Michelle Branch ‘This Way’ Video Clip

Michelle Branch posted a video clip that her friend and photographer Raphael Mazzucco shot for ‘This Way’ while they were hanging out in the desert and taking photos for the album.

“It’s amazing what you can do with a store bought hand held video camera these days,” Branch wrote on her official web site. “I especially like the part where ‘hold’ is written across my chest.”

‘This Way’ is off the singer songwriter’s fourth solo album ‘Everything Comes and Goes’, out soon on Warner Bros. Nashville.

Watch the video below.

Michelle Branch: I’m Not Pregnant

Michelle Branch checked in with fans on her official web site’s message board on Monday (December 31) reacting to a report in The New York Post on Sunday that said the 24-year-old singer is expecting her second baby with her 43-year-old husband Teddy Landau.

“Yesterday morning I started receiving calls and emails from people saying congratulations and I was very confused,” Branch wrote. “I am absolutely 110% not pregnant. While that would be an amazing thing, I am far too busy working to get this album out and will be too busy touring and promoting this album that this would be a terrible time to add to our little family. I have no idea how this happened. (Maybe it’s Vanessa Carlton and they got confused ;) j/k)”

Branch and her The Wreckers bandmate Jessica Harp announced in August that they were putting the band on hold while they went forward with solo albums.

Man Arrested For Stalking Michelle Branch

TMZ reports Michelle Branch had a 32-year-old male audience member arrested during a concert in Sheboygan, Wisconsin on Monday, after recognizing a man who has “allegedly been stalking” her. Read more, including the police report, here.

Michelle Branch Discusses The Wreckers

Singer/songwriter Michelle Branch talked with CBS News about The Wreckers’ debut album, ‘Stand Still, Look Pretty’, how she and new partner Jessica Harp write songs, and more. Watch the segment below the cut. (more…)

On TV: Michelle Branch, Pink, James Blunt

Pop acts on television this week include Michelle Branch’s country project The Wreckers, who perform on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Monday and ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ on Wednesday; Pink, who is featured on ‘Total Request Live’ on Monday; The Click Five, who are ‘Punk’d’ on Monday; James Blunt, who performs on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ on Tuesday; former O-Town star Ashley Parker Angel, who performs on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ on Tuesday; ‘American Idol’ season one champ Kelly Clarkson, who visits ‘The Early Show’ on Tuesday with Rascal Flatts to preview their performance that night on CBS – ironically up against the ‘Idol’ performance finale; Daniel Powter, who performs on ‘American Idol’ on Tuesday; and the winner of ‘American Idol’, who visits ‘The Tonight Show’ on Thursday. Also this week, several singing stars, including Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson, appear on ‘Oprah Winfrey’s Legends Ball’ on Monday, airing on ABC at 8 PM ET/PT.

Jessica Harp: Perhaps Michelle Branch Overreacted A Bit

The Tennessean spoke with Nashville’s Jessica Harp, Michelle Branch’s partner in The Wreckers, for her reaction to Branch’s online rant on the their message board. “Perhaps she did overreact a little bit, but she’s human,” Harp said. “It was the middle of the night, and people said horrible things about her. Everyone gets their feelings hurt sometimes. Everyone gets angry sometimes. I completely support her. One of the things I like most about Michelle is she says what’s on her mind. I can’t say I’m mad at her, because I speak my mind, too. She is very excited about The Wreckers project, as am I.”

The Wreckers Co-Manager On Branch Rant

The Tennessean contacted Stuart Dill, who co-manages The Wreckers with Michelle Branch’s longtime manager Jeff Rabhan, for a response to Branch’s recent cyber tirade on the group’s forum. Issued a short statement, Dill said, “There are always pressure points and often huge hurdles in making a record and getting it out. But significance and distinction are never easy, and I know Michelle and Jessica are both extremely proud of what they’ve created and certainly anxious to share it.”

Michelle Branch Pours Frustrated Heart Out On Her Website

This was a message from Michelle Branch of The Wreckers posted on the Wreckers’ website, shortly before it closed down.

Alright, I don’t even know why I am still awake seeing as I have to be up in a few hours to feed Owen.

What I am most frustrated at, I suppose is…I pay money to keep this website up so all of you “fans” can talk about our music. Why would I want to spend the money so the majority of you can sit around and *** about us?

I understand that you are frustrated with the fact that there isn’t any music for you to listen to. Don’t you think Jessica and I are frustrated too?? We finished this record over a year ago and were sent on a lame ass tour we didn’t want to be on. It was a horrible idea to headline a show playing music that nobody had ever heard. Maverick wanted to make a quick buck, and unfortunately, we were obligated by contract to do so. I was 5 months pregnant when we started that tour and believe me…it was the last place I wanted to be. Then I got pushed into doing a Santana song I didn’t want to do (I didn’t write it either, Shanks wanted me to sing it so bad, that was a bargaining tool), Maverick wouldn’t let me do it unless Jess was on it so they would get “free” promotion for a record they didn’t even understand or believe in for the most part. The record wasn’t released because Maverick didn’t want me promoting an album pregnant. they thought it would look bad to my young fans…bull.