The Spice Girls Say Sorry To Fans With Video Message

Melanie Chisholm, Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown, Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell of the Spice Girls tell fans they're sorry they can't take their reunion tour everywhere they wanted toThe Spice Girls posted a message to their fans apologizing for not hitting all the areas of the world they originally planned on. The British girl group explained the original plan was for just one gig, then they extended that to a month, and again to two months, so because of their children and school commitments, it was time to wrap it up at the end of this month. They then laughed off the rumors of infighting, pretending to go at it.

“There’s been a lot of rubbish in the media over the last few days, so we just wanted you to hear it from the horse’s mouth,” Chisholm said. “We’re very sorry we’ve not been able to get to all the places we really wanted to get to.”

Halliwell continued, “The tour has gone actually longer than we anticipated. We thought we were gonna go with one gig, and then we planned maybe until the end of January. Then we extended it, so we have gone on longer.”

Posh then said, “We’ve done a month longer than expected. You know, we have children, kids need to go back to school, and we’ve always said our families are our priorities. We want to thank all of our fans and we’re sorry we haven’t got to see everybody. We had a great time.”

Watch the clip via YouTube below.

Victoria Beckham Behind Spice Girls Month End Split

Spice Girl Victoria Beckham tells News of the World she was the reason behind the British girl group cutting their reunion tour short, saying it was time to return to the fashion industry full time. Posh said she’ll never perform with the Spice Girls, nor as a solo artist, again.

“I was very nervous about going back into the Spice Girls because I didn’t want to send out a confused message,” she admitted. “The reason I decided to do the tour was to show my kids that mummy was a pop star once. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I’m not in the music industry any more. I’m in the fashion industry. I’m putting together a team of people now so it will be my main project when I finish this tour in a month. It’s the last opportunity there will be to see the Spice Girls together.”

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Spice Girls Reunion Coming To An Early End

Spice Girls

The Spice Girls checked in with fans on their official web site on Friday (February 1) to announce this will be the final month of the British girl group’s reunion tour. The official announcement reads, in part:

Sadly the tour needs to come to an end by the end of February due to family and personal commitments for Emma, Geri, Mel B, Melanie C and Victoria. It was announced in June that, as well as the Europe and the US, the girls planned to visit Australia, China, South Africa and Argentina. Due to the phenomenal demand for tickets in the UK and the US along with the touring logistics for such a massive production it was not possible to fit everything in. As the girls return to normal family life and the kids go back to school they are reviewing all the options, who knows what the future might bring!

The girls said: “We’ve had such an amazing time over the last 3 months. It’s been incredible being back together and seeing our fans again. We want to thank everyone who came to see us. It was all so mad the first time round, so we’ve really been able to appreciate it properly this time. There have been so many highlights and good times that we know it will be hard to be apart after Toronto. Really sorry if we didn’t get to see you this time round. We all have other commitments in our lives now but who knows what will happen next.”

Victoria Beckham On Spice Girls Tour & Lost Bracelet

Victoria Beckham checked in on the Spice Girls blog on Monday (December 24), talking about the British girl group’s reunion tour. “We’re having so much fun on tour,” the 33-year-old said. “I know it sounds like a cliche but it really is the truth. I think for me, the highlight so far was Tuesday night at The O2 Arena in London and having our kids on stage with us during Mama. I’ve said it lots of times before but my boys really are the reason that I am doing this and to have them up there with me was a very proud moment.”

Beckham also praised the honesty of one of the show’s fans at the O2 gig. “Talking of the show on Tuesday, Mel B lost her bracelet as it flew off in to the audience and we want to say a big thank you to David who picked it up and contacted our management company to tell us that he had it,” Posh said. “We’re grateful to him for being so honest and we’ll be meeting up with him before one of our shows in January to say thank him in person.”

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Victoria Beckham’s Designer Clothes Stolen In Cologne

The Sunday Mirror reports Victoria Beckham was the victim of thieves backstage at the Spice Girls concert in Cologne on Thursday night (December 20). Among the items stolen was a red satin dressing robe designed by Roberto Cavalli for the 33-year-old to wear backstage. It had “Mrs Beckham” on the front and “Posh” on the back. “Victoria’s post-show high was ruined when she noticed stuff had been nicked,” a source told the tab. “All the other girls’ dressing rooms were untouched, but somebody had clearly been rifling through Victoria’s possessions. She was very upset. Fashion means everything to her. She keeps all her old outfits in storage.” Read more.

The Spice Girls Backstage Press Conference In London

The Spice Girls were together backstage at The O2 Arena during a press conference on Sunday (December 16), where the girls talked about about their excitement for the group’s first show in Britain, how the tour is a one-off thing because they have different priorities now, their plans for Christmas, Victoria Beckham’s hubby David catching every show, and their thoughts on the next concerts in Germany and Spain.

Spice Girls Help Unveil Virgin Atlantic Terminal Six

Emma Bunton limped through Heathrow Airport in London on crutches as her Spice Girls bandmates Geri Halliwell, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm and Victoria Beckham touched down on home soil for the UK leg of their tour. The girls joined Richard Branson to open Virgin Atlantic’s Terminal Six.

Geri told the audience, “I just want to say, we’ve been out in Vancouver, we’ve done a bit of America, but as there is no place like home and we are so excited (to be here).”

When Emma came out, she explained her crutches telling the audience, “I actually slipped over the other night on stage, which was very embarrassing, but I’m doing everything. I’m actually seeing David Beckham’s doctor, so I’m praying that I’ll be fine Saturday.”

Watch a report from ITN below.

The Spice Girls Ready To Settle Down In LA

With Melanie Brown and Victoria Beckham already residing in Los Angeles, look for more Spice Girls to head to the city the reunited British girl group had been rehearsing in for their world tour. “I love it here,” Posh told the Associated Press while in LA after performing a sold out show at the Staples Center. “It’s exciting, because we have friends here, and our family is here, as well. It’s exciting. It feels like home. It really feels like we’re performing at home.” Emma Bunton added, “You might have a few more Spice Girls moving here.”

Signs Of Tension During Spice Girls World Tour

Rav Singh of News of the World hears that there’s been tension between Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, and Emma Bunton on the Spice Girls world tour. While rehearsing ‘Stop’, Mel B reportedly shouted at Geri, “You’ve got to keep it together, if you spent more attention on your routines then it would be right.” Meanwhile, Posh snapped at Mel B, “Next time we all have to stand in line and get it right” while rehearsing ‘Spice Up Your Life’. And when Posh had her Hollywood friends Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri over to watch rehearsals, the other girls let Ms. Beckham have it for talking with her visitors too long. The full story at has since been removed.

Spice Girls Reunion ‘Feels Better Than Before’

British pop group The Spice Girls have hit the road for sold-out reunion tour, and Fox News Channel spoke with the girls about the trek. “I think as you get older you take it for what it is,” Geri Halliwell said. “You don’t take it too seriously and put it in perspective.” Melanie Chisholm added, “After all these years of experience, having such a great time. It feels better than before.”

Video at has since been removed.

Spice Girls Perform In Vancouver

The Spice Girls performed during their The Return of The Spice Girls World Tour at GM Place on Sunday (December 2) in Vancouver, Canada. Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm and Geri Halliwell were touring in support of their compilation album ‘Greatest Hits’. Watch fan filmed footage of the British girl group performing ‘Wannabe’ below and additional clips from the concert at YouTube. Check out pictures from GettyImages.