Robbie Williams Taking HGH For Low Testosterone

In a candid interview with Esquire magazine, Robbie Williams confessed to taking Human Growth Hormone after taking blood tests in Los Angeles showing the singer had extremely low levels of testosterone. “To cut a long story short I went to get some HGH. It’s what all the old fellas are on out there in LA that’s making them look 40 instead of 60,” the 37-year-old explained. “It’s improving their health, their memory, their hair, skin. Could give you cancer. I weighed that up. Thought I’d have it anyway. Went to see a Hollywood doctor. Had my blood tests. Went back. He said, ‘You don’t need HGH. You’ve got the testosterone of a 100-year-old man.’ And then everything made sense. It was kind of an epiphany that day.” Read more.

Daily Star Reporter Confesses To Fabricating Celeb Gossip

Daily Star reporter Richard Peppiatt resigned in protest at what he claims is the British tabloid’s anti-Muslim propaganda, penning a letter to proprietor Richard Desmond which he also confessed to fabricating gossip about celebrities including Michael Jackson and Robbie Williams. The letter reads in part:

Daily Star favorite Kelly Brook recently said in an interview: “I do Google myself. Not that often, though, and the stories are always rubbish. There was a story that I’d seen a hypnotherapist to help me cut down on the time I take to get ready to go out. Where do they get it from?”

Maybe I should answer that one. I made it up. Not that it was my choice; I was told to. At 6pm and staring at a blank page I simply plucked it from my arse. Not that it was all bad. I pocketed a £150 bonus. You may have read some of my other earth-shattering exclusives.

‘Michael Jackson to attend Jade Goody’s funeral’. (He didn’t.) ‘Robbie pops ‘pill at heroes concert’. (He didn’t either.) ‘Matt Lucas on suicide watch’. (He wasn’t.) ‘Jordan turns to Buddha.’ (She might have, but I doubt it.)

I know showbiz is the sand on which your readership is built. And while I didn’t write tittle-tattle dreaming of Pulitzers, I never knew I’d fear a Booker Prize nomination instead.

Check out the entire letter here.

Take That’s First Single With Robbie Back Debuts At #2

November 16, 2010 – Take That’s first single with Robbie Williams back in the fold, ‘The Flood’, has been beaten to number one in the singles chart by Rihanna’s ‘Only Girl (In The World)’, even though her song had been out for three weeks. “You know, number 2, number 1, number 3, who cares,” Robbie told ITN a few weeks ago. Watch a report at blinkx.

Toothache Almost Spoiled Robbie Williams’ Take That Return

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams tells Q magazine he almost pulled out of the Take That reunion after suffering from severe toothache. “I wasn’t in the best frame of mind to meet anybody, let alone the band I used to be in,” he explained. “I was a hermit. I woke up that day with throbbing toothache. I’d taken some Vicodin and I was pretty monged. It was my missus who convinced me I should go.” The veteran boy band’s first album with Robbie in 15 years, ‘Progress’, is out November 22nd.

Take That Saved Robbie Williams From Quitting Music

October 13, 2010 – Robbie Williams says that had he not rejoined Take That, the 36-year-old may have retired from music. “If it wasn’t for the boys, I would probably be doing nothing because I quite enjoy doing nothing now,” Robbie said, according to The Sun. “It does feel like the end of one of the last chapters in the book and I do feel a bit spent to be honest with you. I’m loving what’s to come and I’m very excited being back with the boys, our album sounds amazing, I’m excited to do the tour and all that business… but I’m kind of still at a loose end figuring out what I want to do when I grow up.”

Robbie Williams Answering Fan Questions On YouTube

Robbie Williams wearing jean jacket

To celebrate the release of his forthcoming greatest hits album ‘In And Out Of Consciousness’, and to mark 20 years in music, Robbie Williams is inviting fans to ask him questions and he’ll answer them on YouTube. The deadline is October 31st. Robbie will be answering his favorite, funniest or most interesting questions on camera in December. “I’m guessing that a few of you out there might like to ask a question or two about the album or myself, and the good people at YouTube have given us the opportunity to converse,” Robbie says in the video announcing the opportunity. Watch it below.

