S Club 8 Not Too Young For Pop Careers

The kids from S Club 8 chatted with fans on CBBC Newsround and were asked how they reacted to people saying they are too young to be pop stars. “When people say that, I don’t really think that they understand what it’s like,” responded group member Aaron Renfree. “We have two chaperones with us and two tutors and we can only work a certain number of hours in the week so we don’t get tired. I think if we weren’t in a pop band, we’d still be trying to do something similar, like in the theatre or something. We got the opportunity now and we had to take it because it’s our dream.” Read more.

Lawyers Shut Down Spoof S Club Website

The Mirror reports lawyers acting for pop stars S Club 8 are trying desperately to shut down a spoof website which claims to have been written by band member Calvin Goldspink. And apparently they were successful, as sclub8.com is currently dead. The site had a letter from “Calvin” which contains a hilarious plea for funds for singer Bradley McIntosh following the break-up of the band last week. It ends with the message: “Please give generously to this once-famous star. Remember Bradley is for a lifetime, not just for S Club.”

S Club Is Dead… Long Live S Club 8

Tina Barrett from S Club tells Radio 1 despite their impending breakup, the name will live on in the form of S Club Juniors – now known as S Club 8. “We said to the fans that it is a positive thing because we’ve learnt so much from the band, we’ve had such an amazing time,” she said. “It’s just a natural progress for us to do our own individual things now and leave you with S Club 8. They’re carrying on the name, so S Club hasn’t finished.”