Juno Awards Of 2011 Red Carpet

Toronto’s KiSS 92.5 was on the red carpet at the Juno Awards of 2011 on Sunday (March 27), talking with Elise Estrada, Karl Wolf and Shawn Desman. Elise talked about wanting to meet Shania Twain and see Drake, while Karl talked about a new reality show and album coming out. Watch it via YouTube below.

Shawn Desman Returns With ‘Shiver’

Shawn Desman mohawk

Shawn Desman updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@shawndesman) on Saturday (February 20), discussing the release of his new single ‘Shiver’. The Canadian artist tells readers:

It’s been way too long, I’ve missed all of you, thanks so much for all the love and support.

I’ve got great news – I’m back in a big way!

Check out the clip of my new single ‘Shiver’ and let me know what you think – I’m really excited about it and it’s only a taste of things to come. As of Feb. 23 you can buy ‘Shiver’ on iTunes. And next week start calling up your fave local radio stations and request it!

Shawn Desman About Halfway Done With New Album

Shawn Desman

Shawn Desman checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@shawndesman) on Saturday (November 8). The Canadian pop singer tells readers:

Hey y’all!!!

How’s it going? Hope this blog finds everyone in good spirits and health:-)

So, where do I start…
Basically, I’ve been working like an animal on this new record and I’m about half way done:-) yay…
I think a finally found a sound that I’m happy with and I think y’all are gonna dig. It’ll be a breath of fresh air, I promise you!
We are planning on releasing a single in January so look out for that!
And as you can see I’m changing the image up a bit, it’s a new day, I’m older… You’re older… We’re all just getting old;-) hahahaha..
But seriously, I’m a new person and I can’t wait to share the new Shawn Desman with the world! Oh, but I’m still the nicest, most humble guy you will ever meet :-)

See ya soon everyone!!!!


Shawn Desman ‘Let’s Go’ Video

Shawn Desman 'Let's Go'

Shawn Desman is out with the music video to his new single ‘Let’s Go’, off the Canadian pop singer’s second studio album ‘Back For More’. Watch it via Yahoo! Music below.

Shawn Desman Could Be Judge On Canadian Idol

Shawn Desman

Contributed anonymously:

With ‘Canadian Idol’ auditions scheduled for May, there is still the question over who will be the judges. One rumor is Canadian singing sensation Shawn Desman. You can watch an interview he did with andPOP to hear his response to the question here.