BG5 Discuss Label Deal, Tour & More spoke with the girls of BG5 on the last night of their U.S. Tour in Orlando, Florida. The Beach Girl5 talked about signing with Hollywood Records, their first tour, the status of ‘Scratch’ being shipped to radio, their song on Disney Channel’s ‘Shake It Up’, and Dominique Domingo’s thoughts about Jesse McCartney admiring her. “And I think what’s going to be special about us is that we’re going to be an artist that Hollywood has that isn’t connected to the Disney Channel,” Noreen Juliano said about their label. “So it’s going to be a new venture and it’s going to be really awesome.” Read more and listen to the interview here.

Fans Urge Mandy Jiroux To Help Troubled Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux

Miley Cyrus’ fans are sending messages to a friend of the ‘Hannah Montana’ star hasn’t been seen with a lot lately, Mandy Jiroux of BG5, concerned about the 18-year-old after footage emerged on TMZ of Miley taking a bong hit. Most think Miley needs someone like Mandy in her life right now after her parents split up, and that she shouldn’t be hanging out with Anna Oliver, who was rumored to be the person taking the video of Miley getting high and who many believe sold her out by giving the footage to TMZ for money. Anna also has been catching blame for Demi Lovato’s troubles that sent the Disney star to a treatment facility.

Among the messages sent to Mandy:

Jooyci_: RT @rainbowness please @mandyjiroux , go back to miley . she needs mandy medicine now ):

SweetMiIey: if miley had stayed bestfriends with @mandyjiroux none of this would have happend..

smileyyyyface: Demi and Miley need their ex bestfriends back. @selenagomez @MandyJiroux

MileysSoul: I actually thought @MandyJiroux wasn’t a good friend for Miles.. but ya know what? It changed.. Anna is a bitch. MANDY + MILEY

MeBeSarah: @MandyJiroux Sorry if you don’t want to talk about it, but what do you think about Miley doing drugs? She needs you right now, not Anna.

rafabeltri: @MandyJiroux i’m so thankful for you be a miley friend, she need friends like you, not like anna :@

IntroducimelaNJ: @MandyJiroux please , help Miley . She needs you , Take her away from Anna Oliver , ! PLEASE MANDY

mi_esquierdo: @MandyJiroux u should say somethings to MIley.. we are so desappointed.

BG5 Visit GOOM Radio

BG5 interview

BG5 stopped by GOOM Radio to speak with Shelley on the Ultimate Radio station. The Beach Girl5 talked about what to expect on their debut album, how they all can sing, who in the group is the biggest flirt, their relationship status, their dream collaborations, their favorite artist of the moment. They also performed the CD’s first single ‘Scratch’ a capella. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

BG5 ‘Scratch’ Video

BG5 'Scratch' music video

The Beach Girl5 are out with the music video to their new single ‘Scratch’, off the Los Angeles pop group’s upcoming debut album on Hollywood Records. Watch the BG5 video below.

The Beach Girl5 Speak Out Against Bullying

The Beach Girl5 on bullying

The Beach Girl5 recorded a message for the ‘It Gets Better’ project. The girl group talked about their personal bullying experiences and suggested people suffering bullying should talk to someone for support or speak out if you seen someone getting bullied. Watch the BG5 message via YouTube below.

The Beach Girl5 On Tour In The UK

Mandy Jiroux and Brooke Adams of The Beach Girl5The Beach Girl5 checked in while on their five week UK tour. Brooke Adams, Dominique Domingo, Noreen Juliano, Mandy Jiroux, and Laura New were in their tour van in the first part. The girl group then were seen at soundcheck.

After doing a Ustream chat and talking with fans about the cities they’ve been to minutes before hitting the stage, the BG5 previewed a snippet of their new single ‘Scratch’.

“We have two more weeks left of the tour, and right now we’re leaving Wales and heading to Birmingham, and this is where I always sit,” Mandy said, seated next to bandmate Brooke Adams. “Way in back of the van. I always sit with Brookie.”

Brooke Adams, Dominique Domingo, Noreen Juliano, Mandy Jiroux, and Laura New of The Beach Girl5 check in backstageBefore their show, they said, “It’s gonna be a really good show. We have awesome lighting, and we have really good sound, and a stage that doesn’t have drinks all over it. And we have five great girls!”

They added, “Our trip has been awesome. We’ve gone so many places. We’ve gone to Scotland, we’ve gone to Wales, and we got to see a castle today. We got to see one but we haven’t gone in one yet, but we will. We can’t wait to go to a city near you.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

The Beach Girl5 Update Following Heroes For Haiti Performance

Brooke Adams, Dominique Domingo, Laura New, Noreen Juliano and Mandy Jiroux of The Beach Girl5 checked in with Tommy2.Net after their performance at Heroes For Haiti. Listen in as The BG5 recap their performance and drop the news that they’ll be opening March Madness here.

The Beach Girl5 Busy With Choreography

The Beach Girl5 have been rehearsing hard re-doing all their old choreography and learning new routines for new songs. Watch the pop group doing choreography for ‘Lovin’ It’, ‘Good Vibes’, ‘The Summer’s Not Hot Without You’, ‘Money Grubbin’, ‘Undivided’ and ‘Expiration Date’
last month below.

The Beach Girl5 Advance To KIIS FM Breakout Star Contest Finals

The Beach Girl5 checked in with fans on their YouTube channel, showing off some of their merch (that still had the old The Beach Girlz name) and thanking fans for voting them into the finals of the KIIS FM Breakout Star Contest, urging them to keep voting for a chance to perform at Wango Tango.

The message at YouTube has since been removed.

The Beach Girl5 Perform ‘Money Grubbin’ At Universal CityWalk

The Beach Girl5 performed ‘Money Grubbin’ at the KIIS FM Breakout Artist Showcase at Universal CityWalk. The pop group is competing for the chance to win $10,000 and a spot on this years Wango Tango line-up. Watch the performance and behind the scenes footage via YouTube below.