O-Town Shower Videos?

Billy Masters of Filth2go.com has weighed in on the recent news that the Lou Pearlman backed boyband O-Town has split up. He writes, “I’m not sure what the members are doing now, but they could probably make a few bucks off those shower videos that are allegedly in Big Lou’s possession which show off Ashley’s naughty bits.”

O-Town Officially Over

Contributed by beebeeotown:

November 5, 2003) Based on the rumors that were circulating and the many questions posed by fans following Ashley’s announcement of his solo debut album, Inside O-Town asked Ashley to get a statement from all 5 guys to give to the fans about the future of O-Town and what each of them are doing now. This is the statement that Ash gave us after consulting with all of the guys – please note that all O-Town sites are welcome to reprint this statement provided that credit is given to www.insideotown.com.

Dear O-TOWN Fans,

We realize there have been several different rumors circulating about the group and we would like to tell you ourselves exactly where we stand. O-TOWN will always be the greatest blessing any one of us could have ever wished for … unfortunately, however, we had to sign several contracts that were not in our best interests. We wanted you to know that our decision not to continue forward as O-TOWN was mutual and we all still remain best friends … that will never change. Here is an update on each one of us:


Erik Michael Estrada Going Solo?

Contributed anonymously:

Sources close to O-Town star Erik Michael Estrada tell insideotown.com that he is well and very busy. He is in New York for a week to write and work on some new material in the studio. Then he will return to Los Angeles and might be there until Christmas time, if not longer.

Ashley Parker Angel Goes Solo

Contributed anonymously:

O-Town star Ashley Angel contacted insideotown.com and asked them to post new, recent photos of him and to pass along this message to the fans: “What’s up everybody!! I just wanted to let you know that I am going to be launching my own website and I am personally inviting all of you to come check it out. This site will be the official source of information on the release of my debut album as a solo artist. I am so excited about it, I wanted you to be the first to know. Love, Ashley” The IO Crew will bring fans all the latest information about Ashley, his solo career and his new website, so stay tuned.

O-Town… All Or Nothing?

Contributed anonymously:

It was during Carson’s Countdown and while going to a commercial break, I believe it was, he said, “Devastating boy band news up next.” Sure enough when the show returned from commercial this is what was said, “O-Town has sung their last song as a group,” and that “When speaking to J Records today, they confirmed that their relationship with O-Town has been cut off.” He then went on to how ‘O-Town’ sold 2 million albums and ‘O2’ sold only 200,000. “…Possibly because the band members decided to write their own songs.” He then went on to make fun of them some more and said, “I leave you with some heartfelt lyrics from O-Town…Is it all or nothing at all, there’s no where left to fall when you’ve reached the bottom its now or never.” And then he said, “I will try to recover from this.”

Where Have All The Boy Bands Gone?

Rick Anderson of the Toronto Star writes: “What ever happened to boy bands? You know, the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, 98 Degrees, O-Town, 5ive and any other group of four or five doe-eyed cuties with smooth moves, great haircuts and the ability to break hearts with just a smile or an eye twinkle. Suddenly they’re obsolete, swept aside by highly sexualized rebellious hip-hop and R&B rappers who rob their preteen fans of their innocence. I’m not ashamed to yearn for the resurrection of boy bands, even if my 23-year-old heart is older and wiser than it was five years ago when I attended my first Backstreet Boys concert.”

The entire story at TheStar.com has since been removed.

No More Releases For O-Town… Ever?

Contributed by XxmissyxX:

According to O-TownFanPage.net, J Records has confirmed that O-Town will not be releasing any songs, CD’s, or merchandise in the future…ever. It is not confirmed if they have parted ways with the record label or not. But this raises the question – is O-Town officially breaking up? That is not known at this time, but they five guys are still on hiatus and taking time for themselves. In fact, Jacob Underwood just celebrated his first wedding aniversary with his wife Janie and Dan Miller is currently engaged. One thing is for sure though, the guys will always remain friends, band or no band.

Eric Estrada’s Sexy Birthday Bash

O-Town’s Eric Estrada was on hand for his birthday party featuring FiveFour Clothing and Felina Lingerie Fashion Show on Wednesday (October 8) at CineSpace in Hollywood, California. Check out pictures from WireImage.

NBA ‘Hoop It Up’ Hits O-Town

Contributed anonymously:

Dan Miller, Trevor Penick and Erik-Michael Estrada from the recently hiatus-status group O-Town were at “Hoop It Up” in Orlando this weekend. Fans were crowded around all their games just to catch a glimpse of one of their favorite guys. Erik gladly took pictures with fans and when Trevor won the first game he hand shook all of the fans hands. Trevor and Dan were on the same team appropriately titled OUT-OF-TOWNERS and Erik was on another team called Parkdwellas. After they lost their second game on day 2 they left and O-Town fans followed. Yes, it’s true O-Town does still have fans.

O-Town Dropped From J Records?

Contributed by CanadaLovesOTown:

Even though nothing is confirmed yet, and O-Town is still listed as one of the artists on the official J Records web site, it appears as if O-Town has been dropped from J Records. This was sent out yesterday by a yahoo! group, and has already spread to thousands of O-Town groups….

“O-Town has been dropped from J Records.

Today Amber and I called J Records to set up a phone interview with O-Town, and we were informed that they had just been dropped from the label. Tell everyone, and be sure to let them know that Adams_Chix/Front Row Fanz were the first to get you this Information!”