Robbie ‘Shame’ Video Ft. Gary Barlow

August 28, 2010 – Robbie Williams is out with the music video to his new single ‘Shame’, featuring Gary Barlow. The clip stars the reunited Take That members sharing a spot of bromance in the rocky mountains. ‘Shame’ is off Robbie’s second best of album ‘In and Out of Consciousness: The Greatest Hits 1990–2010’, out October 11th via Virgin Records. Watch the Vaughan Arnell directed video below.

Robbie Twitter Chat

August 25, 2010 – Robbie Williams will be online for an exclusive 30-minute interview on Twitter this Thursday (August 26) at 11:30am BST, and this is your chance to ask him anything you like that can be fit in 140 characters. Follow Robbie at @RobbieWilliams.

To ask Robbie your question you must include the hash tag #RW20 in your tweet. So that everyone has a fair chance of tweeting their question at Robbie, the interview will be “open” from 8:00 BST on Thursday. Any questions submitted before 8:00 BST or without the hash tag #RW20 will not be answered.

Robbie Williams And Wife Ayda Postpone Honeymoon

Robbie Williams with Take That

Newlyweds Robbie Williams and Ayda were planning to jet off to a remote destination to celebrate their honeymoon but have canceled the plan at the last minute. The pair plan on a romantic vacation later when the attention from their nuptials dies down and they’d be less likely to be pestered by paparazzi. “They’ve chosen to stay at home. They were thinking of going away but decided to stay where they’re most comfortable – in the house with their dogs,” a source told The Sun. “They want to squeeze in a proper honeymoon later in the year once the hype about their wedding has died down. Robbie also didn’t want to run the risk of them being photographed on their romantic getaway either.”

Robbie Williams: I’ve Gained A Wife & 4 Brothers

August 12, 2010 – Robbie Williams checked in with fans on his official web site at, discussing his marriage to Ayda Field and rejoining Take That. The British pop singer writes:

Hey all well nothing much going on in my life in the last few months ; )

Thank you so much for your well wishes…

It means a lot to me and us it seems like there’s going to be a happy ending after all…

Re.Take That I’m the happiest professionally that I’ve ever been not only have I gained a wife but I’ve also got 4 brothers now too….

Thank you for every bit of support you’ve shone my way

Much love to you all

Hubby Williams

Robbie Williams And Ayda Field Are Married

Robbie Williams got married to his longterm girlfriend Ayda Field at his mansion in Los Angeles. “At last, Rob is happy. That’s what you want for your kids and this is the happiest I’ve seen him,” the Take That singer’s father Pete said, according to the News of the World. “Ayda is so beautiful and so delightful and so lovely and just so right for him. They are brilliant together.” Watch an ITN report from the eve of the marriage via YouTube below.

Robbie Williams Rejoins Take That – New Album Out In November

July 15, 2010 – Take That have announced Robbie Williams is rejoining the boy band 15 years after leaving them to embark on his successful solo career. Williams, Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Mark Owen are expected to release a new album in November.

“Getting the five of us to be in a room together, although always a dream, never actually seemed like becoming a reality,” Owen said in a statement. “Now the reality of the five of us making a record together feels like a dream. It’s been an absolute delight spending time with Rob again.”

Williams added: “I get embarrassingly excited when the five of us are in a room. It feels like coming home.”

Watch a report from ITN about the news via YouTube below.

Robbie Williams’ Fiance Moves Out Because Of His World Cup Obsession

Robbie Williams’ fiance Ayda Field has moved out of Los Angeles home they share after tiring of the pop star’s obsession with the World Cup. Ayda is instead staying with her mother Gwen until the global soccer tournament calms down. “Robbie’s wife-to-be decided she could not take any more after three days of football,” a source told The Sun. “She has moved out of his mansion and gone back to live with her mum until the World Cup is over. Ayda said she just has to get some peace. Robbie was away but he still talked non-stop about the games.”

Watch an ITN report about the gossip below.

Robbie Williams Chats With Heart Radio’s Jamie Theakston

March 31, 2010 – Ahead of his performance at Heart Radio’s Love Music Live event in London a few weeks ago, Robbie Williams chatted with Heart presenter, and Soccer Aid regular, Jamie Theakston. The singer talked about feeling good and relaxed back in Britain, Mark Owen not needing any love advice from him, not getting married anytime soon to Ida – who was in the studio, not having a plan for the intimate show, and doing the “you sing” to the crowd when he forgets the lyrics.

The interview audio stream has since been removed.

