Natalia Kills Discusses Lady Gaga, Harry Potter & More

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Natalia Kills checked in with her Twitter followers (@NataliaKills) on April 17th, answering dozens of questions submitted on the social networking site, where the topics fielded by the 25-year-old ranged from what she thought about Lady Gaga and Rihanna to whether she believes in God. Among the questions and responses:

jaume_abril: What do you think about LADY GAGA? Do you want to collaborate with her??
Natalia: I’ve never met Lady Gaga but I’m sure we’d get along! She’s so creative… We probably have more in common that most 25 year olds!

JoanaLoves_u: What’s your favorite designer?
Natalia: My favorite designer is Alexander Wang… I’m obsessed! My wardrobe probably looks like his show room…

LauraKills3: Why you love Paris so much?
Natalia: The last boy I fell in love with was from Paris. Some things just make you who you are… some how Paris has made me who I am

Brito1396: is there someone that inspired you? Who helped you to be brave?
Natalia: My Grandmother inspires me. She’s everything I want to become… She’s responsible for everything good about me…

Valilney: Your favorite city?
Natalia: Hollywood is my least & most favorite place on earth. Its beautiful & horrifying all at the same time… perhaps I’ll never leave!

Rosi_Kills_carr: Do you like Harry Potter? Lol
Natalia: I hate Harry Potter. But I’d do Daniel Radcliffe if Ryan Gosling wasn’t available…

Natalia Kills: I Don’t Mass Name My Fans

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Natalia Kills checked in with her Twitter followers (@NataliaKills) on May 6th with a bit of a shot at her peers who give their fans nicknames, whether it be Lady Gaga’s “Little Monsters”, Kesha’s “Animals” or Nicki Minaj’s “Barbs”. The English pop singer, who released her debut album ‘Perfectionist’ last year, writes:

@LauraKills3 I don’t mass name my fans… I respect you all as individuals…

@xxCALLMEKILLSxx Not trying to confuse anyone, but everyone I meet/talk to gets called “Love”, “Lover”, “Dollface”, “Sweetheart” or “Doll”

@xxCALLMEKILLSxx That goes for my friends, fans, folks & boyfriends too… it’s not a mass name, it’s a pleasantry and term of endearment! xx

Natalia Kills ‘Kill My Boyfriend’ Video

Natalia Kills 'Kill My Boyfriend'

Natalia Kills is out with the music video to her new single ‘Kill My Boyfriend’, the fourth release off the English pop singer’s debut studio album ‘Perfectionist’, out now on Music Group. Watch the Guillaume Doubet directed video via YouTube below.

Natalia Kills Is A Complimentary Supporting Act

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Natalia Kills chatted with Celeb Dirty Laundry in a Q&A, where the English pop singer was asked about being the support act on tours with Kelis, Robyn, Ke$ha, Bruno Mars, the Black Eyed Peas, and currently Katy Perry on her California Dreams Tour. Asked about her favorite, the 25-year-old was complimentary to them all. “I Love Robyn – she’s so talented and I’ve been a huge fan for many years… She’s one of the best performers I’ve seen,” the ‘Mirrors’ singer said. “And the Kesha crowd was great… they had so much energy. I really loved supporting Bruno Mars because he’s an incredible musician but he doesn’t take himself too seriously… and he is so much fun to hang out with! I’m excited for Katy Perry – I’m definitely a fan – her voice is beautiful and she’s got so much attitude that I can’t wait to see her show when I come off stage.”

Natalia Kills ‘Wonderland’ & ‘Free’ Acoustic Performances

To celebrate the release of her debut album ‘Perfectionist’ earlier this week, Natalia Kills performed an acoustic set of her singles ‘Wonderland’ and ‘Free’ atop the roof of New York City’s Atlas Hotel. The live set was part of the Hotel’s 4th Annual Open A.I.R: Artist In Residence Summer Concert Series To Benefit The National Breast Cancer Coalition.

Natalia Kills Performs ‘Wonderland’ & ‘Free’ At Splash

Natalia Kills celebrated the release of her debut album ‘Perfectionist’ at Splash night club in New York City this past weekend. The British pop singer treated fans to a medley performance of a ‘Wonderland’ and ‘Free’, both featured on the just released LP. For Chicago-area fans, Natalia will be in town this weekend for a special performance and autograph signing.

Natalia Kills Wonders If “Real” Exists Anymore

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Natalia Kills checked in with her Twitter followers (@NataliaKills) this morning, talking about cosmetic surgery and wondering what is real anymore. The 24-year-old singer, who is readying the U.S. release of her debut album ‘Perfectionist’ on August 16th, writes:

I’m confused why society looks down on cosmetic surgery but is fine with tattoos. Many of us make ‘man made’ alterations to our bodies…

…as its a natural feeling to want to improve, enhance, change/make ourselves more ‘unique’. Why do people look down on beauty enhancement?

So whats worse, ignoring natural feelings to improve or ignoring the natural state of our bodies?

Well I’m pro happiness. Surgery isn’t for the insecure, its for the decisive. Tattoos aren’t for the ‘lost’ but for memories we want to keep

…And so far I’ve had neither of the 2. Which is obvious – I’m 24. But its bullsh** to diss one and not the other, so why go off on either?

Ok but I’ve seen more hideous tattoos than bad surgeries! And at least a surgery can be corrected- have you seen tattoo removal scars? Gasp.

And if its ‘fake’ to add things on like ‘fake boobs’ then am I fake for adding on 5 inches of height when I wear heels?

Is it ‘fake’ if you sunbathe at the beach cause when you’re tanning you’re unnaturally browner than how you were born?

Is my natural accent ‘fake’ because I travelled when I was a kid and I don’t sound as intensely British as other Londoners?

What is fake?

What is real? …Does it even exist anymore?

Well what cracks me up is reading comments in magazines saying “she is fat”, “he is ugly” but THEN the criticism for surgery is even worse!

Natalia Kills Catches The Eye Of Bill Clinton

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Natalia Kills spoke with Billboard about catching the eye of former U.S. President Bill Clinton at Austria’s Life Ball event. “It was me, Janet Jackson, Brooke Shields and Vivienne Westwood all around this table.” Kills explained. “[Clinton] was kinda staring at me. I was sorta ignoring it, thinking he was staring at Brooke Shields because she’s so beautiful. But he walks over and says, ‘Nice to meet you. I’m Bill.’ And I was like, ‘Yes, I know, my name’s Natalia,’ and he said, ‘I know. You’re Kills.’ I guess he’d been asking everyone all night, ‘Who is this eccentric, exquisite-looking girl?’ Then he asked to take a picture with me. It was a wonderful night – one of the best nights ever, actually!”

Natalia Kills ‘Free’ Video Ft.

Natalia Kills 'Free'

Natalia Kills just premiered the music video for her summer dance song ‘Free’, featuring of the Black Eyed Peas. Kills directed the video herself. ‘Free’ tells the tongue-in-cheek tale of being broke but feeling fabulous. The track was produced by Jeff Bhasker and No I.D. and was co-written by Kid Cudi.

Natalia Kills’ debut album ‘Perfectionist’, featuring ‘Mirrors’, ‘Wonderland’, and ‘Free’, will drop on August 16th via Records.

Natalia Kills ‘Free’ Ft.

Natalia Kills and

Natalia Kills just unleashed her brand new single ‘Free’, featuring of the Black Eyed Peas, who joined the 24-year-old her on her summer song that tells the tongue-in-cheek tale of being broke but feeling fabulous. The English singer songwriter is set to release her debut album ‘Perfectionist’ in America on August 16th via / Cherrytree / Interscope. Listen to the song via Soundcloud below.