Myra Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes

Myra posted behind the scenes footage from a recent photoshoot, featuring music from the Ricky Luna song ‘Gol!’, which Myra is featured on along with Mexia. Watch it via YouTube below.

Myra Working On Album Artwork

Myra checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@officialmyramusic) on Monday (July 13), talking about work on her second English album. The American pop singer writes:

Hi guy’s, how’s it going… First thank you for all the love!! The Album… I am working on all the new art work and direction as well as style of my new work. Looking for dancer’s and putting it all together. I am so excited for all my new opportunities that have presented themselves this yr. I will let you all in on the movie and Album soon, soon, soon. I am doing it all very independent and feel so blessed right now. Keep in touch.. and I love you all so much! Who can dance.. I will be having an audition soon and will be updating you all on date, time, and place. But you have to write me first! Xoxo Tell me a bit about yourself and why would you be a great Myra team player. Love you all, have to run for now. Xoxo don’t forget to write me..

Lots Coming From Myra

Myra checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Tuesday (June 2), talking about her new YouTube channel and a lot of other things she has in the pipeline. The American pop singer writes:

Thank you for all the love and support! I have been real busy with everything that’s going on. Be the first to subscribe to My channel on youtube.. MyraTv go subscribe.. Lot’s coming, behind the scenes of all the amazing projects I’m involved in, including my little girls I’m helping develop.. My 2 new movies.. My Disney story and everything in between.. My new record release and the celebration of the Empire I have been building! Shout out to my new business managers.. I love you guy’s!!

Myra Releases Her New Single ‘K E W L’

Myra checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@officialmyramusic) on Thursday (January 1). The Mexican American pop singer tells readers:

Hey everyone!!!!
You guy’s are the best!!! Thank you so SO much, I’m Very happy & excited to release my new single K E W L (its SO Kewl) =P, I’m currently in the studio working with all kinds of amazing talented people for my new project, creating, … it’s one of the funnest things about ART!!! Now, the Best Part of what I do is getting out their to meet you all!!! Thank you to all of you, to my friends who have been their supporting my life and helping my dreams manifest themselves one by one!!! I love you!!! Stick around cuz You ain’t heard nothin yett!!

Myra Readies First Album Since 2001 Debut

Myra updated fans on her blog at MySpace on Saturday (December 13), discussing plans for her first album since her 2001 debut. The 22-year-old pop singer writes:

I’m getting ready for you guy’s. Been in the studio makin it happen for you. Reason I keep saying you, you, you… is because:

1. you have been their for me since day one
2. without you guy’s none of this would be possible and most important
3. This new album is being made with so much love not to mention the producers are some of the best out there!..

This record is being made with the breath taking memories I have from all the love and dedication you guys have shown me since I was a little girl starting out my career with Disney. And I thank u all, because here I am…

The entire post has since been removed.

Myra Hosts Disney Pop Star Show

Teen pop singer Myra was at Limited Too & Radio Disney Pop Star Weekend Sweepstakes yesterday as Christina Felix won. Christina won a trip to Los Angeles to see Myra in concert at the “Radio Disney Live!” show, a backstage pass to meet Myra in person, plus a $1,000 Limited Too shopping spree with her. For photos from the event, click here.