Natasha Thomas Recording With The Beatgees In Berlin

Natasha Thomas checks in from BerlinNatasha Thomas checked in with fans from the studio in Berlin, Germany, where she’s writing new songs with Ginger Mackenzie and recording with the Beatgees.

“I’m in Berlin with Ginger and we’re about to go to the studio to do two new songs today,” Natasha said. “One of them we wrote last night. It’s pretty awesome. I can’t wait to hear how it turns out. Two more tomorrow probably before they the KISS FM thing on Tuesday. So we’re gonna have fun and I’ll talk to you later.”

The update via her MySpace has since been removed.

Natasha Thomas Beyond Excited About Third Album

Natasha Thomas checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@natashathomasofficial) on Tuesday (June 17) with the following bulletin:

Hello once again,to all my wonderful friends here on MySpace!!:)
I know it’s been a minute and I apologize.
Hope you’re all doing great and stayin’ positive!:)
Just wanted to let you know what I’m up to at the moment:

Well, I just got back from Atlanta, Georgia.
I’m currently in the studio working on my 3rd album!
I’m beyond excited about it! It’s gonna be the best thing I’ve done so far.
Already finished some amazing songs with some extremely talented producer’s and songwriters. So that couldn’t be any better, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Lovin’ what I’m doing is really all I could wish for.
Can’t wait for you guys to hear it!!:)
I hope you’ll love and enjoy the new music as much as I do:)
My goal is to get the album ready and released by early next year!!:)
So trust me, I’ll be back sooner than later!;)
Have to say I’ve grown up a lot since ‘Playin With Fire’,
and I’m a lot closer to figuring out exactly who I am;)
Thank you so much to all of you who keep supporting me! You’re just the best.
I have the most fantastic loyal fans EVER!:) You’re in my thoughts…

All my love, Natasha (Also now on FACEBOOK! So feel free to add me;)Kisses

Natasha Thomas Checks In After Recording Five New Songs

Singer Natasha Thomas in the recording studio in FloridaNatasha Thomas checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@natashathomasofficial) on Thursday (December 20) after returning home to Denmark for the holidays.

“Just got back from Florida a few days ago,” Thomas writes. “I had a wonderful time there! Recorded 5 amazing songs with my boys D’klay:) Soundin’ really good, and I’m very excited about the 3rd album! Hope everyone’s doing well! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!:) Much love, Natasha.”

Watch 29 short clips of her Florida stay at YouTube.

Natasha Thomas: New Perfume & Hopefully New Album June ’08

Natasha Thomas posted the following blog on her MySpace (@natashathomasofficial) on Sunday (September 16):

Hi everyone!:)
Thanks so much for checking out my site.
Hope you’re all doing super great!Cause i sure am:)
Just wanted to give you guys a little update.
I just got back from Berlin,where I wrote and recorded two new 20sec.
songs for Lacoste/P&G.
A new one for the “Touch of pink” original fragrance.
And one for the new fragrance that’s coming out in June 2008!
It’s called “Dream of pink”:)The music turned out really pretty,
and the perfume smells great (fresh, fruity and feminine),
so make sure you all go out and get it when it comes on the market!;)
There will also be a big push for it in the US, which will be very exciting :)
But of course also all over the EU! :)
Hopefully I’ll be ready with a new hot album for you guys around the
same time,
we’ll just have to wait and see.Working hard on making that happen
So that’s it for now:) Take care,and may all your dreams come true! ;)
All my love,Nat

Natasha Thomas Plans Move To North America In ’07

Natasha Thomas was recently interviewed by in Tokyo, Japan. She talked about the release of ‘Playing With Fire’, putting the album out in just one month, her deal with Lacoste, how she’s enjoying Tokyo, music she likes, plans to move to Canada followed by the U.S. next year, her plans for the rest of the year, and worrying about getting her wisdom teeth removed. The interview audio at has since been removed.

Natasha Thomas Eyes Film Roles, Music Releases Outside Germany

Natasha Thomas 'Skin Deep' single cover

Natasha Thomas checked in with fans on her MySpace blog on Monday (March 13). She writes:

Hey Everyone, I can’t believe I haven’t written in a while! It seems like it’s been forever since anything interesting has happened in my life…well, ‘Skin Deep’ is all set to be released in England on March 27, and the album should follow shortly afterwords. I’ve been reading scripts for a film role, but nothing has jumped out at me so far… I don’t think I want to do a horror movie, maybe something dramatic. What do you think? I added a friend of mine, Sarah Whatmore, on MySpace, she’s a sweet girl who’s getting all ready to release her CD, so check her out too! In terms of the U.K. after ‘Skin Deep’ is released the second single will most likely be the bluesey, soulful ballad ‘State of Mind.’ I cannot wait to film the video for that one! I’ve put Germany on a temporary hiatus, I’m having a bit of trouble finding a German distribution partner and until I do I’m afraid a new single won’t be released there! I’ve signed deals to release in Asia, South America, Australia, and other parts of Europe though… so we have that to look forward to! Well, I better get back to bed to try and get a little sleep, I have a big day tomorrow! I hope everyone is doing fine. Love & kisses, Natasha xoxo

Update: Natasha Thomas fan site claims this myspace is fake. “The Message of myspace is not from Natasha.She doesn’t have a myspace account. [Natasha’s manager] Ginger wrote me an e-mail with this important information.” –

Natasha Thomas’ German Label Goes Under

Natasha Thomas’ manager Ginger Mackenzie sent out the following e-mail to fans: “Natasha’s single ‘Skin Deep’ will be released in France, Denmark and the UK in the next weeks. We will also have releases in Asia and Spain in the spring! Natasha is also the face for ‘Touch of Sun’. This is a new limited edition perfume for Lacoste that goes on sale in March. Natasha has also done the new music for this advertisement. There is an 8 page feature with Natasha in the new YOUNG magazine. Natasha is also on the cover of FHM with a great interview inside. We are also almost final with a new German partner. As you know Give Records, our partner in Germany, is no longer in business. Look for a second single from Natasha to be released in Germany in March or April – We don’t know which song as of yet!”

Natasha Thomas ‘Skin Deep’ Video

Natasha Thomas 'Skin Deep' single cover

Natasha Thomas is out with the music video to her new single ‘Skin Deep’, which doubles as an ad for Lacoste’s fragrance touch of pink. The track comes from Thomas’ album ‘Playin’ With Fire’, due out next year. Watch it at YouTube.

Natasha Thomas Launches New Official Website

With Natasha Thomas and Sony Music have parting company, the singer has a new website launched at Thomas added an audio greeting to the site, which she promises to keep updated.