Samantha Jade ‘Secret’ Video

Samantha Jade 'Secret' single cover

Australian pop singer Samantha Jade is out with the music video to her new single ‘Secret’, out now on Affinity West Records. Watch it below.

Samantha Jade Visits Sydney’s Nova 96.9

Samantha Jade strikes a sexy pose

Samantha Jade visited Nova 96.9 in Sydney earlier this month, talking about songwriting for other artists, including a JoJo track in ‘Shark Tale’ and “a few other things for Ashley Tisdsale.” Samantha said there’s songs on her album where she felt she would never give it to another artist. She admitted to being secretly nervous working with Timbaland before the DJ’s played her new single ‘Secret’.

“We had a few people that wanted to cut it, but I was like ‘No! No!’,” Samantha said about ‘Secret’. “I’ve got to have that song. When I worked with Timbaland I worked with Ryan Tedder, and he worked on the song with me and he did a little bit on my song too. He was nice. I was obviously really nervous going into the studio and he was sitting there. It was so exciting because I always wanted to work him and I’ve always loved his music, so it was very exciting.”

Listen via MySpace below.

Samantha Jade Discusses Britney Spears Comparisons

Singer Samantha Jade shows her armpits

TV Guide Network’s ‘Hollywood 411′ caught up with Samantha Jade in the recording studio, where she commented on being dubbed Jive Records’ “new Britney Spears”.

Samantha said, “That’s a big platform to be put on. It’s an honor, and I’m a fan of Britney’s.” She added that she hadn’t met her labelmate yet.

As for her press coverage, Samantha said, “They’ve been real nice, saying she’s a real singer, and that’s something I really like because I try and make that my edge.”

On avoiding the temptations of Hollywood, she said, “I’m a bit more of a family girl anyway. I think there’s a time and a place to party. I think you should have fun of course. I really want to work very hard to get all this out there. Have fun when you’re supposed to, but do your job, definitely.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

How Jive Got Britney To Show Up To ‘Piece Of Me’ Shoot

Britney Spears 'Piece of Me' single cover

The New York Post hears that the only threat by Britney Spears’ label Jive to get the troubled pop tart to show up to her ‘Piece Of Me’ video shoot at Social Hollywood was the threat that the $500,000 shoot would be handed over to a younger artist on the label, Samantha Jade. “Jive hired Wayne Isham to direct, had all the dancers there – hair, makeup and everything,” our source added. “But she refused to come. Jive was really upset. They were already paying everyone overtime, and finally Britney showed up 12 hours late – but only after they told her they were going to give the video shoot to another Jive artist, Samantha Jade.” Read more.

Samantha Jade ‘Turn Around’ Video

Samantha Jade 'Turn Around' single cover

Samantha Jade is out with the music video to her new single ‘Turn Around’, from the Australian pop singer’s upcoming Jive Records debut released later this year. Watch it below.

Samantha Jade A Pop Gem In Waiting

Samantha Jade singer in a blue dress

The Herald Sun reports 16-year-old Samantha Jade will make her Australian debut Wednesday night at the launch of the Russell Crowe-organized benefit for the Australian Music Foundation in Sydney. Affinity West Records of Los Angeles has invested $1 million in the Aussie singer, and label CEO John Harris hyped the young phenom discovered in a suburb of Perth being compared to Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston.

“She is the best raw talent that we have found,” Harris said. “She just happened to be from a place we had never heard of. We wouldn’t have put all this effort into her unless with thought she could be a star.”

Jade’s debut single is planned for next month, followed by live performances and the worldwide release of her album early next year.