Michelle Branch ‘Are You Happy Now’ Acoustic Performance

Michelle Branch does an acoustic performance of 'Are You Happy Now'A new Tuesday Morning video from Michelle Branch is now available. This week, the singer songwriter performed an acoustic version of ‘Are You Happy Now’.

“This song is about a guy who pissed me off,” Michelle explained. “One of the best things about being a writer is that you can kind of get your FU back for everybody to hear, not just that person. So this is my angry girl song.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

Michelle Branch ‘Hotel Paper’ Acoustic Performance

Michelle Branch’s latest Tuesday Morning video is now available, featuring the singer songwriter performing an acoustic version of ‘Hotel Paper’. “I was on tour travelling a lot, and at the time I was on the road with about 12-13-14 guys, and I was the only girl,” Branch explained. “I was underaged for have of the tour and depending on what country we were in, so I was alone in hotel rooms a lot. When I was writing all my songs with a different hotel stationary packets that you get with the room. So I would take the hotel shampoo bottles and hotel stationary. It’s kind of cool I saved a lot of the lyrics and you can go back and see where I wrote each song because it says so on the letterhead. So I ended up writing the song toward the end of writing for this album and I named it ‘Hotel Paper’ for obvious reasons.” Watch it via YouTube below.

Michelle Branch ‘All You Wanted’ Acoustic Performance

Michelle Branch performs an acoustic version of her hit 'All You Wanted'Michelle Branch performed her 2002 single ‘All You Wanted’ acoustic in a video at her YouTube.

“It was kind of I guess in a very female way, and I was much younger then, so I must have found that then, so maybe it’s built in women, we try to change people, save people,” Branch explained. “I was always attracted to people who seem to have a lot of problems. So this song is kind of that, ‘Hey if you want to I can save you. I can help you. I can change you or help you be a better person or whatever.’ But most of the time I’ve learned now that people don’t want to change.”

Watch it below.

Michelle Branch ‘Sooner Or Later’ Acoustic

Michelle Branch does an acousitc version of 'Sooner Or Later'Michelle Branch posted an acoustic performance of her new single ‘Sooner Or Later’, off the singer songwriter’s first country album ‘Everything Comes and Goes’.

“This song has been a song I’ve been trying to write for a long time,” Branch says in the clip. “I’ve had the chords of it laying around for awhile. It’s a song about being best friends with a guy you love instead of girlfriend with the guy you like, which was like the bane of my existence through high school and beyond.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

Michelle Branch Excited To Mix Her Yet To Be Named Single

Michelle Branch checked in with fans on her blog at her official web site on Monday (March 9), revealing progress on her upcoming single. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m going in to mix the single in the next couple of weeks, which is really, really exciting! I can’t tell you the name of it yet but I can tell you that you may have heard it live before ;) I’m also going in the studio to cut 3 or 4 more new songs with the amazingly talented Tony Brown. I’ve been writing so much and I’m excited I get to throw a couple brand new songs down last minute.

Check out the entire message here.

25 Random Things About Michelle Branch

Michelle Branch revealed 25 random things about herself in a posting at her official web site on March 2nd. Among them:

2. When I’m out in public and someone sneezes, I hold my breath and quickly walk away toward clean air. I know. I sound like a freak. My dad calls me Howard Hughes.

8. I have a birthmark under my right eye but a lot of people don’t know because it’s always covered with make-up when I’m working. If you happened to see me without make-up, no I do not have a black eye.

13. I love getting tattoos. I have to use restraint, otherwise I would be covered.

Check out the rest here.

Michelle Branch & Daughter Owen Sing ‘The Bees’ By Lee Ann Womack

Michelle Branch is joined by her daughter Owen to sing 'The Bees' By Lee Ann WomackSinger songwriter Michelle Branch checked in on her YouTube channel in a video clip joined by her young daughter Owen, who made her online singing debut performing their favorite song, ‘The Bees’, by Lee Ann Womack.

Afterwards, the 3-year-old gave the thumbs up and said, “Peace out.”

Watch the video below.

Michelle Branch Joins Chris Isaak On ‘I Lose My Heart’

Michelle Branch updated fans on her official web site’s blog at michellebranch.com after posting a snippet of ‘I Lose My Heart’, her collaboration with Chris Isaak on his new album ‘Mr. Lucky’. The singer songwriter tells readers:

A few months back I got asked to sing on my friend Chris Isaak’s record (which I was thrilled to do). He’s so talented and if you have never had the chance to see him live, you must. It’s one of my favorite shows. Last week while in Arizona, Chris and his band had me up to sing ‘Walking After Midnight’ with them. It was such a blast. It was also [my daughter] Owen’s first real concert besides seeing mommy play, and let me tell you, she was hooked.

Michelle Branch Feeling A Bit Sad After Cardinals’ Loss

Michelle Branch updated fans on her official web site, michellebranch.com, on Monday (February 2). The singer songwriter tells readers:

Hey everyone. Hope you guys are well. I would have posted sooner but I’ve been out all day writing here in Nashville. I’m a little bit sad today because as most of you know I’m from Arizona and our Cardinals lost the Super Bowl yesterday. What a great game though. I had some friends over last night and we made homemade pizza, rum punch and chocolate chip cookies. We had a really great time. Tomorrow I’m getting together with my old friend Wayne Kirkpatrick (who helped write ‘My, Oh My’) to do some more writing and then Thursday it’s off to Los Angeles.