Sandi Thom ‘Totally Distraught’ Over Missing Cat Toots

Sandi Thom updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@sandithom), upset about her missing cats. The Scottish singer-songwriter tells readers:

Guys I’m totally distraught with worry. My cat Toots has gone missing now since Thursday. I’m totally sick with worry. She’s a street wise cat but she’s only little. I’ve just rushed home to my house in Scotland where she lives from my flat in Brighton to mount a search. My mum, brother and neighbors are helping me to look for her. Please everyone pray that I find her, she means the world to me s xxxx

Sandi Thom Fills Sean Connery’s Christmas Stocking

Sandi Thom updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@sandithom) on Wednesday (January 7), previewing her upcoming tour and learning that her CD was given to actor and fellow Scot Sean Connery for Christmas. The singer songwriter tells readers:

So the tour is coming along rather nicely… Really looking forward to it… In fact I’m absolutely ecstatic about it!!

I’m totally flippin dying to let the cat out of the bag about my special guests!!! Argh! But I can’t its got to be a secret… how annoying!!! But I can tell you that my guests are incredibly talented stars of Scotland who were all very familiar with! That’s all I’m saying…. you’ll have to just come to the gigs to discover who the guests are!! I’m especially excited about the Glasgow and Dundee gigs… Got some killer guests for these two shows!!!

I have to say I read the papers this morning about the first minister giving Sir Sean Connery my CD for Xmas!! That’s so cool. I take great pleasure in filling Sir Sean’s stocking!!!! Ha ha!!!

Sandi Thom Can’t Wait To Release Next Album

Sandi Thom checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sandithom) on Tuesday (December 23), commenting on her participation in Hogmanay, SXSW, label issues, the economy and wishing fans Merry Christmas. The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

So not too long til SXSW (for those who dont know its a festival in Texas) really looking forward to it as everyone from Amy Winehouse to KT have been there and its had a really big effect on their career in the US. After SXSW were gonna be heading North to Chicago taking in a few gigs on the way and then East to New York… my favorite place in the world!

It’s going to be such an exciting few months what with the UK tour and then off to the States again. Although as soon as I get back I’m gettin stuck into my next album, oh my friends I can’t wait to get this one on the shelf… it’s so important to me… I’m not going to let my label hijack this one like they did the last… I was under so much pressure to make my second album I felt suffocated and I fear this may have resulted in it not being as successful as the first… but I won’t let that happen again… I refuse to let anyone pressurize me to finish it.

Sandi Thom Chuffed By Alexandra Burke’s ‘X Factor’ Win

Sandi Thom updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@sandithom) on Tuesday (December 16), sharing her thoughts on Alexandra Burke winning the fifth season of ‘The X Factor’ over the weekend. The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

So who watched the X Factor!?! You know I did. Wow!!! What a nail biter! I’m so chuffed that Alexandra won! She’s such a great British talent and omg I was so overwhelmed by her performance with Beyonce! I had the Kleenex out I tell ya! Beyonce’s such an amazing woman and I can only imagine how Alex felt to be standing next to her on stage! I had a lump in my throat for her!
Yip she deserved to win that hands down!!

Sandi Thom Says Third Album Will Be Her Best

Sandi Thom tells Glasgow’s The Daily Record her third album will be the release that will help her crack America. “My next album will be my best,” the 27-year-old singer songwriter insisted. “I feel like my second album was too rushed. I felt under quite a lot of pressure when I was making it. I was out on the road and my label was really hassling me to get it finished. I admit I was disappointed with it and now, when I look back, it was released too soon. There were some things that were overlooked. It wasn’t thought out properly. So, with my next album, I’m going to put my foot down and spend as long as it takes to make it.” Read more.

Sandi Thom Cheers Barack Obama Victory

Sandi Thom checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sandithom) on Tuesday (November 4), reacting to news that Barack Obama was elected the 44th U.S. President last night. The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

Hay peeps. I just want to say how delighted I am that Obama has become the 44th president of the United States!

I sat up last night til 4.30am and witnessed possibly one of the most historical moments of my lifetime. I hope and pray his actions speak as loud as his words.
The world needs change and Obama is only the beginning. Well done America!!!

Here’s to freedom, justice and the American way!!! Obama style!

Woohoo xxx

Sandi Thom Gets A New Haircut

Sandi Thom updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@sandithom) on Thursday (October 30). The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

OMG… Listen guys, I got my hair cut yesterday!! It is quite different!! I got a maddive fringe for the first time in my life and I love it!!!

I got my hair cut at this place called Tommy Guns in London and it was great. I have also started training and running again in an aid to lose a stone because I am going over to the states next year I want to shap up… I am so chuffed that I was able to get into the dress I wore at the Scottish Style Awards the other night cos that was my goal for a while!!!

Sandi Thom Excited About SXSW Prospects

Sandi Thom updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@sandithom) on Sunday (October 5). The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

So, let me tell you what I have been up to the past few weeks… I have just finished applying for SXSW in Texas next year so I am really excited about the prospect of playing there!! I’ve also just applied for Canadian Music Week which is directly before SXSW so hopefully planning on being out in North America for a couple of months.

I am hoping to be able to announce soon that the boys and I will also be playing at Scotland week in New York next year so it should be a great old time next year in the states!!!

Don’t worry though, I am not neglecting home… dates will shortly be announced for a new tour starting in Edinburgh at the end of January !!

Sandi Thom Makes Friends With Jimmy Choo

Sandi Thom updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@sandithom) on Sunday (September 21). The Scottish singer songwriter tells readers:

So, so… I have been crazy busy with lots of things and I am gearing up for a trip abroad in the next few weeks but its top secret so I cannot tell you what it is until I get back!!!

I also found time to get to some London Fashion Week shows though which has been really cool!! Don’t know if I told you guys but I made friends with Jimmy Choo and he sent me these amazing shoes which I wore to the British Fashion Council Party the other night, most comfiest heels I have ever worn!!! I was wearing this awesome ballgown by Aimee McWilliams whose a great new Scottish designer, it was absolutely beautiful… the trouble is though, it was too long!!! Blatantly had been made for someone who was 7ft tall so my 5ft2 little self was drowned in it… Everyone commented on it saying how gorgeous it was but now I know how brides feel when they have to go pee in their wedding dresses!!! Ha Ha!!

Sandi Thom Checks In After Mini-Tour

Sandi Thom checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sandithom) on Thursday (September 4) with the following message:

Hay you guys!!? How do one and all?? So I’ve just returned from a bit of a mini tour which was awesome… played a round of gigs… one on the east coast supporting the Sugababes, one with McFly and Alphabeat in Manchester, then on to Blackpool for the Radio 2 Illuminations with Scouting For Girls and Boyzone then up to Bonny Scotland for a fezzy with the Brand New Heavies!! So quite a cool little mini tour we had!! The Blackpool gig was ace though probably my fave… I met so many random peeps including Lawrence Llewyn Bowen, the Stig!!, Ronan Keating and Jeremy Clarkson!!