of us, we’ve all contributed to hatred in the world today.”

Madonna Concert Security To Be Tight

September 13, 2001 – The concert Madonna originally had scheduled for Tuesday, September 11 was pushed back to Saturday September 15 and will involve much tighter security than shows at LA’s Staples Center following the terrorist attacks on the United States Tuesday. Ticket holders are being asked to arrive at least 1 hour before her performances on Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m.

Tania Strecker Claims Guy Romance While Madonna Prego

The New York Post is reporting British TV host Tania Strecker is claiming she dated Guy Ritchie 18 months ago, which would overlap the period he was going out with Madonna.

Strecker says, “I always knew I wasn’t as important to Guy as his career. He is great, but he needs a very strong woman to get through to him. But it’s not so much he’s Madonna’s match as she’s his.”

Madonna Sings & Runs In Vegas

September 5, 2001 – The Las Vegas Review Journal’s Norm Clarke reports Madonna’s show in Vegas was just that, a show and then she immediately flew back to LA to be with Lourdes and Rocco.

Madonna missed the official nightclub parties she was scheduled to attend and she also didn’t meet the Bush twins after the show, as earlier reports had that she didn’t want them backstage because of her differences with the president’s anti-abortion stance.

Mean Madonna Called “Andrea Yates” By Crew

The Las Vegas Review Journal’s Norm Clarke reports Madonna has been so moody and difficult to deal with on her Drowned World tour that her crew members have resorted to referring to her in code name as the Texas woman who drowned her children.

A spy tells Clarke, “They’re calling her Andrea, as in Andrea Yates, the Texas woman who drowned her children. Even when she’s around, they use the name because she doesn’t have any idea.”

Lourdes Tagging Madonna Clothes

September 2, 2001 – The Las Vegas Review Journal’s Norm Clarke reports Madonna’s daughter Lourdes has become a terror backstage scribbling with crayons all over backstage at her Drowned World tour.

Madonna’s backstage rider calls for two bottles of Absolut vodka, not to be drank as Madonna isn’t a drinker, but to remove stains from her Jean-Paul Gaultier costumes.

Madonna’s wardrobe mixes the vodka with a small amount of water to remove the stains from her outfits.

Britney/Madonna Set For Head To Head Matchup

September 1, 2001 – Peoplenews reports Britney and Madonna are set to go head to head in a battle of the titans with both singers releasing their albums early November.

A source told the site, “We expect to see Britney’s next album and Madonna’s next greatest hits going onto the shelves in early November. Nothing boosts sales like a decent diva feud.” Madonna’s rep laughed off the talk saying, “We haven’t even confirmed that the album is going to be released this year,” adding, “There would be no deliberate confrontation.”

Madonna To Bush Twins, No Special Treatment At Vegas Gig

The Las Vegas Review Journal’s Norme Clark reports Madonna has told her inner circle that the Bush twins are not to be allowed any VIP treatment or backstage access to her concert in Las Vegas Sunday.

Apparently Madonna is still bitter over the fact Bush narrowly won the election last year over Al Gore and has clashed with President George W. Bush over his anti-abortion stance.

The Drowned World Tour hits the MGM Grand Garden on Sunday.

Madonna Wows Sold-Out Crowd In Chicago Tuesday

August 29, 2001 – Jim Degrogatis of the Chicago Sun Times reviewed Madonna’s show at the United Center in Chicago last night saying, “At 43, the dance diva and pop princess is as magnetic as ever, aging gracefully, and clearly retaining her provocative crown.”

Degrogatis says the sound was great as well as the lights, videos, and stage sets but he says the show “has been the same every night, with zero spontaneity.”