Nick Carter Outburst At 24 Hour Fitness

Janet Charlton’s Hollywood reports that Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter, trying to work off the weight he’s recently gained at 24 Hour Fitness in West Hollywood, was confronted by a guy who asked the singer, “Hey remember me? I was the friend of a girl you used to date.” He named the girl, and moody Nick snarled, “I remember you – and she’s a fu**ing bitch!” The outburst silenced the weight room, prompting Carter to leave shortly afterwards. Read more.

Nick, Aaron Carter Show Off Their Rivalry

People magazine reports Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter and his brother Aaron Carter came to blows inside their home on Monday, the night before the two brothers announced their new E! reality show House of Carters at the Television Critics Association gathering in Los Angeles. The whole scuffle was caught on tape. “You’ll see it on the show,” promised Aaron.

Fan Meets Nick Carter At Miami Diner

A poster at Oh No The Didn’t checked in after an encounter with a Backstreet Boys star. “So last night i ran in to Nick Carter,” starstarstar writes. “In Miami at a local diner. He was nice for the most part. A little pompous. His friends were worse than he was… Acting like hot sh** and yelling at one of the bartenders. He was surprisingly talkative. Told me and two other girls to pull up chairs.” Read more, including a photo and alleged comments regarding drug usage, here.

E! Grabs ‘The Carters’, ‘Simple Life’

Mediaweek reports E! Networks announced a new slate of reality programming for the second half of the year, including ‘The Carters’, an eight-part series about Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and his dysfunctional family; and the previously-announced final installment of the Paris-and-Nicole juggernaut, ‘The Simple Life: ‘Till Death Do Us Part’, which debuts in June.

Police Investigate Nick Carter Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Greater Milwaukee Today reports a Florida police department is investigating allegations a Waukesha County woman was sexually assaulted by Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. The Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department has contributed to the investigation by interviewing the 20-year-old accuser, who lives in the town of Vernon, said Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Karen Ruff.

‘Laguna Beach’ Star Records Track Co-Written By Nick Carter

Alexandra Murrel (Alex M.), known for her role on the second season of the MTV series ‘Laguna Beach’, posted a new blog entry on her blog at MySpace (@alexmmusic) on Saturday (April 15) mentioning she’s recording a song co-written by Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter called ‘Anticipating’.

“Hey guys just wanted to fill you in on what’s going on right now,” Murrel writes. “So everything has been extremely exciting… again just been in the studio recording.. I actually just started recording a new song that was co-written by Nick Carter and another friend of mine Shadrick… I love both of them and I’m so happy to get to work with such talented guys. I cant wait to hear what it sounds like finished… It’s called ‘Anticipating’ and it’s more of a track that you can get up and dance too! So I’m def looking forward to that.”

Nick, Aaron, Angel & BJ Carter At Koi

Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter was joined by his brother Aaron and sisters BJ and Angel at Koi in Los Angeles on Thursday (February 23). Video of the siblings at the sushi hotspot, with Aaron showing off a tattoo and suggesting the family is doing a reality show, has since been removed from

Nick And Aaron Carter Out In LA

Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter was joined by his brother Aaron Carter for a night out in Los Angeles. Aaron bought some glow pendants and roses as Nick stood around. Later, Nick lit up a cigarette and entered a white car with Aaron, who drove off after the pair had a brief conversation with videographer Henry Trappler. has since removed the video.

Aaron Carter Looking To Bolt From Lou Pearlman Deal?

November 17, 2005 – A source tells The New York Daily News that Aaron Carter is feeling like *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys about Lou Pearlman and wants to ditch Trans Continental Records before he turns 18 next month. But contrary to a source’s belief that Carter feels he’s “getting screwed”, Pearlman said the brother of Nick Carter that he still has four albums left in their five-album deal and “everything’s fine”. So why the rumored rift? “Other people try to go after him like they would try to do with any artist,” Pearlman reasoned. “We have a great relationship that started when he was 7 years old.”

Aaron Carter Dating ‘Laguna Beach’ Star

November 2, 2005 – The Chicago Sun-Times reports ‘Laguna Beach’ reality star Kristin Cavalleri has reportedly split with Brody Jenner, son of ’70s Olympic champ Bruce Jenner, and moved on to Aaron Carter.

Friends Worry Over Aaron Carter Weed Use

October 15, 2005 – Friends of Aaron Carter tell The New York Daily News they are worried about the singer’s choice of herb. “He has been hanging out with a bunch of older guys in Los Angeles, and smoking way too much weed,” a friend revealed. “He’s been missing appointments, not showing up to things. It’s gotten out of hand, and people are worried.” Carter’s rep retorted, “This story is completely untrue. We have no further comment.”

Aaron Carter At The Cabana Club

October 11, 2005 – Aaron Carter was videotaped outside the Cabana Club in Hollywood, California on Friday (October 7). The singer was in LA working on his new album and was joined by his producer and other pals. has since removed the video.