Jay Leno Targets Nick Carter Following Arrest

Jay Leno joked about Backstreet Boys Nick Carter during his Friday monologue saying, “Some sad news in Tampa, Florida. The youngest member of the Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter, was arrested. [ Applause ] That’s one down, four to go, basically.”

Nick Carter Responds To Arrest News

FOXnews reports Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter has responded to news of his arrest early Wednesday for a misdemeanor count of resisting/opposing a law enforcement officer without violence. Through his publicist Courtney Barnes, Nick said, “I have done nothing wrong. I truly believe my celebrity motivated the officer to arrest me.”

More Juicy Details Of Nick Carter Arrest

Paula Froelich of Pagesix.com reports more details on the arrest of Backstreet Boys Nick Carter on Wednesday morning. An employee at Tampa’s Pop City club revealed Nick entered the club with a gang of guy friends and, “They got really drunk and one of them started to puke all over the bathroom so we sent in security. When Nick saw his friend being escorted out he grabbed the security guard by the neck and tried to punch him.” Froelich also relayed some of the phone call details of WFLZ listeners about the incident.

Nick Carter Arrest Report Online

The Smoking Gun has the arrest report of Backstreet Boys Nick Carter on Wednesday morning. The police report said, “The def was involved in a large disturbance at Pop City club in Channelside earlier in the evening. Later that evening, a large unrelated disturbance/fight erupted, as police were trying to arrest subjects and restore peace. At this time, the def became involved in an argument w/ an uk w/f. Police, trying to restore order, ordered the def to leave over (10) times. Finally, the def was told he had to leave by the count of (3) or he would be arrested. The def continued the argument and would not leave, and was arrested w/o incident. The def was id w/ a FL DL. Def was recogged.” TSG decided to not grey out Nick’s home address, but did grey out his phone number.

Backstreet Boys Fans Buzzing Over Nick Arrest Report

Fans on the Backstreet Boys’ busiest message board, LiveDaily, are buzzing about reports that Nick Carter was arrested in POP City Tuesday night. HB&BSB joked, “anybody got pics? That’s what i REALLY need to see…Nick in handcuffs against the car….oooh leemee stop,” while Kattime66 cautioned, “not again. a new year same stuff from 93.3. if this was true all media would have been all over it. i mean all over it. et, ‘Access Hollywood’, etc etc with mugs shots and everything. jmo”

Top Nick Carter September Search Queries

The top search queries for Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter for the month of September were revealed today on Overture.com [formerly Goto.com] with the singer receiving 22,729 searches. This compares to a surprising 41,170 searches for his younger brother Aaron. 825 searches were for “Nick Carter nude”, while 492 searched for the pop star and his girlfriend with “Nick Carter and Willa Ford”.