Another Update On Mikalah Gordon Being Robbed & Assaulted

The following update was posted on ‘American Idol’ season four finalist Mikalah Gordon’s myspace earlier today:

To whom it may concern:

I want to clear the record on a few things that have been miscommunicated.

1. Mikalah was not raped.

2. Mikalah did not have anything of hers personally stolen, besides her pride, dignity and a huge fear for her life. Her friend had his cell phone, wallet (which had 5 bucks in it) and his car keys stolen.

3. Mikalah was accousted by only 1 guy. Her friend by another. 2 of the 4 present had guns.

4. Mikalah’s head was “slammed” into the ground by one of the men for looking at his face (i am told not to use the word smashed because it caused some controversy)

New Details On Mikalah Gordon Assault

The following message was posted on ‘American Idol’ season four finalist Mikalah Gordon on her official MySpace page, run by “her official website people Michelle and Tara”:

I have been receiving messages / e-mails all morning asking me to give more details to what happened to Mikalah early Wednesday morning.

Mikalah Gordon Assaulted During A Robbery At Gunpoint

‘American Idol’ contestant Mikalah Gordon is “lucky she’s alive” after being assaulted during a robbery at gunpoint at 3:30 a.m. Wednesday, her mother told The Las Vegas Review Journal. Gordon and a male friend were attacked by four men, and the singer was then ordered to lie on her back on the sidewalk. “She thought she was going to die,” Gordon’s mother Victoria Cavaricci said. “She’s scarred and scared, but it could have been so much worse. Police said she’s so lucky she’s alive.”

Mikalah Gordon To Appear On ‘Living With Fran’

‘American Idol’ season four finalist Mikalah Gordon has been signed on to star in the season premiere of Fran Drescher’s ‘Living with Fran’. Gordon will play Cousin Brianna and sing at a bar mitzvah in the opening episode, Drescher told reporters at a WB party in Los Angeles on Friday. “Thursday she had an audition with Fran,” Mikalah’s mom, Victoria Cavaricci, told The Las Vegas Review Journal. “Mikalah wasn’t told anything at that time. So on Friday, her agent called and said ‘she booked the part.’ They loved that little Fran Drescher girl.”

Mikalah Gordon Taking Act To Los Angeles

After getting the boot from ‘American Idol’, Mikalah Gordon tells local paper The Las Vegas Review Journal she’s moving to Los Angeles to take advantage of the opportunities the hit show have given her. Gordon said that so far she’s received TV and recording possibilities, sitcom guest appearances offers, “a lot of prom (date) offers,” and even a call from a representative of Fran Drescher, star of ‘The Nanny’.