Molly Jenson Plays “Can You Get Off Your Seat Please?”

Catch up with Molly Jenson on her latest webisode as she continues her house tours, munches on a scorpion, and plays her friend Anya Marina’s “can you get off your seat please” game while going through toll booths via her YouTube below.

Molly Jenson & Barak Hardley Q&A Each Other

Barak Hardley and Molly JensonIn webisode 12 of the Molly Jenson webisode series, the singer songwriter talks with Barak Hardley in an intense Q&A rapid fire session, addressing her worst concert experience (or not), if she committed a crime, and more.

“I stole candy from the baseball snack shop when I was six,” Molly confessed about the last time she stole anything. “Then I felt really bad and told my mom on the way home from my brother’s little league game, and then we went back and took it back.”

Watch it via her YouTube below.

Molly Jenson Webisode Outside The Hotel Cafe

Molly Jenson outside the Hotel CafeAn all new Molly Jenson webisode features the singer songwriter conducting interviews and shenanigans outside of The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood before her recent show. Jenson was joined by Dan Portnoy of The Drop to talk about his website as well as Barak Hardley to reenact scenes from Molly’s new video.

On tours that people can have in their house featuring Molly this fall, the artist said, “That’s right Danny. I’m working on these house concert tours. I’m gonna be out in a couple of weeks. I’m going up the coast and playing in some people’s houses, and in August I’m going to play in Reno for a benefit concert and hopefully book a couple shows around that, so people, if you want me to play in your house in August, I’d love to.”

Watch via YouTube below.

Molly Jenson Sits Down With Pat Boone

Molly Jenson and Pat BooneIn episode eight of the Molly Jenson webisode series, Molly sat down with Pat Boone for a chat, talking with the singing legend about how to make it as a musician and be successful – be yourself and don’t copy somebody else.

“I’m just starting out in the music business, and my record comes out March 3rd, so it’s coming out,” Molly told Pat. “this is a new thing for me, and I’ve been writing my own music for about five years. Working on my own stuff for about five years, and I just want some advice. Do you have any advice?”

“Now the only tip I have, and I haven’t heard this (album) before, it’s not released yet, and I just received it, but is to be, which I think you probably are, yourself,” Pat responded. “Don’t copy somebody else.”

Watch via YouTube below.

Molly Jenson At Nylon Pink’s ‘Lipstick’ Video Shoot

Molly Jenson on the Nylon Pink music video shoot with AshleyThe latest episode of the Molly Jenson webisode series takes place the set of the Nylon Pink ‘Lipstick’ video shoot. Molly joins the cast as an extra and make-up artist extraordinaire.

“We’re doing makeup for each other in the shoot,” Molly explained. “I’m gonna be the makeup artist. I’m gonna be doing (Ashley’s) makeup. Right now we’re just really doing our makeup.”

Behind the scenes interviews with crew members and shots of the amazing props and set design at MySpace has since been removed.

Molly Jenson ‘Give It Time’ Video Behind The Scenes

Molly Jenson and a dogA behind the scenes look into Molly Jenson’s brand new video ‘Give It Time’, featuring Greg Laswell, is the subject of the singer songwriter’s latest webisode posted at her MySpace Video channel.

“I am driving to LA, and I’m shooting my video today,” Molly said. “I’m so excited, can’t you tell by that awesome sound I just made?” Once on the set with director Piper Ferguson, Molly introduced viewers to everyone participating in the video.

Video showing how it all came together at MySpace has since been removed.

Molly Jenson ‘Give It Time’ Video Ft. Greg Laswell

Molly Jenson is out with the music video to her new single ‘Give It Time’, featuring Greg Laswell. The video was recently shot in Los Angeles by director Piper Ferguson. The track is off the Southern California singer songwriter’s first album ‘Maybe Tomorrow’, available now on Nettwerk Music. Watch it via YouTube below.

Molly Jenson ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ Record Release Party Highlights

Molly Jenson at her CD release partyMolly Jenson’s latest webisode features the singer songwriter documenting the craziness of her ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ album release day.

“Well, CD released tonight, and we have a big show, the CD is coming out,” Jenson said. The next day she’s seen driving and saying, “It’s March 3rd today, Tuesday, the day that my CD is coming out, driving in the fast lane on the freeway looking at you, but also looking at the lane in front of me. Darla and I are on our way up to LA for, it’s not the official CD release show, but it’s the CD release for my label, industry people, showcase. It’s just an exciting day.”

Footage of Jenson performing at two record release shows in Los Angeles has since been removed.