Singer’s Strep Throat Forces Ultraviolet Sound To Nix January Tour

Ultraviolet Sound singer Sarah Hudson checked in with her MySpace friends (@sarahhudson) on Saturday (January 10), explaining why they had to cancel their January tour dates with Kill Paradise and Artist Vs. Poet. Hudson writes:

I have awful news…

We had to pull out of this recent tour… I have strep throat and cannot even TALK!!! I am so sorry to the fans that planned on coming out… We will be back soon, I promise!!! And we will make it up to you all, I PROMISE!!!

We are really bummed about this. BUT really hope you to still go and party with Kill Paradise and Artist Vs. Poet!!!

I luvs u and thanks for all your get well messages!!

<3 sarah UVS

Sarah Hudson: ‘I’m The Anti-Ashlee Simpson!’

Sarah Hudson tells The New York Daily News she’s intent on outshining the much-maligned Ashlee Simpson. “I’m the anti-Ashlee Simpson!” the 23-year-old told Lloyd Grove at Tuesday night’s party for Kevin Johnn’s clothing line. “I’ll out-sing and outperform her ass right out of the water. I’m gonna start a revolution!”

Music Choice Studio Sessions Featuring Sarah Hudson

Music Choice Studio Sessions features a performance and interview with newcomer Sarah Hudson, who performed ‘Strange’, ‘Naked Truth’, and ‘Girl on the Verge’, and also talked about writing her debut album — and how it features Steven Tyler, and her desire to be “massive” at

Sarah Hudson’s Bold Ambitions

Star magazine spoke with Kate Hudson’s cousin Sarah Hudson, who is set to release her debut album ‘Naked Truth’ on September 7th. Asked about her long-term ambitions, Hudson responded, “I want to make records. I want to be in movies. I want to have a restaurant, to have my own clothing line. I want to have everything, but mostly, I want to just keep making music ’til I die – no matter if it’s hugely successful or not.”

Sarah Hudson Does Stuff Magazine Photoshoot

Pop newcomer Sarah Hudson wrote in her official website on Wednesday (June 3): “So I did a photo shoot yesterday for Stuff Magazine. It was pretty classic. I was a ‘naughty school girl’. I wore a little, and I mean LITTLE plaid skirt and a bra with suspenders and they put in these crazy fake boobs… I had huge boobs for the first time in my life! But sssshhhhh… don’t tell anyone that they’re not mine. I am in Miami now doing some radio stuff and promotion stuff and trying to relax. Lots of things are going on right now. I’m trying to get my career going, dealing with difficult relationships, and traveling a lot, trying to find myself. Things that we all go through probably every single day, but it doesn’t mean that it’s easy! I heard one of my all time favorite songs today… ‘One’ by U2 and the line that just stuck out in my head was ‘…we’ve got to carry each other, carry each other, one love…’ and it’s so fu**ing true.”