Soluna’s T Introduces Herself On Enrique’s Forum

T from Soluna introduced herself to fans on Enrique Iglesias’ official message board Saturday after the group opened for Iglesias in Boston. T writes, “Just wanted to say that we are so honored to be on his tour! What an amazing performer! Much love & respect to him & all of his fans! We performed today in Boston & manana we go to Hartford. It’s been so much fun so far. Well, that’s about it yallz…feel free to visit us too at Peace & much love! T.”

Ryan Starr, A Very Nice Person At JoJo Jam

Contributed by prettybaby0202:

Recently I just got back from KIIS FM’s Jo-Jo’s bash, and after the concert, Ryan Starr who was voted off ‘American Idol’ went to an area where fans were standing, (I dont think she was allowed to but she did anyway), she did autographs, and a few pictures with people. I got an autograph signed by her. She was very sweet.

The performers/guest’s tonight included (in no particular order) BBMak, Soluna, Mario, Howie D. of the Backstreet Boys, Jo-Jo from KIIS FM of course, Melissa, former member of Dream stopped by and chatted about what she’s up to & about her solo and acting debut, Wade Robson did a few dance moves, and was a total suprise to everyone who was there. And the concert ended with BBMak who rocked the house! And the person who played Suggar Daddy on the WB show a while back ‘Popular’ was in the crowd before the show, giving autographs and taking pictures, who by the way lost a lot of weight, and was very nice to everyone.

Christina Aguilera And Soluna Struggle With Spanish

While Christina Aguilera and the women of Soluna have Latin blood in them, they did have trouble grasping the language in promo spots for Univision. The website has video clips of the artists struggling with their Spanish.

Soluna Interview And Perform On Rick Dees Show

Soluna visited the KIIS FM studios earlier this week to chat with Rick Dees and Ellen K. The group (America, T, Aurora and Jessica) talked about touring with Enrique Iglesias, how they stay in shape, their album ‘For All Time’, the compliment the group received from Shakira, their label DreamWorks Records, and they performed an a cappella version of ‘For All Time’. Audio has since been removed.

Soluna Praise Josh Hartnett, Brandy & Mariah

YM magazine chatted with the girls from Soluna and when asked who their celebrity crushes are, T revealed, “I have a different one every week! When I saw Josh Hartnett in Halloween H2O, I loved him so much! Jessica’s been going on about Benjamin Bratt the whole trip, but he just got married, so she’s sad. Tobey Maguire is America’s choice. Aurora likes Dave Matthews, but he’s married with children. You know who else for me? Jakob Dylan – he’s cute, man!” Bandmate Jessica also had warm comments for two female music stars. “I love [Brandy’s] voice,” she said. “She’s an all-round artist; she’s got it all going on. I also love the Beatles and the way their career spanned [so many] years, and I love Mariah Carey – I still believe in her and have faith that she’s going to come back really strong.”

Soluna Works With Backstreet, Wants To Open For *NSYNC

T. Lopez from Soluna spoke with’s Jessica Jones who talked about working with Howie D from the Backstreet Boys helped write ‘Don’t Wanna Live My Life Without You.’ The girls “got to meet [the Backstreet Boys] plus a lot of other cool people.” As for who T would like to open for, she replied, “There are so many people we would enjoy to open for but I think we would really like to open for N Sync. Or even Stevie Wonder.” Lopez adds of *NSYNC, “They are one of the groups that me and the other girls all agree to listen to when we are together.”

Saluna Says They’re Not Like Other Girl Groups

KTLA profiled new girl group Soluna, whose new album ‘For All Time’ dropped on Tuesday. The girls contend that they aren’t like other girl groups because they were friends from the beginning and weren’t put together by record execs. Video footage has since been removed.