Tina Barrett ‘Fire’ Video

Tina Barrett is out with the music video to her new single ‘Fire’, off the former S Club singer’s upcoming debut album. The video was directed by Linzy Attenborough. The 35-year-old told her Twitter followers (@realtinab1):

Thanks for all the support with my new video #Fire completely blow alway with all the attention love you X

Watch it via YouTube below.

David Schwimmer Eyes Second S-Clubber – Rachel Stevens

After scoring with former S Club star Tina Barrett, The Sunday Mirror reports ‘Friends’ star David Schwimmer is pulling out all the stops to charm Tina’s former bandmate, Rachel Stevens. On a flight from Marbella to London, Schwimmer was overheard telling Rachel: “Oh, my. It’s you again. You presented me with my gong at the Glamour Awards. Fancy bumping into you like this again. Wow! Why don’t you do some more acting. I could help you big time in Hollywood you know. Let’s hook up next time you’re out in LA. I would soo enjoy that.”

Rachel Stevens On Why Pop Stars Lip-Synch

July 6, 2004 – Former S Club star Rachel was asked by Metro why so many of today’s pop stars lip-synch on television performances instead of singing live. “It’s difficult to sing and move in a sexy way at the same time,” she responded.

Polydor To Re-Release Rachel Stevens’ ‘Funky Dory’

July 6, 2004 – Polydor plan on re-releasing Rachel’s debut album ‘Funky Dory’ after poor sales, hoping her new single ‘Some Girls’, which isn’t on the album, will provide a boost. “Rachel’s been after a great song for months now and ‘Some Girls’ really was her last chance,” an industry source explained. “‘Funky Dory’ did really badly and the money invested in her by Polydor and 19 Recordings was nowhere near recouped. But the response to ‘Some Girls’ has been so good, that some genius has decided to put in on the old album with a new cover and re-release it.”

Rachel Stevens To Remake Disco Tune For Sky Digital

June 27, 2004 – The Sunday People reports former S Club star Rachel is to sing the 70s disco track ‘More, More, More’ in new ads for Sky Digital, hoping it will be the elusive second hit that relaunches her career.

Tina Barrett’s Intimate Weekend With David Schwimmer

The Sunday People reports former S Club star Tina Barrett enjoyed an intimate weekend with ‘Friends’ star David Schwimmer at his Spanish villa in exclusive Marbella. “Even though they were fairly low profile, people were quite shocked to see them together so openly,” a source in the Costa del Sol resort revealed.

David Schwimmer Scores With S Club’s Tina Barrett

The Sun reports former S Club star Tina Barrett and ‘Friends’ star David Schwimmer went to a hotel at 3am after a night of flirting after Tuesday’s Glamour magazine awards in London. “It was no easy task getting David’s attention – girls were all over him,” an onlooker remarked. “But Tina flirted outrageously and had him smitten. They went on to the Funky Buddha club and Tina was all over him in a booth. He was loving it. They left in separate cabs, but Tina was heading for the Dorchester, where David is staying.”

Tina Barrett Splits From Boyfriend To Prep Solo Debut

The Sunday Mirror reports former S Club star Tina Barrett has split with boyfriend Tommy Hulme because of her hectic schedule, as she prepares to release her debut solo album. “Tina decided it was best for them to go their separate ways,” a spy revealed.

Tina Barrett Plots Solo Career In ’04

Former S Club singer Tina Barrett is ready to rival her former bandmate Rachel Stevens but not as a hip hop star, she tells The Glasgow Daily Record. “I’ve got no plans to go into television or acting,” Barrett said. “I will be bringing some new stuff out next year. I’m in the process of writing a pop single. I’m keeping all the details to myself at the moment.”

Ex-S Club’er Set To Go Hip Hop On Solo Debut

The Sun reports former S Club star Tina Barrett is set to copy former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham’s bid to switch from pop to hip hop, enlisting the help of DJ Touche to launch her solo career. “She loves hip-hop and big beat and feels she can turn her vocals to anything,” Barrett’s pal revealed. “Theo is very excited and keen to surprise a lot of people with Tina’s new image.”

S Club Star’s Relationship Turns Sour

The Sunday Mirror reports former S Club star Tina Barrett and her rich boyfriend Tommy Hulme are having troubles, as Barrett’s career focus is to match her former bandmate Rachel Stevens’ success. “They have been arguing a lot,” an insider revealed. “Tina wants it to work out but her main priority is her career. She’s really desperate to be as big as Rachel as a solo singer.”

Rachel Stevens Leaves Pretty Polly Fuming

October 12, 2003 – Former S Club star Rachel has upset her sponsor Pretty Polly by being pictured in a rival’s undies. The singer posed in Agent Provocateur knickers and a DKNY camisole in the photoshoot for the November issue of Marie Claire, as the mag’s stylist was not aware of her £100,000 endorsement deal. An insider at Pretty Polly explained, “It’s caused a lot of bad feeling. We want her to make up for it by doing photo shoots for other glossy mags in our gear.”

Rachel Stevens Breaks Into U.S. Market

October 8, 2003 – Sky News reports Rachel has broken into the American market, with her hit ‘Sweet Dreams My LA Ex’ appearing on a new TV ad in the U.S. for a dating service. They report that major U.S. stations are now playing the track and Stevens is receiving requests for interviews and promotional visits. The former S Club star told Sky News: “I plan to become as big as Madonna and will do anything to achieve my dream. I am a real hard worker.” Read more.

S Club Tina Barrett Offered TV Hosting Gig

The Daily Star reports that bigwigs at Sky TV have asked former S Club star Tina Barrett to host a new magazine style show. “Tina has the key qualities we’re looking for in our presenters,” said a source. “She’s fresh-faced and has the gift of the gab – and we reckon she’s perfect to attract tons of young viewers.”

S Club Tina Barrett’s Stalker Jailed

Steven Hindley, a 40 year-old man who stalked former S Club star Tina Barrett for months, bombarding her with a string of threatening e-mails and letters, has been jailed for six months. The man spent thousands of pounds on gifts for Tina but his harmless messages soon turned bizarre and sinister, including an e-mail telling the star he was going to hack her to death.