Rachel Farris EPK

Rachel Farris black and whiteRachel Farris is out with an electronic press kit, where she talks about her childhood, music, touring and radio show.

“I realized something was different about me in kindergarten, because I was so eager to answer the questions and to get everything right,” Rachel explained in regards to her childhood. “I was a bit of a perfectionist.”

“I’m a pop artist, and where better to be than Music City,” Farris says. “I continue to do as much as I can because I love all the arts.”

“I write at home. I write my music in my recording studio,” she said about her songwriting process. “The fun of the creative process is to start from my song, writing it down in my little journal book, and then recording it. The creative process for me, picture driving down the road in a truck and you stick your head out the window, and you just let the wind beat you in the face. That’s what it’s like. It’s part of breathing for me.”

Watch the EPK via YouTube below.

Rachel Farris’ ‘Dear Blog’ Stream

Rachel Farris checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace after posting a new track on her player. “I just finished singing a new song into a dinky mic while playing the keys and want to see what you all think of it,” she writes. “I’m going to try to throw new stuff on here from time to time to find out if songs are enjoyable or not so enjoyable to you. :)” As for a new CD, she added, “Now, if any of you feel a new album from me is overdue, I have an idea. You can write my record label [Big 3 Records] and remind them that you’re waiting for one!” Listen to ‘Dear Blog’ at myspace.com/rachelfarris.

Rachel Farris New Album Sneak Peak

Rachel Farris has added four tracks from her forthcoming album, including ‘Now We Know’, ‘Don’t Want To Be Here’, ‘Need A Change’, and ‘Stix & Stonz’. Check them out at the ‘listen’ section of RachelsMusic.com.

Rachel Farris Insists Music Trumps Sexy Image

Upclosemusic.com recently caught up with Rachel Farris for a Q&A and asked the singer what her opinion is on the music industry today, with the hype being more focused on the image of being sexy, rather than the actual music. “It’s sad to me. I wish I could be friends with all those girls and remind them to wear more clothes,” Farris said. “I think it stinks how easy it is to get caught up in the industry with the execs telling them what they need to do to sell more records or when they see how it works they want to do it on their own. I would rather not be a singer/songwriter if it means you can’t sell enough records to put food on the table without exposing yourself to do it. That’s when I quit!”

Rachel Farris Mini CDs Included On Soft Drink Cup Lids

Rachel Farris spoke with the Associated Press about her independent recording label embedding a multimedia CD in the lids of soft drink cups at movie theaters across the nation and a few theme parks which features two songs and video clips. “I’m just hoping it will (get) a good reaction,” she said. “It’s a totally new idea, and there’s always risk involved.”

Rachel Farris Album Release Bumped Up

Rachel Farris’ debut album ‘Soak’ will now be released on May 6th instead of May 20th. You can listen to four tracks from her debut, including the first single ‘I’m Not The Girl’ at Rachelsmusic.com.