Lots Of Songwriting For Shiloh

Shiloh updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@shilohofficial) on Monday (March 29), discussing the OrangeNYC fashion show, songwriting, the “Bounce Birthday Bash and more. The Canadian pop singer writes:

I have been writing a lot lately – got a good few songs. Some from writing in Toronto and others from a writing trip to Vancouver…..

Now I’m back home…..

Butt, omg, the show in Edmonton for the ‘Bounce Birthday Bash’ went absolutely amazing…..

Thank you to everyone who came out. It went really well, but unfortunately, I got sick with the flu the day after. That teaches me for sticking a lollypop in all of my band members’ mouths, plus some people back stage, then my own, HAHA…..

Shiloh’s Hearing Scare


Shiloh updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@shilohofficial) on Thursday (September 17) while in Vancouver, talking about a television appearance, performing at some 19+ gigs, and a hearing scare. The Canadian pop rock singer writes:

The weirdest thing happened last night my real ears like shut off!!! I went like def couldn’t even hear the loudest noise. I was seriously scared I thought I would never hear again, so I think I gotta get to the doctor to get this cold checked. I think if I could never hear music again I would just curl up and die lol!!!!

Shiloh Celebrates ‘Picture Imperfect’ Debuting At #9

Shiloh checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@shilohofficial) on Wednesday (August 26), discussing how sales of her debut album ‘Picture Imperfect’ did in week one. The Canadian pop singer writes:

Hai everyone ….
I got SUPER Good news D:
The album was the #9 album in Canada this week – the Highest Canadian debut album this year
WOOO!! It also kicked butt digitally as well.
Thank you very much to all for supporting the album, I appreciate it. This is all thanks to u guyz.
I can’t wait to see everyone in Hamilton, Ottawa, Montreal and everything! wooooo
Fun stuff!
Oh, and there is a cool FREE acoustic show I’m doing next week in Toronto (August 2).
I’ll give details soon.
Hmm I love you guys

Shiloh Misses Not Being On The Road


Shiloh updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@shilohofficial) on Wednesday (April 29), talking about plans to tour again at the end of the summer, getting some Radio Disney love for ‘Operator’, and heading to Nashville to recording a TV show theme song. The Canadian pop rock singer writes:

Anywho, I really miss the tour, it’s no fun not being on the road, lol, it’s like an addiction. I miss seeing you guys, it was amazing meeting the people that make it possible for me to do what I love the most. BUT there is another tour planned for the end of this summer!!!!!!!!!!!:o I have a bunch of shows over the next couple months – check for updates on the website. Also, thankies to everyone for voting for ‘Operator’ on my birthday ^_^ 94% percent of you voted “PICK IT” – best birthday present ever. Speaking of birthdays, everyone threw me a surprise birthday party on Saturday – I was like WHOA!!!!???!!!!

Shiloh: I’m A Mash Up Of Musical Styles

Shiloh has been asked many questions by fans, so she put together a FAQ in a blog posting at her MySpace (@shilohofficial) on Monday (March 16), including the top five most asked questions, five other commonly asked questions, and yet another five commonly asked questions. One of them was whether she considered herself emo, goth, punk, scene or what. The Canadian singer responded:

That’s a very good question, lol, now a dayz its kinda like well if u have PVC boots, then ur most likely labeled as goth, right? A certain shirt makes you punk and certain hair style automatically makes you ’emo’.

It’s just mostly ’cause people don’t know what else to call it, lol, but I’m 100% me, I guess u could say its a mash up of a bunch of different ‘styles’.

I prefer to confuse people with it, HAHAHA

Shiloh Can’t Wait To Hit The Road


Shiloh checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@shilohofficial) on Wednesday (January 28), talking about plans to perform a few shows soon and to release her ‘Goodbye, You Suck’ video, the second off her upcoming debut album on Universal Music. The Canadian pop rock singer tells readers:

Haii everyone, I know I haven’t posted a blog in a little while, sorry bout that. And yeah there’s a few concerts happening, there should be dates posted up on here soon. It’s exciting for me, ’cause I REALLY wanna get on the road right now. LOL XD. Can’t wait to meet all of you, and do a show every night. Looking at going across Canada right now!

Uhmm and ALSO, I know you guys are waiting for more video footage, songs, u know stuff like that. Well I have news – there’s a video coming out later this week for the song “Goodbye, You Suck”!! We had a bunch of fans come out and record a performance video with me. It was really fun, uhmm but yeah, I can’t wait for you guys to see it. I wish it would have lasted longer…. we had some strobe light stuffs in it too, it was rly cool.

So yeah, anywho, everyone.. keep it real. And I’ll talk to you guys later. Keep hittin’ me up on YouTube, MySpace and now my FaceBook as well.


Happy New Year From Shiloh

Shiloh checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@shilohofficial) on Friday (January 2), wishing everyone a belated Happy New Year. The Canadian pop rock singer tells readers:

Haii guyz, sorry I didn’t send a blog on New Year’s, I didn’t even think of it, but okies, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.
2008 is over and 2009 has begun.
The albums out in March/April, and I’m super super excited about it.
I hope you guyz dig it when it’s out.
Ima be touring this year as well, I don’t know exactly how it’s set up yet but I know it’s gonna happen, most likely around the album release (if not some shows before for sure).
I love you guys, thankies for the support. I had so much fun at the Citytv New Year’s bash, it was very very cold out tho, and now I have the sniffles lol.

But I’ll live.
Anyways keep sendin in ur videos for the contest to shilohyoutube@yahoo.com.
Ima get some shut eye.
Peace ….//

Ps. Goonight everyone
P.P.S. ‘Another Little Opportunity’ will be posted very shortly.

Merry Christmas From Shiloh

Shiloh checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@shilohofficial) on Thursday (December 25). The Canadian pop singer tells readers:

Haii everyone, merry Xmas (to those of u that celebrate it)
Hope everyone’s holidayz are going super awesome, I’m spending my Xmas with family this year, make a turkey and eat it, and maybe go skating, I want to know what all of you are doing today, what kinds of presents did you get, did you manage to see Santa?

“I hope the jolly fat man doesn’t break my window” that’s what was going through my mind last night.

Anywho, before I wrap this up I wanna remind you of the Citytv New Years Bash, I will be performing there…. At Nathan Phillips Square. If you’re around, come by. If not, working on some tour dates in other parts of Canada for February and see you then….

Anywho, I love you guys, have a very merry Xmas day.

Peace ….//
-love Shiloh

Shiloh Checks In From ‘Operator’ Radio Tour

Shiloh checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@shilohofficial) on Tuesday (December 9), discussing the promotion of her debut single ‘Operator (A Girl Like Me)’. The Canadian pop singer tells readers:

K, so I’m in the car, in freezing rain and snow, we can hardly see through the front window of the SUV… So yeah, it’s kinda freaky but i’ll live.

Been doing the radio tour, so far we’ve hit Barrie, Cambridge, Peterbrough, Belleville, Kingston, Ottawa, now we’re going to Montreal.

We’ve hit a lot of radio stations and its going well… I just found out that the video is 28 on the top 30 on Much Music… BOOYEAH!!! Thanx to all of you for supportin’ the video!!! I wanna know what you guys think of this whole radio tour thing?

Shiloh ‘Operator (A Girl Like Me)’ Video

Shiloh 'Operator (A Girl Like Me)' music video

Shiloh is out with the music video to her new single ‘Operator (A Girl Like Me)’, off the Canadian pop singer’s upcoming debut album, schedule for a February 2009 release on Universal Records. Watch it below.