Gwyneth Paltrow Doesn’t Respect Jennifer Lopez

MSNBC’s Jeannette Walls reports sources who know Gwyneth Paltrow say she’s appalled that her ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are dating. “Gwyn is a woman of great taste and class, and she just doesn’t respect Jennifer,” says one source. “She’s sort of appalled. Don’t forget that this is a woman who said she would immediately dump a man if he wore the wrong shoes.” Part of the bad blood stems from J.Lo’s comments to Movieline magazine that blasted Paltrow’s acting ability, saying, “I don’t remember anything she [Paltrow] was in. Some people get hot by association. I heard more about her and Brad Pitt than I ever heard about her work.”

Cris Judd’s Role Scaled Back In Samantha Mumba Video

August 6, 2002 – The Mirror reports Samantha Mumba has chose Cris Judd to star in her new video ‘I’m Right Here.’ The storyline has him playing Mumba’s love interest, but now that he’s divorced from Jennifer Lopez, the role has been scaled back. “A lot of his performance has ended up on the cutting room floor,” said a source. “Obviously as one of his first jobs since breaking-up from J-Lo there’s going to be a lot of interest but they don’t want his appearance to overshadow Samantha.”

Listen To Samantha Mumba’s ‘I’m Right Here’

The new single by Samantha Mumba has been leaked to the internet. ‘I’m right here’ has much more of a reggae/R&B feel than some of Samantha’s prior pop hits, which given the direction of popular music today shouldn’t be a surprise.

Mumba Presents Award At EMMA’s

Samantha Mumba presented Diane Parish with her best TV Actress Award at the annual Ethnic Multicultural Media Awards (EMMA’s) 2002 held at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London on Thursday.

Samantha Mumba Says 2nd Album Release In US Is Going To Be Scary

Samantha Mumba and little brother Omero chatted with Capital FM in London, where Sam revealed details of her upcoming record plans. Mumba said, “I’ve just finished my second album, so I’m going to be releasing that in America. I think it’s going to radio there in a couple of weeks, which is very scary. And then I’m going to be bringing it back over here so it will probably be out over here at the end of August. I’ll be back soon enough doing the promotion and the radio shows. I’m looking forward to getting back into the music. It seems like ages.”

Mumba Delighted For Dublin Release Of ‘Time Machine’

Samantha Mumba spoke with at the Dublin premiere of ‘Time Machine’ on Thursday, which also includes a role for her brother Omero. Samantha, Omero, and Mumba’s manager Louis Walsh attended the premiere. Mumba said, “I’m just delighted that the film has finally opened in Dublin as it has already opened all over the rest of Europe. All my family are here and it’s going to be a great night. I am also planning to work on a few more movies but I have not signed on for anything yet – I hope to have some news soon. I have nearly finished my new album which is due out in September.” Check out pictures and more comments here.

Top Samantha Mumba Search Queries

Searches for Samantha Mumba were relatively light in February though with the release of ‘The Time Machine’ and its success, those numbers should pick up in March. The term ‘Samantha Mumba’ was searched for 8,987 times, while ‘Gotta Tell You’ was the Irish singer’s most popular tune with 259 searches. Only 348 queries were for Samantha Mumba nude, a encouraging radio compared to some other pop cuties. The most frequent misspelling was Samatha Mumba with 336 searches.

Samantha Mumba Clears Up Tabloid Rumors

Showbiz Ireland spoke with Samantha Mumba about tabloid reports concerning her search for new homes in either LA, London or Dublin, depending on which report you read, her love life, and even her political backings. On the latter subject, Mumba said, “My love life is going great, still the same and still with the same guy Mark. I’m enjoying the break now at home with him.”

Samantha Mumba Fights To Close Ireland Nuclear Plant

Showbiz Ireland spoke with Samantha Mumba who visited her old school along with Bono’s wife Ali Hewson. The two were their to launch the Shut Sellafield Campaign for Schools, a drive to close down the Sellafield’s Nuclear plant. Mumba said of the fight, “The sooner you can get this place shut down the better and if these kids can get their parents to tell the UK government this great.” Mumba is currently finishing off a new album. Read the interview transcript and check out photos of Mumba and the U2 wife here.

Samantha Mumba Looking To Settle In Los Angeles

The Sun reports Samantha Mumba is house hunting in Los Angeles, hoping to land additional film roles after her huge success with ‘The Time Machine’. A pal said, “She sees movies as her future and LA is the only place to be.” Sam told friends that she will make frequent visits to Dublin to see her mother.

Samantha Mumba Readies Spring Album Release

Valerie Nome of Katrillion spoke with Samantha Mumba about her upcoming sophomore album which is set for spring release. Mumba said, “I’m excited for everybody to hear it. It’s still kinda poppy but it’s edgier. I was only 15 when I did my first album, so (this is) more where I’m at now. There are some really, really hot tracks on it. The whole album I think is going to surprise a lot of people.”