RJ Helton Becomes A Regular Here

Billy Masters of Filth2go.com reports ‘American Idol’ loser RJ Helton has become a regular at the popular West Hollywood gay/lesbian watering hole Here and he’s more popular now than ever. Masters also added his personal designer Charlie Lapson dressed Justin Guarini, RJ and Jim Verraros for the final two shows.

RJ Helton Adjusts To Being A Famous Face

Ousted ‘American Idol’ finalist RJ Helton chatted with the CBS Early Show and admitted that he has been getting mobbed by fans since he left the show. “I will be out and people will call my name and I am like, ‘How does that person know my name?’ It totally freaks me out,” he says. “It is really funny because I have been getting letters from girls asking me to marry them and wondering if they can kiss me.” Read more.

RJ Helton Says Simon May Help Him Become Star

Extra TV has a video clip of the latest ‘American Idol’ contestant to be ousted, RJ Helton. While Helton had been hurt by criticism of Simon Cowell, he admits that Mr. Nasty may help him become a star. “I think he really did help me quite a bit. A lot of this made me better.” Ari Karpell from TV Guide added, “I think there are two reasons people watch the show: the contestants and Simon.”

RJ Helton Stops By MTV’s TRL

The latest ‘American Idol’ to be booted from the show, RJ Helton, stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday. RJ sounded like he still had hard feelings for Simon Cowell, who was always tough on him during the show. RJ also mentioned that he’ll be on an ‘American Idol’ tour soon and that he’s received recording, acting, and modeling offers so he’ll be staying busy. Read on for a transcript.

R.J. Helton Gets Booted Off

Contributed Anonymously:

Wednesday was yet another night to kick off an aspiring pop star. Tonight it was R.J. Helton’s fate. Although many thought the one to go would be Nikki, considering the awful singing she belted the night before, it was proven fact that America can certainly live with out the voice of R.J. Helton.

Rumors Abound That RJ Helton Will Get Axed

The ‘American Idol’ message boards are buzzing tonight with news that RJ Helton will get disqualified because he already has a record deal, having released an album called ‘RJay’ a few years ago through Dryden Entertainment. Curiously, both DrydenEntertainment.com and RJayOnline.com have both had their content pulled saying ‘down for maintenance’ since the show began. A google cache of Dryden’s artist page on RJay says, “Dryden Entertainment is currently only representing one Artist. That is intentional because of the size of this project. Please see the Contact Us page for details on this subject. RJay is an 18 year old performer who mesmerizes audiences everywhere. His audiences have no age or cultural limits. RJay is waking up the industry with his unique style. His voice is by far one of the best in the industry today and when you see him live you just can’t get enough.”

RJ Helton’s Father Grateful Fox Took His Health First

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution spoke with the father of ‘American Idol’ hopeful RJ Helton on his scary fall after Tuesday night’s show. “We’re grateful Fox put his health first and took care of him,” Glen Helton said. “He’s never been in the hospital before.” doctors deemed him fine after he got an MRI, according to Fox spokeswoman Michelle Hooper, and RJ was on Wednesday’s show.

RJ Doesn’t Have A Chance, But He’s Soooo Nice

Jessica Shaw of Entertainment Weekly gave her weekly rundown of ‘American Idol’ and the choice of RJ Helton to move on to the final 10 hopefuls. Shaw writes, “Okay, I can’t begrudge him the spot. He doesn’t have a cat’s chance in hell, as Simon would say, to win this baby, but he’s sooooo nice.” As for her most hated contestant, Kelli Glover, Shaw said, “Whatever warmth I felt towards her was instantly eliminated once they showed the clip of her pushing some poor consoler’s hand out of the way when she didn’t get voted in the first time around.” Read more.