Katie Sutherland Drops Pearl And The Puppets Moniker

Katie Sutherland checked in with fans on her official web site’s blog (katiesutherland.co.uk) on Saturday (December 3), announcing that she’s dropping her “Pearl and The Puppets” moniker and instead performing under her own name. The UK indie pop writes:

I am now known as Katie Sutherland and no longer “Pearl & The Puppets”. Do not fret, it’s still me. Always has been, always will be.

I will be working with a company called Pledge Music. This will allow you lot to be involved in the making of the album and help me release it next year! I can’t wait to get you all involved. I will update you all once the Pledge Music campaign begins.

Pearl And The Puppets Offers Love For Katy Perry

Pearl and The Puppets 'Because I Do' EP

Katie Sutherland of Pearl and the Puppets checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@pearlandthepuppets) on Sunday (September 5), talking about trains, colds, ‘Tamara Drewe’, flying and Katy Perry. The UK indie pop artist writes:

I’m in London, playing Bestival then off to LA for some writing and recording!
Will keep you all updated via flip cams on tinternet.

I’m sh***ing it as I’m flying by myself.

Why is it when you were a kid you could climb any tree, wall and not be scared? Why can’t we be like kids again, no fear, no problems…. you could be a wee bit crazy but people would be like ach it’s fine she’s just a kid.
I want to be that kid again…

I’d also like to express my love for Katy Perry. Sorry but that chick is fu**ing talented. My love for her is complete as she has written a song called ‘Pearl’ on her new album. I’d like to think it was about me. Yeah let’s start a rumor it is actually. I’ll return the favor and write a song called Katy.

Katie Sutherland Talks About Her Friendship With Elton John

Pearl and The Puppets 'Because I Do' EP

Pearl and the Puppets singer Katie Sutherland spoke with InStyle in a Q&A, where the Scottish singer talked about what it’s like to have a famous fan of her work like Elton John. “He’s lovely. The first time I met him he could name all my songs,” the 23-year-old said. “He’s really thoughtful, sends wine at Christmas and stuff. He calls me up if something is going on; if the single is coming out or something important is happening. When I signed with my label he called me and said congratulations.”

Pearl And The Puppets Interview & ‘Make Me Smile’ Performance

Katie Sutherland 2010

Katie Sutherland of Pearl and the Puppets came over for a cup of coffee and a chat with wot you got. Katie talked about how she started out playing acoustic guitar, having plans originally to be a teacher, the kind of music she listens to, and her new single ‘Make Me Smile’. She then performed ‘Make Me Smile’. Watch it via YouTube below.

Why Buy Pearl And The Puppets’ New Single ‘Make Me Smile’?

Pearl and The Puppets 'Because I Do' EP

Katie Sutherland of Pearl and the Puppets checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@pearlandthepuppets) on Wednesday (August 4), making the pitch on why they should be picking up her new single ‘Make Me Smile’ when it comes out August 16th. Katie writes:

You could get it for yourself or maybe a boyfriend or a girlfriend or a wife or a husband or a bro or a sis or a gran or a grandad or a cat or a dog or a fish…or you could give it to all of them?
It’s multi purpose too…. It plays my single along with a b-side ‘Inside Out’ and a remix of ‘Make Me Smile’ by Grum….. It can also be used as a Frisbee, a coaster, a mirror, a weapon to blind people in the eye using light, a pizza cutter, a wheel….. and so on and so forth.
So yes. All that for just a few quid. Bargain if you ask me.
It will also be available on iTunes *please note it won’t be multi purpose via iTunes*

Pearl And The Puppets ‘Make Me Smile’ Video

Pearl and the Puppets are out with the music video to their new single ‘Make Me Smile’, off the Scottish indie pop band’s upcoming debut album on Universal Republic. Watch it via YouTube below.

Pearl And The Puppets ‘Make Me Smile’ Video Behind The Scenes

Pearl and the Puppets are out with behind the scenes footage from their ‘Make Me Smile’ music video, shot with Annex Films. The Scottish indie pop act’s singer Katie Sutherland didn’t have much to say while riding a bike during a windy shoot, except, “I’m bloody cold.” Watch it via YouTube below.