The Veronicas Ruthlessly Remove The Love Willows From Their Tour

The Veronicas Lisa Jessica Origliasso

I mentioned yesterday the catty exchange between Lisa and Jess Origliasso of The Veronicas about their former tourmates The Love Willows, and more information has come to light about the situation. Ryan Wilson checked in on the indie pop group’s blog at yesterday, explaining that not only were they off the tour, but The Veronicas apparently kicked them off the tour and replaced them with Carney. Lisa has been dating lead singer Reeve Carney for months, while Jess is reportedly involved with Reeve’s brother Zane.

Ryan says that they were never given an explanation to the ouster, which he rightly called “very disrespectful”. Given the importance of an indie band who has yet to release an album having the summer booked from a financial standpoint, for The Veronicas, who begged and pleaded fans and their label to get their second album released in the U.S., it shows a rather cruel and heartless attitude. The Love Willows were set to release their debut album ‘Hey! Hey!’ this summer on Decca, and likely would have been promoting it during the tour stops. No word how being snuffed out by the Brisbane twins may affect the release date. Wilson writes:

As you’ve probably heard by now, The Veronicas have indeed kicked us off the rest of the spring/summer tour. There were a few MySpace bulletin postings from Hope and from The Veronicas on Friday, after we received the final word from our management that we were removed from the tour. The bulletins caused quite a bit of stir on the MySpace. The Veronicas stated in a bulletin, “We didn’t kick them off the tour, we were never even made aware they were ever ‘promised’ the entire 3 months!!” Well, whether they were aware or not, we had contracts with the venues, as well as billing on the venue’s websites and promotional fliers. From my understanding, the headlining band has the final word on who is, or who is not, on the tour. The fact that we share the same booking agency should further my point. Would our booking agents remove us? We were very much in the dark as to why we were dropped from the tour. Maybe The Veronicas thought our sound was a little too pop? Or maybe because we didn’t wear all black? Or that we actually had a stage show and took the time to create stage props? Or that we had, new (’09) merchandise? We’re still yet to get a clear cut reason, answer, or explanation, but by reading through some of the MySpace comments and doing a little ‘googling’ of my own, I found out for myself that they have replaced us with a band called Carney. Oddly enough, that’s Lisa’s boyfriend’s band ;)! is that what we do now?! Does that sound like coincidence or a decision made by The Veronicas? You tell me. I find all of this very disrespectful and upsetting. We had such a blast on the last two weeks, we were really looking forward to the two months of touring, seeing you guys, and making new fans. We actually had quite a few other engagements in and around these dates that were supposed to coincide with each other, which we’ll now have to cancel. We also turned down other tour opportunities to be on The Veronicas tour, which we can’t get back, because those spots have already been filled. Hopefully we can make up for it and catch you guys soon!


Update: Jess responds on The Veronicas forum at

Hey Guys :)
Just to set the story straight.. Carney, and Theart were in Place Months ago. TLW were either misinformed by their agent.. or they were just assuming they were doing the entire tour.
We are not being sued, and have not even been contacted by TLW about taking any action RE: the ‘contract’. They are just making alot of noise, because they have no ground to stand on.
They were never promised the entire 3 months. We put them on in the first 2 weeks as a favor to CAA, the agent we are both represented by.
We suggest they take it up with their people and leave us out of it.
To suggest we kicked them off because ‘they don’t wear black’ is so silly. UMM HAVE YOU SEEN SHERMANS PANTS ON STAGE? lol!
Carney, and Theart deserve the opening spots they were promised by The Veronicas for the remaining dates.. As this is our tour, and we wanted great support bands for the fans to check out! .. plus we get kisses on the side! how cool… Zar calls it a LOVE CULT tour. Where we are all supporting each other’s bands.
And the claims that TLW had to turn down tours to do ours, must be a lie, as we were asked as a ‘favor’ to put them on because they couldn’t get any other tours. Lis and I didn’t enjoy their music.. but loved their stage setting! Very colorful.
In the end we don’t care about being told to ‘go back where we came from’ – which to me IS a racist comment.. We care more about them degrading our commitment to the fans. But in the end our actions speak louder than words.

