Maria Lawson Grew To Love Her 36JJ Boobs

‘X Factor’ star Maria Lawson caught up with readers of The Sun for a web chat, where one bold poster asked if she was proud of having the biggest breasts in pop. “I wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing when I heard that,” the 36JJ singer responded. “I have grown to like my body. When I was younger I was very self-conscious and didn’t like my boobs at all. I wished I could be like all the small dainty girls who could wear cute little tops! My mum always told me to be grateful for what I’ve got and now I am. My breasts can’t be too bad as they’ve landed me a contract with Bravissimo which is fantastic. The pictures will be very tasteful. I would do a glamour shot as long as I wasn’t totally naked. I think FHM can do some sophisticated stuff sometimes.”

The chat transcript at has since been removed.

Maria Lawson Reveals Her Most Embarrassing Sleeping Moment

‘X Factor’ star Maria Lawson spoke with Top Of The Pops Online in a ‘Sleepwalking’ themed Q&A in reference to her debut single.

Revealing her most embarrassing sleeping moment, Lawson said, “Oh God! I was doing Party In The Park on Sunday, and two of my friends, who were my backing singers, were with me, and I’ve got a habit like as soon as I get in the car I just nod off. And my head goes back, my mouth is wide open, and I don’t know if there’s dribble that goes down, but they took some horrendous pictures. I’m like, ‘you guys had better delete it all or I’m sacking you, now!'”

The interview transcript at has since been removed.

Maria Lawson Previews Debut Single

‘X Factor’ finalist Maria Lawson is bringing out her debut single ‘Sleepwalking’ next month and spoke with The Sun about her pop hopes. “I’m so excited that my first single ‘Sleepwalking’ is coming out,” she said. “It’s really catchy and has such a great summer vibe. I’m really pleased I took my time in making sure it was just right. The video was really fun too. We shot it in London and it’s got a pretty amazing storyline that I think everyone will love.”