Meg & Dia ‘My Ugly Mouth’ Video

Meg & Dia are out with the music video to their new single ‘My Ugly Mouth’, off the Draper, Utah indie pop group’s EP ‘It’s Always Stormy In Tillamook’, out now on iTunes. Watch the Bryan Schlam directed video via YouTube below.

Meg Frampton Quits Part Time Job To Focus On Meg & Dia

Meg & Dia Frampton wearing bunny ears for HalloweenMeg Frampton of Meg & Dia checked in with fans on the group’s blog at MySpace (@megdia) on Saturday (September 18), talking about how she quit the part time job she’s been working at the past three months, which was about the time they were dropped from Warner Bros. Records. Meg writes:

Our band is finally getting to the point where we are so busy doing things for our music that I finally had no time for my part time job (thanks to all of you!) I love my manager and my assistant manager. I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so nervous about quitting. I texted my band members all night asking them in a panic, “What should I do! How should I tell her”

On my way into work this morning I thought, “Well, maybe I should just keep the job. I could really use the extra money.” I kept rationalizing staying just so I wouldn’t have to go through the awkwardness of quitting. I didn’t want to look up at my manager’s hurt face after I told her the news. That image haunted me with each step into the store.

All day long, I kept myself busy and tried to think about anything other than the terrible conversation that was sure to come. I thought of how I might present my case in the most appreciative and positive way. My manager walked into work with the biggest smile I had ever seen on her face . I don’t know why she was so cheerful on this particular day. Her happiness made me feel even more guilty. She even brought back gifts for me from her manager’s meeting in Florida, a shiny high-end pen with our company logo and a sterling silver business card case. Perfect. On the day I decide to give my two weeks notice my manager decides to wake-up on the side of the bed where the birds are singing and the sun is singing along in harmony.

Meg & Dia Releasing EP Late September Or October

Meg & Dia

Dia Frampton of Meg & Dia checked in with fans on the group’s blog at MySpace (@megdia) on Tuesday (August 31), discussing plans to release a new EP soon and the story behind how an argument with her younger sister Jade led to the song ‘My Ugly Mouth’. Dia writes:

We’ve been getting a lot of questions from y’all and we couldn’t really answer them for a while, because we didn’t really have the answers. Now we do!

As you all know, (or maybe some of you), we finished recording out in Tillamook, OR a couple months ago. We did about 22 songs.

We have selected songs to be released on an EP, and that EP will be released – We don’t have a solid date yet – but probably at the end of September or some time in October! We are just finishing up art work for it with our good friend Vil and all the finishing touches. However, today we are releasing 2 songs on our MySpace that are going to be on that EP. We hope you like them!

Meg Frampton: Warner Bros Axe Was Good For Meg & Dia

Meg FramptonMeg Frampton of Meg & Dia checked in with fans on the band’s blog at MySpace (@megdia) on Monday (July 26), discussing Pioneer Day in Salt Lake City, Utah over the weekend, and how she spent the evening at home. Meg writes:

Now, a good writer always has some point, some moral. I know that Dia’s blog was about her struggles with New York and our struggles being released from our label, and my blog just seems to be about me being a couch potato, BUT if you look closer, it’s sort of about wanting to do something, finding yourself walking down a different path, a path that seems good and happy and the right thing at the time, and then you find yourself coming back just where you started from, the place where you knew you would be the most happy. That’s how I feel about being released from Warner brothers, and now Meg and Dia is in the hands of Meg, Dia, Nick, Jonathan, Carlo, and Mike, and I’ll tell ya: I couldn’t be happier. In a way, I think it’s the best thing that ever happened to us. Now I’m more involved, more excited, and more impatient than ever before. I want to play our music, and whether we get to do this forever or for a week longer is all on my shoulders. That’s a lot of pressure, but it’s also a lot of motivation, and I (we) are in control, the captains of our own ship if you will!

Meg & Dia Warped Tour Week 6 Highlights

Meg and Dia

Meg & Dia documented week six of the Vans Warped Tour, show viewers fans at the venues who show up at 9 am. Video with Meg & Dia and their crew as they have fun at a charity bowling event, and get ready to hit the stage in a Flip Video has since been removed at MySpace.

Vans Warped Tour 15th Anniversary Celebration Event

Dia Frampton of Meg & DiaDia Frampton of Meg & Dia recorded a shout out for the Vans Warped Tour 15th Anniversary Celebration, taking place at over 450 theaters nationwide on September 17th. The theatrical event will feature a two hour compilation of the best performances from the 15th Anniversary Celebration which will be originally performed and recorded in Los Angeles on September 6th.

“We’re hanging out on Warped Tour this summer and it’s the fifteenth year, so they’re gonna have a celebration on September 17th,” Dia explained. “They’re making a movie, and it’s gonna be in theaters that day only so check it out.”

