Sinead Quinn Still In Shock Over Michael Jackson’s Death

Sinead Quinn checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Sunday (June 28), reacting to the death of Michael Jackson. The ‘Fame Academy’ season one runner-up writes:

I am still in shock that Michael Jackson is dead!!! Can’t believe it. The man was a true genius but to be fair my brother Ryan was a much bigger fan than I was. In fact god help Ryan when he gets married cos I’m sure my Daddy will be telling the story about when he got the ‘Bad’ cassette tape and was up in his room looking in the mirror at himself dancing, singing and clapping very out of time to Bad that my dad came in and caught him, poor Ryan still goes red when that story is brought up!

The entire post at MySpace has since been removed.

Sinead Quinn & Paul Stewart Marriage Photos Sold To UK For Charity

Sinead Quinn updated fans on her blog at MySpace on Wednesday (January 7), discussing the photos from her marriage with The Feeling drummer Paul Stewart last month in Ireland which appeared in the UK edition of OK!. The ‘Fame Academy’ alum tells readers:

Some of you may have seen this weeks OK magazine, hope you like the pics, we are really pleased. As you all know OK weren’t there on the Wedding day but we are delighted that, as a result of having a few of our personal favorite pictures in the magazine, the Childrens Hospice in Belfast really benefit from the donation. The Belfast Childrens Hospice have been amazing to my family over the years and Gerald loved going there, I’ve been there loads of times and met some real characters.

The entire message at MySpace has since been removed.

Sinead Quinn Talks About Getting Hitched With Paul Stewart

Sinead Quinn checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Monday (December 15), commenting on her marriage to The Feeling drummer Paul Stewart. The Irish singer and ‘Fame Academy’ alum tells readers:

Hi everyone,

Thank you all so much for the lovely messages you sent for myself and my new Husband!!! Still finding it a bit funny calling Paul my husband, but loving it.

We had the most AMAZING day, the weather was perfect, all crisp and sunny. The party went on till the wee hours, the whole day blew me away and was so much more fantastic and magical that I thought it could be.

Now, onto concentrating on new music for the new year, I can’t wait to crack into 2009, lots of work and exciting things ahead.

Have a very happy Christmas and an even better New Year…

Till then…

Mrs Stewart xxx

Mariah’s ‘X Factor’ Performance Brings Back Memories For Sinead Quinn

Sinead Quinn updated fans on her blog at MySpace on Monday (November 10). The ‘Fame Academy’ alum tells readers:

I’ve been watching ‘The X Factor’ and was disappointed Diana didn’t get to sing cos of throat problems, she is my favorite. But I know what its like to have the pressure of a live show every week and these people probably aren’t used to this level of A. pressure and B. intense singing, rehearsing etc. And it brought back memories seeing Mariah Carey on there, I’ll never forget her coming on ‘Fame Academy’, it was bloody amazing. She sounded like she struggled with throat problems at the end too on her tune… Live singing eh…

I have been writing great stuff with Pete and Deni (co writers of ‘Ready To Run’). I’m excited about it, but for now I’m gonna get married [to The Feeling drummer Paul Stewart] and get stuck into everything in the new year.

The entire blog post at MySpace has since been removed.

Sinead Quinn And The Feeling’s Paul Stewart Are Engaged

In a posting on her blog at Myspace, SinĂ©ad Quinn revealed that her boyfriend Paul Stewart, drummer with The Feeling, proposed to her last night. “Hello everyone,” the ‘Fame Academy’ alum writes. “I have got a bit of a hangover this morning… but it’s all for a good reason because Paul asked me to marry him last night and I said YES!! Ah, we’re so so so excited, the ring is absolutely gorgeous… I can’t stop smiling, it’s amazing.”

The entire post has since been removed by Quinn.

Mercury Set To Drop Sinead Quinn

The Sun reports Sinead Quinn’s label at Mercury Records have shelved plans for a third single, as many speculate she’s about to be dropped by the label following the awful performance of her debut album ‘Ready to Run’. “The record company are being coy about what’s happening to Sinead,” a source close to Quinn said. “She was due to release a single next month but it has mysteriously disappeared from the schedule. Nobody seems to know what’s going on – or maybe they are just not letting on. If she hasn’t been dropped already, it won’t be long before she is.”

Fame Academy Runner-Up Sinead Quinn Interviewed

As she prepares to release her debut single, Fame Academy runner-up Sinead Quinn talks to Capital FM in London about her music, her new-found fame – and explains her relationship with fellow student Malachi. The interview has since been removed.