soulDecision ‘Kiss The Walls’ Video


Canadian pop group soulDecision, featuring Trevor Guthrie, Ken Lewko, James Reid and Adam Stillman, are out with the music video to their new single ‘Kiss The Walls’. The track is off their ‘Shady Satin Drug’ album, released on Sextant. Watch it online below.

Seven Lies ‘She’s So’ Video

Seven Lies, the band formed by former soulDecision member Dave Bowman, are out with the music video to their new single ‘She’s So’, from their debut ‘Hotlap’. Watch it online below.

soulDecision Loses 1 Member, Gains 3


Contributed anonymously:

Dave Bowman has left soulDecision, according to their official site. However, the pop group has turned into a quintet. Tino Zolfo, the new bass player, and James Reid, the new guitar player, have been part of soulDecision’s touring band for the past few years. The new drummer, Terepai Richmond hails from Australia, and was the drummer on their first album. They join Lewko and singer Trevor Guthrie. Read more.

Backstreet Boys Declared Number 1 Boyband

Contributed by elgato:

The webmaster of says, “I just just finished watching YTV’s “The HitList Special: Top Ten Boybands” and to no one’s surprise, the Backstreet Boys were number one. *NSYNC took the number two spot. The Backstreet Boys have had a long history with The Hit List. They’ve premiered many a video on that show, including the video for “Get Down” way back in the day (1996). I thought maybe they’d show clips of each boyband, but all they did was show one video from each group. They did give much props to the BSB when they announced they were in the #1 spot saying something to the effect of “The BSB have no doubt made the biggest impact on the Hit List Chart.” Then they closed the show with the video for “I Want It That Way.”” Here’s the full list:

10. Take That
9. SoulDecision.
8. 5ive
7. B4-4
6. Westlife
5. Hanson
4. O-Town
3. The Moffats
1. Backstreet Boys

soulDecision To Return With New Album


soulDecision announced on their official site that they will be out with a new album soon. The site states: “Well it has been a while since you have heard from us but get ready because the new album is coming soon! We apologize that we’ve been a little out of touch in the last year or so, but we want to thank all of our fans for your continuing support and patience on the arrival of our new album. The rumors that we have broken up, fell off the face of the earth or gone off to greener pastures are greatly exaggerated.”