Love Advice From The Love Willows

Hope Partlow and Ryan Wilson of The Love Willows

Hope Partlow and her bandmate/boyfriend Ryan Wilson of The Love Willows offered some love advice for some visitor, including a girl worried about her man’s wandering eye and what to do about a guy wanting to cool a relationship for awhile and think it over. Watch their advice below the cut. (more…)

The Love Willows EPK

Hope Partlow and Ryan Wilson of The Love Willows

Hope Partlow and Ryan Wilson of The Love Willows have a new widget available via their label Decca. The widget features an electronic press kit, where they talked about the story behind the duo’s name, Ryan’s Motown influences, all the songs were written “50/50” with both in the room, Hope’s shoe fetish, writing ‘Wait’ in dedication to the troops, Ryan writing ‘I Still Love You’ when Hope was out of town, and drawing energy from the crowd during their live shows.

Watch the EPK via YouTube below.

Ryan Wilson On How Things Have Changed For The Jonas Brothers

The Love Willows

Ryan Wilson of The Love Willows checked in with fans on the indie pop duo’s blog at MySpace (@thelovewillows), discussing ‘Falling Faster’ remixes and touring with The Jonas Brothers three years ago, before they became the phenomenon they are today. Wilson writes:

Hey! hey! Just wanted to check in. I’ve been listening to quite a few different remixes that Jason Nevins did of our first single ‘Falling Faster’. they are sounding crazy crazy awesome!!! you guys have to hear this! Hopefully we’ll be putting that up soon on iTunes or something. Actually, while I’m on the subject of iTunes… I can’t help but see this band name every other click of the mouse. Really everywhere I go, I guess. I was in Wal-Mart, believe it or not (I know, I know – only every other day), at the checkout and every magazine has them on the cover. It doesn’t seem like that long ago when Hope and I were touring her solo record opening for Jesse McCartney. I remember hearing that this exact band was going to be playing before us on tour. To save time between acts, we were even cool enough to let this band use our backline (amp rigs, drums, keyboard, etc.). This band actually shared a dressing room with us for most of the dates, as well. Then I remember hearing them play, thinking, wow!, that’s pretty impressive. who would have thought that just three years later this band would be playing multiple sold out shows at Madison Square Garden, have the top selling album on iTunes, and be on the cover of Rolling Stone! What an awesome accomplishment. Go Jonas Bros! I tried calling those guys not too long ago, but as suspected, those are definitely not working numbers.


The Love Willows Celebrate First Anniversary

The Love Willows

Ryan Wilson of The Love Willows checked in with fans on the indie pop duo’s blog at MySpace (@thelovewillows) earlier today. Ryan writes:

So yesterday Hope [Partlow] and I celebrated one year of being ‘The Love Willows’ and three years of knowing each other – give or take a couple of weeks. We did so by visiting the world of Coke in Atlanta. Fun!fun! We took some photos and video. I’ll be putting that together soon and uploading to share with everyone. Hope is going to Memphis tomorrow to visit family. She just told me that her brother is going to fly her around in an airplane. I know her brother… please pray for Hope. Well, we’re heading to Wal-Mart in a second to stock up on some goods! Hope you are all doing fabulous!


The Love Willows Ready Debut Album For October 28th Release

Hope Partlow and Ryan Wilson of The Love Willows updated fans on their YouTube channel from the musical couple’s home in Atlanta. Hope mentioned the long delay since their last video blog, with the big difference now being that they have a record deal. “We did this record by ourselves, and Decca loved it,” Partlow said. “Which is a humongo compliment.” Hope added that the record ‘Hey! Hey!’ is coming out October 28th. Ryan then grabbed a sketch of the band and introduced the other three guys they jam before talking about their upcoming radio tour.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

The Love Willows Debut Album Set For October 28th Release

The Love Willows

Ryan Wilson of The Love Willows checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@thelovewillows) on Wednesday (August 6), with an update on their debut release on Decca Records. “Last month we put the final touches on our record – HEY! HEY!,” Wilson writes. “The mixing and mastering are finished! We’re getting all of the artwork together right now. The new release date is OCTOBER 28!!! We absolutely can not wait for this to be out and in your hands! We’re going to be doing a radio tour for most of September. Hope and I will be going around from radio station to radio station playing songs from the record to everyone who works there. Just thinking about it reminds me of when Hope and I were on the road together before, promoting her solo record. Fun, fun stuff! Expect a proper venue tour to follow in October!”