Robbie Williams Unsure Whether He Wants To Tour

March 21, 2010 – Robbie Williams is under pressure to hit the road in support of his latest album ‘Reality Killed the Video Star’ beginning in November, but the British pop star is apprehensive about signing on for the trek. “Tempers are fraying because Robbie is non-committal at the moment,” a source told The Sun. “He’s made no secret that he doesn’t want to tour this time round but his management firm, IE Management, are keen to get him out after such a successful comeback. He is beginning to come round to the idea but is still unsure. People are becoming restless.”

Robbie Wins Best International Pop Artist Echo Award

March 7, 2010 – Robbie Williams rocked Echo awards in Berlin, telling the German audience “Ich bin ein Berliner” picking up the best international pop artist, while Rihanna danced with randy robots. Watch a report from from ITN at

Robbie Williams ‘Morning Sun’ Video

Robbie Williams 'Morning Sun' single cover

Robbie Williams is out with the video to his new charity single ‘Morning Sun’, official Sport Relief single. The song is the opening track off the British pop singer’s eighth solo studio album ‘Reality Killed the Video Star’, out now on Virgin Records. Watch Robbie rocket out of space on an intergalactic voyage through the stars in the Vaughan Arnell directed video below.

Helping Haiti ‘Everybody Hurts’ Video

February 8, 2010 – A documentary video of the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti and the making of the Helping Haiti single ‘Everybody Hurts’ has been posted online. Contributing on the charity release produced by Simon Cowell are Leona Lewis, Rod Stewart, Mika, James Blunt, Jon Bon Jovi, Mariah Carey, Cheryl Cole of Girls Aloud, Alexandra Burke, Miley Cyrus, James Morrison, Kylie Minogue, Westlife, Robbie Williams, Take That, Susan Boyle, Michael Buble, Joe McElderry, and JLS. Watch it via YouTube below.

Robbie Thanks Fans After NRJ Music Awards Wins

January 26, 2010 – Robbie Williams prepared to depart with fiance Ayda Field at Nice airport on January 23rd after attending Saturday’s 2010 NRJ Music Awards in Cannes. Check out pictures from

The former Take That singer thanked fans on his official web site after winning both the International Male Artist Of The Year and the NRJ Award of Honor, writing:

Sat in bed jet lagged can’t sleep.. it’s 4 in the morning
just got back to LA after our 3 day trip to Cannes…..

I’ve just been reading the community forum..

I wasn’t aware that you lot voted for those awards….


it was a big surprise, especially with the company I was in…
Buble, mika etc……..

once again thank you for taking the time…..

big kisses

Olly Feels Snubbed By Robbie

January 5, 2010 – Though Robbie Williams performed with Olly Murs on ‘The X Factor’ and promised to take the singer under his wings, Olly tells The Sun that the former Take That star hasn’t returned his messages. “I’m a bit disappointed Robbie hasn’t been in touch,” Olly admitted. “I texted him to say Happy New Year and congratulations on getting engaged but heard nothing back.”

Robbie Williams Proposes To Ayda Field

Robbie Williams has proposed to girlfriend Ayda Field, popping the question just days before the New Year. Ayda, 30, had the ring on display while watching the former Take That singer play in the annual celebrity England versus Scotland game in Los Angeles. “Robbie has obviously spent a fortune on the ring. It looks amazing,” a fan attending the game told The Sun. “Ayda had a smile on her face all afternoon, as did Robbie – especially since England won the game 4-1.” Read more and check out pictures at

Robbie Williams Broke Up With Ayda Field 3 Times

Robbie Williams has revealed he’s dumped girlfriend Ayda Field three times due to his fears of settling down. “We broke up about three times in the first year because of me not trusting and not knowing that I really needed this and really wanted it,” The Mirror quotes the British pop star saying. “I will bolt at any sign of anything. And if there wasn’t one I’d make one up. With Ayda I kept looking for one. But she just kept on being this wonderful person.” Read more.

Robbie Joining ‘X Factor’ Judging Panel?

December 18, 2009 – Robbie Williams gave two thumbs up as he left GMTV on Thursday (December 17) in London, England. Check out pictures from

The pop singer hinted he wanted to be on ‘The X Factor’ panel next year. “I’d like to confirm that’s a goer,” the 35-year-old said on the morning show before quickly backtracking. “No, I’m all right for the time being.”