Tiffany Talks To Eddie & JoBo

Tiffany called in to B96’s Eddie & JoBo in Chicago to talk about her Playboy magazine layout and her decision behind posing fully nude. Tiffany talked about the trouble of record company’s not wanting to play her music because of her ‘young little girl image.’ Tiffany also talked about Britney Spears saying that she thinks Brit is in control… at least of her appearance, but maybe not in her music. She thinks when Britney hits her age of 30, she’ll hope Spears is more involved in acting.

Tiffany Predicts Britney Will Bare All Before Christina

Tiffany called in to KISS 106.1 in Seattle this morning and talked about her Playboy spread. When asked about who would be next to pose nude for the magazine, Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera, Tiffany guessed, “Britney.” She also was warned to expect a lot more creepy fan mail after the shoot, and said she hasn’t gotten to meet Hugh Hefner yet.

Tiffany Didn’t Enlarge Breasts, Just Reshaped Them

Tiffany 'Could've Been'

Tiffany spoke candidly about her decision to have surgery on her breasts, but insists she didn’t have breast enlargement surgery. “I didn’t do it because of Playboy,” she says. “I did it because I was a mom and you know I didn’t enhance my breasts as far as getting then bigger. I just put them back the way they once were, so that’s all I wanted. I mean, that’s what I said to my doctor, ‘Just make me the way I used to be, OK?'”

Tiffany Explains Playboy Photoshoot spoke with Tiffany about the decision behind her posing naked for Playboy, a move that netted her $100,000 and what she hopes will be opportunity to kick-start a music comeback. Tiffany said, “I did it for the opportunity to open doors. Playboy has done a lot for a lot of other people, and I knew it would be a shocker. It’s going to definitely change my image. Rock stations are calling me now because I’m naked.”

Get The Naked Tiffany Pictures Here

The Yahoo! club ‘Playboy Magazine’ has photos of Tiffany’s spread in the latest issue of Playboy posted. Tiffany is completely nude and baring several small tattoos in the issue’s 7 photo spread. You’ll need a Yahoo! account and register for the club to access the pictures. Check them out here.

Tiffany Graphically Explains Playboy Shoot On Stern

Pop singer turned Playboy cover girl Tiffany was on the Howard Stern Show this morning to talk about her magazine layout and what she’s been up to. Howard always imagined when Tiffany was younger she’d end up posing in Playboy and now figures years from now either Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera will pose nude for the magazine, and he’d pick Christina over Britney, but thinks both will eventually do a layout for them. Tiffany explained in detail her photo shoot saying they actually have a makeup person who groomed her pubic hair. She said they do that and darken the hair with mascara.

Tiffany’s Playboy Decision ‘Forced’ By No Bookings spoke with Tiffany about her decision to pose nude in Playboy magazine for their April ‘Sex & Music’ issue due out March 4. Tiffany revealed, “I tried calling to get booked on Leno, or MTV, and frankly nobody would book me, so it was really hard to promote my album when I couldn’t even get it out there.” As for her newfound fame, she said, “You know, it’s exciting to see that I’m gaining totally different walks of people as fans – from all different walks of life. I know Playboy is going to open other doors for me, which is exciting. I’m just going to keep rolling and keep being creative.”

Tiffany Talks Playboy Shoot & Past Drug Use

Michael Musto of the Village Voice spoke with Tiffany about her 10 years away from the pop music scene where she was reported to be doing drugs and booze. Tiffany admits, “It was only before I was pregnant. I never had the chance to be a kid. I was out working, and when I was home, I tried to make up for lost time. But I never had to go into rehab.” She explained the decision to bare all by saying it’ll revive her career, “It’s definitely going to work for me. You can’t look at those pictures and go, ‘Oh, she’s 14.'” Musto also has dozens of blind items, including a familiar sounding one asking, “What star insists he and wifey are clean, though he recently bought a kilo of coke off a dealer in the Bronx?” Read more.

80’s Pop Idol Playboy Spread Hits Stands March 4

Former teen pop idol Tiffany will be the April centerfold in Playboy magazine, with the issue due to hit stands on March 4. The breast augmented Tiffany said on her website, “I have grown significantly, both personally and professionally, after nearly a decade of raising a family and exploring my craft. I view my appearance in Playboy as the first step in presenting myself to the world as I am.”