Pink & Christina Definitely Didn’t Like Each Other At First

Teen People caught up with Pink to get her thoughts on ‘Lady Marmalade’ co-star Christina Aguilera. Pink admits, “When we first met, we definitely didn’t like each other.” Fortunately, the pair got a chance to hang out at Pink’s 22nd birthday party “and we talked for a really long time. We’ve gone through a lot of the same crap.” But after their much publicized spin the bottle kiss, many wonder if they are more than just friends. Pink said there was “no tongue – I put my hand over her mouth. The next day a rumor started that we were bisexual lovers.” Pink insists, “Yeah, I’m officially denying the rumor. I did kiss her, though. And I’d do it again.”

A Twist On ‘Lady Marmalade’ In Store

US Weekly reports Mya, Christina Aguilera, Pink, and Lil’ Kim will have a special top-secret guest when they perform ‘Lady Marmalade’ at the Grammys on February 27… Could it be the song’s originator, Miss Patti LaBelle? Meanwhile, they quote Christina commenting on the collaboration saying, “It’s the closest I ever got to being in a girl group.” They all insist filming the video was anything but stressful.

Pink Sends Lilies To Alergic Britney As Prank

Y-100 reports that after reading that Britney Spears was allergic to lilies, Pink decided to send Britney a $140 bouquet at the Top of the Pops show the two appeared on. Apparently the whole time Britney was being interviewed she was sneezing uncontrollably, which caused Pink to nearly pee her pants in laughter.

Pink Addresses Britney Spears Hotel Gossip

Worldpop talked with Pink in an exclusive interview to get her thoughts on the supposed news that Britney stormed out of London hotel St Martin’s Lane after she discovered that she was staying there. Pink said that after her Top of the Pops appearance Spears, “Came in and I gave her flowers and she thanked me. She was tiny and cute and cool. If she does hate me then she’s a good liar.”

Pink Denies Britney Spears Flap

Pink was on with Radio 1 Friday to refute the gossip item that appeared in The Mirror earlier that day where she was quoted responding to news that Britney Spears had switched hotels after learning Pink was staying at the same hotel. The tabloid incorrectly quoted P!nk saying, “I thought she [Britney] was a nice sweet girl and cooler than that.” She told Radio 1, “I can’t believe it. That quote’s not mine.”

PO’d Britney Bails Hotel After Pink Checks In

Katrillion reports Britney Spears was said to be outraged when she learned Pink was staying at the same St. Martin’s Lane hotel in London as she was, and immediately decided to reserve a spot at the Imperial Suite at the Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge. Many wonder if it was because of Pink’s recent claims she’d like to sleep with her boyfriend Justin Timberlake, or laughing off claims that Britney is a virgin, or her new single that includes the line, “Tired of being compared/ To damn Britney Spears/ She’s so pretty/ That just ain’t me.”

Pink Talks Britney & Christina Comparisons

MTV talked with Pink about lyrics in “Don’t Let Me Get Me” which includes the verse, “Tired of being compared/ To damn Britney Spears/ She’s so pretty/ That just ain’t me.” Pink said, “I’ve met Britney. She’s really, really sweet. She’s probably the sweetest girl I’ve ever met in my life. But every interview I would sit down, or just anywhere, really, and they’d be like, ‘Well, how do you compare yourself to Britney and Jessica and Christina?’ And I’m just thinking to myself that [they’re asking this] just because we’re the same age, or girls, young white girls singing pop music or whatever we do. But we’re all different. And we all get our own respect.” Read more.

Pink Talks Christina Kiss And Backstreet Boy Diss

Pink was on the Howard Stern Show Friday morning and spoke with Howard for about an hour. Pink revealed details of her kiss with Christina Aguilera which she’s saying has caused lesbian and bisexual rumors about the pair ever since. She says that she was just playing Spin the Bottle at her 22nd birthday part and it landed on Christina. Pink says that they would’ve used tongue but Christina didn’t want to only because her boyfriend at the time, Jorge Santos, was there.

Britney Spears ‘TRL’ Appearance Photos has photos of Britney Spears, Pink, and Gwyneth Paltrow on the set of MTV’s TRL with host Carson Daly.

Britney wore a purple jacket with a pink shirt underneath cut as usual to expose her abs. Pink did likewise in a POW-MIA t-shirt coupled with a leopard scarf and brown jeans.

Check out the photos from Tuesday’s show here.

Pink And Christina Aguilera Engage In Lesbian Kiss

The New York Post is reporting that Christina Aguilera and Pink engaged in a lesbian kiss during a game of spin the bottle at Pink’s 22nd birthday party in New York early Thursday morning.

A source told the Post, “Pink was naked from the waist up, wearing only body paint. She spun the bottle and it landed on Christina, and she leaned over and kissed Christina right on the lips.”

Christina didn’t stop there as she then pointed the bottle at her boyfriend Jorge afterwards engaging in a torrid French-kiss makeout session with her backup dancer boyfriend.