Little Red Skye Sweetnam

Little Red Riding Hood - Skye Sweetnam

Skye Sweetnam recorded a Halloween themed YouTube video dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, talking about some material from the vault she’s releasing. “This song you’ve been listening to me hum called ‘Wolves and Witches’ is actually a song from the vault, from all the way back in 2006, that I’m releasing for the first time on my MySpace, so you better check it out, as well as some other songs like ‘MuSick’ and ‘Stay’ and ‘Boomerang’ and maybe a few more to come, if you’re lucky.”

‘The Girl With The Pinhead Parents’ Ft. Nelly Furtado, Lights, Skye Sweetnam

Several Canadian pop acts are contributing their voices to the anti-racism animation ‘The Girl With The Pinhead Parents’. Nelly Furtado plays Pinhead Girl (Pina), Lights plays Flourescent Glow Teacher (Miss Becqueral), and Skye Sweetnam plays Hockey-stick Hands Mom. Watch the Karen Bliss created cartoon via YouTube below.

Skye Sweetnam Pampered On ‘The Buzz On Maggie’ Set

Skye Sweetnam face

Skye Sweetnam went diva on the set of ‘The Buzz on Maggie’, which Skye sings the opening anthem ‘Just The Way I Am’ on the Disney Channel animated series. “You know what, I’m so pampered, look at this,” the Canadian pop singer said while flanked by the set crew. “All these people are here for me, for my video. For Maggie… When everything comes on the screen, we transform it for Maggie-land.” Watch the update via YouTube below.

Skye Sweetnam Summer Wakestock 2010 Update

Skye Sweetnam dark hair

Skye Sweetnam checked in from Summer Wakestock 2010, where she was enjoying the water before heading off to watch Alexisonfire and Public Enemy perform. The Canadian pop rock singer promised to do more updates. Watch it via YouTube below.

Stuff Skye Sweetnam Likes

Skye Sweetnam updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@skyesweetnam) on Friday (May 14), offering some stuff she likes. The Canadian pop singer writes:

Sergio Rossi Peep Toe Pumps! Birthday gift! (I know! Spoiled!)
Grape Lolli Stick it in your mouth to suppress your hunger or, when you really need to shut up!
Neon Yellow Nail Polish Bold colors on your nails… hot, especially since I’m digging so much black clothing, it brings a pop of color!

Skye Sweetnam Gets Into The Christmas Spirit

Skye Sweetnam checked in with her YouTube fans on Saturday (December 19), talking about how she’s into the Christmas spirit in the days before the holiday, thanks partially to the “winter wonderland” outside her window. She also debuted the new Leah Daniels ‘Northern Senorita’ music video, which she directed. Watch the update below and Leah’s video/making of after the cut.

Skye Sweetnam Attends Lady Gaga Concert

Skye Sweetnam and her friend Sarah checked in from the audience during Lady Gaga’s concert at Air Canada Centre in Toronto on Saturday (November 28). Watch the brief YouTube clip below.

Skye Sweetnam Takes Precautions Over H1N1 Epidemic

Skye Sweetnam checked in with fans to discuss the swine flu after she had to pick her brother up from school because he had a cough. The singer writes on her blog at MySpace (@skyesweetnam):

In the headlines 24/7 is this H1N1 epidemic. I had to pick up my bro from school because the teachers wouldn’t let him stay (even tho it’s only a cough) Everyone is freaking out! But I know a few people who have had H1N1 and gotten over it in a week. Still, I do not want to get sick! So wash your hands and take precautions! Maybe me and my brother went over board but I loved wearing a mask everywhere! Everyone get so scared and doesn’t come near you… (just the way I like it!) jk! haha

The other main precaution you can take is the vaccine obviously! But part of me is creeped out by this story Beautiful Cheerleader Develops Dystonia After Receiving Vaccine and HUNDREDs of more reports discouraging people from taking the shot. Do your own research and make your own decisions. I do have faith in my own immune system. It’s just seems like a sci fi move with long lines of people in line clamering for a vile of some serum to save them from an epidemic. Just freaks me out!

Watch Skye’s video below.

Skye Sweetnam Enjoys Australia Care Package – Minus The Vegemite

Skye Sweetnam checked in with fans on her YouTube channel to show off a package of goodies a guy from Australia sent her. Included was a Flip camcorder, Tim Tams, chocolate chip cookie, Milo, Vegemite and a koala pencil case. Just a bit of the vegemite make her rush to down the Milo and recommend nobody try the yeast extract spread.

The video at YouTube has since been removed.

Skye Sweetnam Gets Her Ears Pierced

Skye Sweetnam recorded her brief experience getting her ears pierced for the first time at the age of 21, complete with thought bubbles. Watch the 10-second clip via YouTube below.