Pop Artists React To George Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict

Greyson Chance on his tour bus

Several pop artists are reacting to the news that George Zimmerman was found not guilty on all charges in last year’s shooting death of Trayvon Martin, with about all of them expressing varying degrees of disappointment with the verdict. Among the messages on Twitter:

Vita Chambers (@VitaChambers): Zimmerman not guilty! RIP Trayvon. Karma is the true justice

Melody Thornton (@MelodyThornton): God will have his way in this case! God knows what happened. #PrayForTheMartinFamily
I want to have faith in our system but I can only honestly say I am so f**king angry that a life was lost and 1 spared in the wrong order
Shaking!! I’m so disappointed in these 6 woman!!!!!

Kat DeLuna (@KatDeLuna): Praying for Trayvon Martin Family

Matt Nathanson (@mattnathanson): Oh no… trayvon.

Mandy Moore (@TheMandyMoore): My heart is heavy…for all who knew and loved #TrayvonMartin. His life mattered. This is shameful.

Melanie Amaro (@ItsMelanieAmaro): I cannot believe this !

Miley Cyrus sunglassesMiley Cyrus (@MileyCyrus): I feel sick. #RipTrayvonMartin. No Justice. No peace. The world is a scary place.

Lance Bass (@LanceBass): That he didn’t get at least manslaughter blows my mind. Heart hurts for the Martin family.

Rebecca Black (@MsRebeccaBlack): woah. just heard about the Zimmerman verdict. opposite of excitement right now

Starshell (@Starshell): OMG! Just heard the verdict from the Trayvon Martin case. This is horrible. I think I just lost every ounce of faith I had in our “justice” system

Alexz Johnson (@alexzjohnson): Nothing to celebrate. So sad. A kid is dead, and a sane adult should have stayed in the car. #TrayvonMartin #GeorgeZimmerman

Greyson Chance (@greysonchance): saddened by tonight’s verdict #RipTrayvonMartin

Elizabeth and the Catapult (@thecatapult): I am sincerely shocked by this verdict. DOES NOT COMPUTE. I just don’t understand.

Mason Musso (@TheMasonMusso): Really saddened by the verdict tonight… My thoughts and prayers are with Trayvon Martin’s family

Melody Thornton Attends ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards

Melody Thornton at the ASCAP Awards

Melody Thornton was on hand for The 23rd Annual ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards on Friday (June 25) at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, California. The singer told her Twitter followers (@MelodyThornton):

I LOVE the Ascap award!! The best free concert aside from the Bet awards :)

Melody Thornton Upset Over Vintage Store Treatment

Melody Thornton updated her Twitter followers (@MelodyThornton) earlier today, upset with treatment she received at a vintage clothing store. The Pussycat Dolls member writes:

These ol tramps in this vintage store were on a rampage and made me feel like sh** about myself. They were basically callin me fat and arguing with me when I said I was a size 2 I’m like damn you old bitches don’t hate, you had ur day. Ol wh*res! Sorry so vulgar :( but I’m not the1
I kinda wanna cry about that whole old lady vintage session. I hate mean ppl :(

Melody Thornton Wasn’t On A Date With Nelly

Melody Thornton of the Pussycat Dolls checked in with fans on her Twitter (@MelodyThornton) on Tuesday (August 18) after dining at Katsuya in Hollywood the prior night, where rapper Nelly had also been grabbing a bite to eat. That apparently led to rumors they were on a date, which Melody addressed:

I totally went to dinner w @bexmarie last night and ran into Jimmy, Polow Da Don and Nelly so how did that make it a date w Nelly?

Watch video of Thornton outside Katsuya from Hollywood.tv.

Melody Thornton “Featured” With A Koala

Melody Thornton with a koala

Melody Thornton checked in with fans on her Twitter (@MelodyThornton) on Tuesday (May 19) while in Australia on tour with the Dolls, posting a photo of a furry friend she met at the zoo. Thornton writes:

This is my buddy from the zoo in Brisbane! He didn’t smell stinky like everyone says! Cute and heavy him was!

Melody Thornton Attends Blackberry Storm Launch Party

Melody Thornton of the Pussycat Dolls was videotaped leaving the Blackberry Storm Launch Party on Wednesday (October 29) in Los Angeles. The singer signed autographs for fans and told the paparazzi she planned on throwing a party for Halloween. Watch footage via YouTube below.

Melody Thornton Q&A

Prima J’s Chilosagirl.com blog caught up with Melody Thornton of the Pussycat Dolls for a Q&A, asking the singer what her plans are for the future. “My plans are to continue on with the Pussycat Dolls until I am at a place where I am comfortable and then record a solo album that may include some awesome Spanish records as well,” she said. “I can record them pretty well because I have good accent even though I don’t speak the language. I also want to continue to inspire young girls of a mixed cultural race.” Read more.

Melody Thornton Gives Bodyguard An Earful

Pussycat Dolls member Melody Thornton was photographed looking very upset with her bodyguard while outside her hotel before heading off to get coffee on Friday (November 24) in Dublin, Ireland.

Pussycat Dolls’ Melody Chats With Kiss 106.1

Pussycat Dolls’ Melody Thornton called in Kiss 106.1 in Seattle on Friday. They talked about Thanksgiving in Paris and holiday plans. The DJs also asked her if she would hook up with a rock star. The DJs tried to set her up with Kiss DJ Jubal. Kiss1061.com has since removed the audio.