Sandi Thom Tells Lily Allen: Get Your Sh** Together

Sandi Thom checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sandithom) on Friday (August 29), talking about upcoming gigs, a report in The Daily Record that she wanted a baby, and the singer took a shot at rival UK singer songwriter Lily Allen. Thom writes:

I cant believe Lily Allen hit that girl in the street though, what the hell is that girl all about. I always expected her next album to be out the same time as me as both our first albums came out at the same time. But not a peep. I cant believe she is slagging off Katy Perry as well, I am on Katy’s side, I think she is great!! Lily must be too busy starting fights and slagging people off to write some new songs!!! Come on lil get your SHT together!!

Sandi Thom Rants About Parking Pests

Sandi Thom checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sandithom) on Thursday (August 7), reminding them of ‘Saturday Night’, the second release off her sophomore album, is out in the UK on August 25th, and vented about parking enforcement. “Yesterday I went to get my parking permit for our London flat from this parking shop up the road and I swear to God I was in that shop less than two minutes and when I came outside my car was being clamped and lifted on to the back of a lorry,” Thom writes. “I mean, for God sake how ridiculous is that! I then pleaded with the removal man who showed me no mercy then the traffic cops turned up and saved the day!! They said to this dude that he was being totally out of order and to release the care at once!!! Hurray!!! What a bloody drama… I tell you what I want a word with Gordon Brown cos the roads in London are governed so heavily cos the government makes heaps of money out of praying on the public and giving them tickets after being a second late! And, look at the state of the roads!!! I think everybody in the country should refuse to pay road tax until they loosen the reigns slightly!!”

Merry Christmas From Sandi Thom, New Album’s Done

Sandi Thom checked in with her MySpace friends (@sandithom) on Monday (December 24) with the following bulletin:

Hello helloo schmoo’s… It’s been a long time huh!!! Well let me tell you even though you ain’t heard from me, I’ve been a busy little bee… The album’s done and dusted, 12 glorious tracks coming your way next year!!

Got the first tour of then year coming up in February… Let me tell you your all gonna get a shock when you see the shales I’m pulling on this gig!! I’m not giving anything away but I’ll just tell you that it involves me playing 4 instruments at once and singing!!.. I’ve been practicing a lot recently!!! he he…

Hope your all enjoying the advent calendar, I shot some hilarious footage the other day with the boys so I’m pretty excited to see it!!

Heading home for Xmas soon, and playing in Aberdeen at the new year which is gonna be great cos me and all my mates are heading up in the tour bus and were gonna have a bit of a party on the way!!

It’s gonna be ace, I hope everyone’s done their Xmas shopping!!

I know I have…. (yeh right!)



Sandi Thom Finishes New Album, Vacations In Crete

A bulletin from Sandi Thom’s MySpace on Friday (July 20) reads as follows:

With the new album finished Sandi is taking a well-earned break at a health spa in Crete, going to bed early, living well and preparing for the next few hectic weeks.

She’s just finished a photoshoot and next up is the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan – which Sandi and the band are really looking forward to.

In other news, Sandi is thinking about getting a new car, probably another Ford Focus. However she can’t bear to part with the one she has so may just keep it at her mum’s and rest it…

Sandi Thom Maintains Modest Living Arrangement

Sandi Thom tells The Sunday Mirror despite having a #1 hit with her debut album ‘Smile…It Confuses People’, the singer still hasn’t moved out of her modest flat. “I’m still in Tooting,” Thom explained. “It’s only £300 [$600] a month. But I may buy it when I finish the new album later this year.”

Sandi Thom Talks With Perth’s 92.9 FM

Em, Wippa & Ollie of 92.9 FM in Perth talked with Sandi Thom on Thursday (November 30). She talked about launching thanks to the webcast concerts, the story behind ‘I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker’, kissing someone famous, if she’d be like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton with the commando upskirt routine, and her experience with David Hasselhoff. has since removed the audio.

Sandi Thom Visits Radio Alice

Sandi Thom stopped by the Alice Acoustic Lounge in San Francisco to perform her hit ‘I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair)’ and chat with Webster. Listen to the performance and check out pictures at

Webcast Success Story Sandi Thom Stands Her Ground

Billboard spoke with Sandi Thom as she takes her act to America, again quizing the singer about the controversy surrounding her internet rags to riches story. “The media hyped it, because it’s a brilliant story. I think it would be unnatural for them not to find something wrong with it, once a new artist is having success,” she explained. “I have nothing to hide. Yes, I was signed to an indie label and had a publishing deal when I started doing the webcasts. Anybody who saw my webcasts could click on my bio, which was right next to the video. It was all there, right in front of you.”

Sandi Thom: Endorsements Aren’t My Game

Sandi Thom tells Neil Sean of Sky News she’s turned down offers to do advertisements for products from haircare to skincare. “It’s all very flattering,” she said, “but my aim is to make great music, not become a model or spokesperson, unless I was actually using the products.”