Sheryl Crow To Take Wyatt And Levi With Her On Tour

Sheryl Crow laughs with her band

Sheryl Crow will have small company when she goes on a 41-date tour that sees the singer songwriter performing across North America, the U.K. and Europe. The 48-year-old will be joined by her 3-year-old son Wyatt and 11-week-old Levi. Wyatt will get his own bed on the tour bus, while Levi gets a bassinet and a crib. Crow tells USA Today she tried out the arrangement while being part of the Lilith Fair tour for five dates, “and it worked out fine.”

“When they’re little, they’re not tethered to one place,” Crow said of her adopted boys, who will be joined by a nanny and various friends and family. “Until they’re in a structured school situation, it’s easy to travel. The bus is completely tricked out for kids. I go to work at 9 at night, so I put them down and go to work. During the day, we visit zoos and museums and parks, and they’re surrounded by an extremely loving family.” Read more.

Breakup & Breast Cancer Inspired Sheryl Crow To Adopt

Sheryl Crow

In the August 2010 issue of Redbook magazine, Sheryl Crow opens up about her romantic struggles, her new album ‘100 Miles from Memphis’, and her adopted sons Wyatt and Levi. The 48-year-old said her breakup with Lance Armstrong, coupled with her breast cancer treatment spurred the singer songwriter to look towards adoption. “After that, I felt an acute sense of urgency about how I wanted my life to feel. Since I wasn’t married, my idea of what the picture was supposed to look like no longer served any great purpose,” Crow explained. Check out photos from the issue at

Sheryl Crow ‘Summer Day’ Video

Sheryl Crow is out with the music video for her new single ‘Summer Day’, off the American singer songwriter’s seventh studio album ‘100 Miles From Memphis’, which is due for release July 20th on A&M Records. The video was shot in Nashville with acclaimed director Wayne Isham. Watch it via YouTube below.

Sheryl Crow ‘Summer Day’ Recording Session Video

Enjoy a ‘Summer Day’ with Sheryl Crow in a new video just posted to the singer songwriter’s website. In addition to a taste of the upcoming music video for the single, fans will also be treated to footage from Sheryl’s ‘Summer Day’ recording sessions. Watch the clip below and stay tuned for the official video in the next few weeks. Crow is set to release her new album ‘100 Miles From Memphis’ on July 20th, and it’s available for pre-order now on iTunes.

Sheryl Crow: Tea Party Members Haven’t Educated Themselves

Sheryl Crow

In an interview with Katie Couric for Glamour magazine’s June issue, Sheryl Crow complains that Americans have become too blasé about politics. In response, Couric suggested the Tea Party as an example of modern day activism. “I appreciate the fact that those people are out there and that they are fired up.”

“My main concern is that it’s really fear-based,” the singer songwriter explained. “What’s coming out of the Tea Party most often, especially if you go onto YouTube, and you see some of the interviews with these people who really don’t even know what the issues are, they’re just swept up in the fear of it and the anger of it. They’re not sure what they’re angry at; they don’t understand what’s happening on Wall Street. They haven’t educated themselves, but they’re just pissed off. And I understand that, I’m pissed off too. But knowledge is power, and anything less than that when it comes to anger can be dangerous.”

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Sheryl Crow Debuts New Single ‘Summer Day’, New Album Out July 20th

Sheryl Crow '100 Miles From Memphis'

Sheryl Crow is set to release her new album ‘100 Miles From Memphis’ on July 20th via A&M Records. Crow will hit the road with a string of June dates followed by a headlining slot on the first five Lillith Fair dates. After the release of ‘100 Miles From Memphis’, Crow will debut a new live band to take her new sound on the road. A complete list of tour dates can be found below the cut.

“I feel artistically revitalized and the music feels fresh and at the same time very familiar to what I do,” Crow said in a letter to her fans posted on her website this week. “Many of my past songs such as ‘Run Baby Run’, ‘My Favorite Mistake’, ‘Now That You’re Gone’ and others are already steeped in this style.”

Today, Crow is revealing ‘Summer Day’, the lead single from the new album, via her official website and Facebook page. Head over to for the exclusive premiere. (more…)

Sheryl Crow And Josh Hopkins Kiss On The Set Of ‘Cougartown’

Sheryl Crow shared a passionate kiss with Josh Hopkins on the set of ‘Cougartown’ in Los Angeles on Thursday (February 11). The 47-year-old singer recently accepted a recurring role on the ABC comedy, which stars her good friend Courteney Cox Arquette. Check out pictures from Zimbio.

Wyatt Not A Fan Of Sheryl Crow’s Music Career

Sheryl Crow was on hand for Clive Davis’ 2010 Pre-Grammy Party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on Saturday (January 30). Check out a picture at

The 47-year-old says her adopted son Wyatt hasn’t yet become a fan of mom’s profession. “When I sit down to play the guitar or the piano he’s like, ‘No mummy! No! no!’ He doesn’t like it at all and I think it’s because it’s work for him so he’s not having it,” Crow explained, according to “I think he’s a little young still (to know what I do)… but he doesn’t like it.”

Sheryl Crow’s Assistant Roughs Up TMZ Paparazzo

TMZ is giving Sheryl Crow a tough time for performing at Northern Trust’s festivities during the PGA Tour stop that the bank who had accepted government bailout money had sponsored. When they attempted to ambush Crow at Los Angeles International Airport, her assistant wasn’t having any of it. Watch it via MySpace below.

Sheryl Crow At Global Green USA’s Pre-Oscar Party

‘Entertaiment Tonight’ was on hand as Global Green USA hosted their 6th Annual Pre-Oscar party to raise funds and awareness for creating green schools and jobs, talking on the red carpet to Sheryl Crow about the charity. “It’s fun to be able to go out and do stuff that really means something to your heart,” Crow said. “It’s great to be here in LA, haven’t been here in awhile.” The highlights at have since been removed.