Pink Not Digging Denny’s Super Bowl Commercial

Singer Pink (Alicia Moore)

PETA supporter Pink (Alicia Moore) wasn’t happy with the Denny’s Super Bowl commercial featuring chickens reacting in horror to news that restaurant is having a free Grand Slam giveaway on Tuesday. The singer told her Twitter followers on Sunday (February 7):

I’m really not digging these Denny’s commercials with the poor screaming chickens. I’m so grateful I don’t eat chicken. Gross

Watch it below.

Pink Attends 52nd Annual Grammy Awards With Carey Hart

Pink and husband Carey Hart attended the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday (January 31). The singer was the talk of the awards with her acrobatic performance of ‘Glitter In The Air’. Watch it via VEVO below.

Pink Predicts Lady Gaga To Win Album Of The Year Grammy

Several artists gave their Grammy predictions to, including Pink, ?uestlove of The Roots, Keri Hilson and Brian Aubert of Silversun Pickups. Asked about her Album of the Year selection, Pink responded:

I think I’d have to go with Lady Gaga because she really, really just took over this year. She was everywhere. She’s fearless when it comes to fashion and videos and I think a lot of other people play it really safe. I think she’s been a total breath of fresh air. I love her videos. In some ways I think she’s the most interesting without seeming to try to hard since Madonna. I think I’m able to like her because I don’t see any of myself in her. And for awhile, I think, after ‘Missundaztood’ came out, it was like, “Oh, everybody wants to be a rock star now.” But with her, I don’t know, I think she’s marching to the beat of her own drum. And I really, really like that.

The rest of the picks at has since been removed.

Pink’s Salute To The Troops


Pink checked in with her Twitter followers (@pink) on Wednesday (November 4), commenting on the respect and support she holds for the military. The pop singer writes:

As the daughter of Vietnam veterans + the sister of active air force, my heart genuinely goes out 2 the families of troops and…..

to the troops themselves. I support you, I respect you, and I pray daily for you. I wish the world was a more loving peaceful place xoxoxoxo

@SandraBernhard it would be something we could be proud of, no other generation has ever figured it out at the table. be4 people were hurt.

But let’s be honest – as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing like a “person in uniform” :)

Pink ‘I Don’t Believe You’ Video

Pink 'I Don't Believe You' single cover

Pink is out with the music video to her new single ‘I Don’t Believe You’, the sixth single from her fifth studio album ‘Funhouse’, out now on LaFace. Watch the Sophie Muller directed video below.

Pink Separates Her Shoulder, But Show Will Go On

Pink tells her Twitter followers (@pink) that she separated her shoulder. She was still able to kick off her U.S. tour in Seattle last night, though the pop star didn’t specify if the injury occurred before or after the Key Arena show. Pink writes:

I never knew exactly what Carey was going through when he broke his collarbone. now I now. This hurts.

Clarification – I DID NOT BREAK MY COLLARBONE. I SEPARATED MY SHOULDER. It kinda feels like 50 angry invisible demon fairies are stabbing me.

But the show will go on. It did last night. And I’d say it went pretty well:) thanks Seattle. Loudest crowd we have had this tour.

@jellismate I fell. I’m an idiot. Can do trapeze all day long, but Jesus don’t let me walk around.

Pink Says Kanye’s Apology Won’t Cut It

Singer Pink wearing a scarf

Pink spoke with ‘Access Hollywood’ on Monday, coming to the defense of Taylor Swift after her winning Video Music Awards moment was interrupted by Kanye West. Pink said Kanye got exactly what people wanted – people talking about him – and that there’s not much he can say as far as an apology. “If I had had the microphone, it would have been a different night,” Pink said, adding that Beyonce was a “classy lady” for allowing Taylor to make a speech later.

Pink Slams Kanye, Performs ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’

Pink talked with Matt Lauer about Kanye West’s outburst on the MTV Video Music Awards before performing ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’, a song from her latest album ‘Funhouse’. “I just think he’s an idiot, he’s just a waste,” Pink told Matt. “He’s just a tool box. He’s getting exactly what he wants right now, people are talking about him.” Watch the segment, aired Monday (September 14), below.

Pink Slams “Biggest Piece Of Sh**” Kanye West

Singer Pink closeup

Pink lashed out at Kanye West for interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to protest her Best Female Video win at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards. The pop star showed off her trapeze skills while performing ‘Sober’ at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Pink wrote on her Twitter (@pink):

Kanye West is the biggest piece of sh** on earth. Quote me.

My heart goes out to Taylor Swift. She is a sweet and talented girl and deserved her moment. She should know we all love her.

I won a home made moon man made by Carey Hart for “best use of an ex in a video” You should’ve heard my acceptance speech. It was AMAZING

Beyonce is a classy lady. I feel for her, too. It’s not her fault at all, and her and Taylor did their thing. And douche bag got kicked out. HA