Watch Dia’s message below.

Meg & Dia ‘Black Wedding’ Video

Meg and Dia

Meg & Dia are out with the music video to their new single ‘Black Wedding’, off the Draper, Utah indie pop band’s second studio album ‘Here, Here, and Here’, out April 21st on Warner Bros. Watch it via MTV below.

Meg & Dia Discuss ‘Here, Here And Here’

Sitting on their tour bus with Kiwibox Senior Editor Steven, Meg & Dia chatted about why they called Meg “Dictator Meg” during the recording process of their third album ‘Here, Here and Here’, working with producer Howard Benson on the project, what listeners can expect on the disc, how the songwriting process has changed for the band since ‘Something Real’, crazy stories while on the road, and Warped Tour.

Asked about how the new record compares to the first record, Meg said, “I think the songwriting is more mature. Rhythmically we do different things. There’s a disco song, a country song, so we’re just trying to explore music more and just covers a wider spectrum.”

On writing more personal songs this time, Meg said, “Specifically because what one person said one day. They said, ‘Hey Meg, how come you keep writing these songs about everybody else’s life and never write one about yours.”

On working with Howard Benson on the project, Meg said, “At first it was a little bit intimidating, but after you get the initial introductions over and break the barrier, then it’s really easy to just focus in on what you’re both working on and forget about all the outside layers. ‘Oh my gosh, this is Howard Benson, he’s done My Chemical Romance, The Rejects’. You just focus in on your record and figure out what you want to do, so it was really great.”

Watch the interview below.

Meg & Dia Discuss & Perform ‘Halloween’

Meg Frampton with her guitarWith Meg & Dia releasing the new song ‘Halloween’ today, Dia Frampton videotaped her sister Meg talking about the new track and playing a few chords from the song. She also talked about how the piano added to the level of the song before showing off her Halloween pumpkin of a dog she named Henry.

“When we were writing for our record, it was one of the songs that ‘wasn’t good enough’,” Meg said of ‘Halloween’. “So one of my friends actually wrote it about a friend of hers that passed away… It’s a song about death in a serious and respectful way about a holiday that’s not respectful.”

Meg & Dia Frampton singingIn a second clip, the sisters performed the track dressed up in Halloween costumes.

“We’re in our bathroom. We’re recording, so it’s more reverberated,” Dia explained. “That didn’t make any sense?” Meg answered, “It’s echoey. I think reverberate is a good word. We’re gonna play a song called ‘Halloween’.”

Watch the two videos via Vimeo below.

New Meg & Dia Song ‘Halloween’ Coming Friday

Meg & Dia

Dia Frampton of Meg & Dia updated fans on the group’s blog at MySpace (@megdia) on Tuesday (October 21) about plans to post a new song on Friday, which will be featured on the charity compilation album ‘Take Action’. She writes:

So, now to the song business. Blah. Music.. the boring part AGAIN! I am still trying to beg Warner Bro. to just hire a freakin’ team of song writers for us. As I am sippin on my lemonade, they keep bothering me, and I always reply with, “What? You mean I actually have to WRITE songs too?”

But anyhow, after the lemonade, (and gingerbread) And NOOOO FOOD FOR 7 DAYS! (Uhm…yeah, went on a little spiritual, mind bending fast…uhm, long story. Crazy. And tomorrow is the last day..And let me tell you, my mind is sooo clear now!. I mean, I am constantly seeing birds dancing around my head in a halo, and…oddly enough, floating chocolate cakes…!!… like saucers… everywhere in my house. No one else sees ’em. So I decided fasting makes you insane. For all you very religious people out there… gee whiz. I commend thee, and I am so sure God does too!

Focus. Song. Song. (sorry, I end tomorrow. No food…. This computer screen…oddly looks like a banana split. And you see it too? Thank Goodness! Whew!)

The Song is called, “Halloween.” (Oh how convenient! Ya, we actually have some more songs in the works lately. Meg and I have been feeling really emotional and musical lately. We have new songs called, “Turkey day” and “The 4th of July” as well.

No. No no no no. No. NO. The coincidence that it is October, and the coincidence that the song is called Halloween, are simply…well, coincidence. Ok? We do not see Pumpkins in the street and run home to our guitars because we are so inspired to write. Sorry. We don’t. That is why we have bands such as X and also, another, exhibit X. (Not gonna name names. I am not that big of a wiener! I hope. My mom says I am not). (By the way, my mom, ((who is Asian and says…uh, funny English things sometimes)) (It is her second language! Give her a break!) said, the other day, as my little sister came limping in from basketball practice with a sprained ankle.) “Oh Yoboe (that means, sweetheart in Korean), Nikki twisted her winkle!” If you don’t find that funny. Don’t listen to our music. I can’t stand the thought of someone listening to our music without a sense of humor.