The Love Willows’ Debut Album Is Currently Being Mixed

The Love Willows

Ryan Wilson of The Love Willows checked in with fans on the duo’s blog at MySpace (@thelovewillows) on Friday (June 20). He writes:

Hey guys. Just wanted to update you on what we’re up to. We’re going to be in New York next week doing some EPK/video stuff, taking some classes [hah], and hanging out.

We also just found out that our song ‘Strut My Stuff’ is going to be on the season finale of MTV’s ‘The Real World Hollywood’. We’ll keep you posted on when that show will air.

Our record is currently being mixed and is sounding pretty killer! We have two really awesome guys working on it – Serban Ghenea [Avril Lavigne, Fergie, Leona Lewis, Justin Timberlake] and Ross Hogarth [Jimmy Eat World, Jonas Brothers, Rooney]. I can’t wait for you to hear all of the tracks! I really can’t wait to start touring this record!!! Then, you can hear them live and sing along! It looks like the record will have 13 tracks on it. That’s a lucky number, right? It feels like these recordings have been in our possession for too long and I’m so ready to share it with you guys. I know you all are ready to hear some FULL versions, am I right?


Ryan Wison Describes How The Love Willows Got Signed

The Love Willows

Ryan Wison of The Love Willows checked in with fans on the duo’s blog at MySpace (@thelovewillows) on Monday (June 9) with the following message:

What’s up! Wow, it’s extremely hot outside here in Georgia. I think it reached like 100 degrees today! I hope you all are doing well and staying cool. Well, I just wanted to bring you guys up to date on a few things … we started making a record at my parents house back in November. At first, we were kind of doing it for the sole purpose of demoing out the material that hope and I had been writing and getting a better idea of the sound that we were going for. We were really digging everything that was coming out of it, so we decided to just make these ‘demos’ our ‘record.’ We were originally going to release the record ourselves later in the spring, but as you can tell, those plans have changed a bit. In January we started working with a manager out of New York, who just happened to stumble upon our MySpace. He really liked our material and everything seemed to gel right away. With everyone hard at work, Hope and I got the opportunity to showcase for Decca/Universal in April. We flew to New York to play our songs acoustically and meet a couple of the A&R guys from the label. It was quite nerve-racking. Just an acoustic with four people in the room. We left New York the next day and right after we landed in Atlanta, we turned on our cell phones and had a few new voice mails from our manager saying that the label wanted to sign us! They like what we have already recorded ourselves, so they’ve decided to just tweak it a little and release it SEPTEMBER 16! So that’s kind of where we’re at right now. We’re in the process of getting our record mixed, then mastered. We also have some really cool photos, from a shoot that we had the last time we were in New York, that are coming real soon. I’m yet to see the final stuff myself, but judging by the initial proofs, I think it’s going to be real cool! We’re all anxious and excited to get this cd out and start hitting the road! Hopefully we’ll be meeting a lot of you in person this summer!

-ryan / tlw

The Love Willows Sign With Decca/Universal

The Love Willows

The Love Willows, featuring singer Hope Partlow and guitarist Ryan Wilson, checked in with their MySpace friends (@thelovewillows) on Thursday (April 24) with the following bulletin:

Hey Y’all,
We are so so so so excited to announce that we just signed a record deal with Decca Records/Universal Music Group.

The album is going to be in stores soon, and we’ll be hitting the road and touring in a town near you! More updates very very soon!

Thanks for all the love and support!

We Love You,
The Love Willows