Is Miley Cyrus’ ‘7 Things’ About Nick Jonas?

Popstar! Magazine spoke with Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, asking each if the ‘Hannah Montana’ star’s song ‘7 Things’ is about Nick. “With ‘7 Things,’ I think a lot of people do, you know, think it’s about Nick Jonas, and if they think it is, that’s fine, or whoever they think it’s about,” the 15-year-old said. “But mostly that song is about who, um, they want it to be to. Like mostly, it’s if a girl hates her current, or ex-boyfriend for me it’s an ex-boyfriend so I think, you know, like, Nick is someone that was really important in my life, but I don’t hate him. It’s a good song and it’s fun.”

Meanwhile, Nick believes the track isn’t about him. “I think it’s funny. Honestly, I’m not insecure, my friends are cool so it can’t be about me,” Nick said, referencing Miley singing that “you’re vain, you’re games, you’re insecure” and “your friends they’re jerks” in the chorus of the song.

Miley Cyrus And Nick Jonas Reportedly Break Up

The New York Post hears that 15-year-old Disney favorites Miley Cyrus of ‘Hannah Montana’ fame and Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers have ended their brief relationship. “They just broke up, but not many people even knew they were going out,” an insider told Page Six. Cyrus’ rep responded, “We do not comment on our client’s personal life.”