Tina Parol Almost Done With Her Debut Album

Tina Parol checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@tinaparol) on Tuesday (December 8), discussing the holidays and progress on her first album. The ‘Who’s Got Your Money’ singer tells readers:

The Holiday’s are HERE!!! Yay! I love this time of year. Especially THIS year because I am almost done with my debut album, coming out in 2010! I’ve been writing with a lot of talented, amazing writers and producers such as Danja, Claude Kelly, The Smeezingtons (which includes new Atlantic artist Bruno Mars), Jimmy Harry and more! I am so blessed to have such a supportive crew in my life and that includes all of you. Stay tuned for a rockin New Year here in Camp Parol…. I plan on taking over! AND bringing you some awesome new music to make you smile and shake that booty. :)

Anyway, from my heart to yours, I wish you a blessed, happy, healthy, prosperous, adventurous and wonderful New Year filled with everything you have ever desired and all your wished to come true!!!

Tina Parol “Beyond Excited” About EP Release

Tina Parol checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@tinaparol) on Wednesday (October 7) with news about her EP. The pop singer writes:

So my EP comes out soon and I am BEYOND excited to bring you some new songs as well as a bangin remix of “Who’s Got Your Money?” by DANJA. I want my music to reach as many people as possible, so I was wondering if my amazing fans (YOU) wanna help me increase fans here on MySpace and Twitter by spreading the word!!! If you can get me to increase my MySpace and Twitter fans by 1,000 by October 20, I will post an exclusive track not even on the EP!!!

Your support means the world to me and keeps me going every day. I feel like this business is so hard on some people and it has been hard on me at times, but I always focus on YOU, the fans and bringing you more great music and that, believe it or not, truly keeps me writing, recording and rocking out live for you!

Tina Parol Tries On Halloween Costumes At Target

Tina Parol checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@tinaparol) on Monday (October 5), discussing – and documenting – her love for Halloween. The ‘Who’s Got Your Money’ singer writes:

I went insane in Target.
To say I love Halloween is a huge understatement. Many of my friends will tell you I do not LOVE Halloween, but rather am OBSESSED with Halloween. There’s just something about it I love: the ghosts and vampires, the costumes, the parties, Thriller, etc. My point is, when I walk by a HUGE Halloween section in a Target somewhere on Long Island (The Target in the city does not have such a big, fantastic section), I go a little bit insane…

…and of course, I document it for you on video.

Tina Parol Readies ‘Shrinking Violet’ For Early 2010 Release

Tina Parol updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@tinaparol) on Monday (September 28), revealing plans for the release of her debut album early next year, and a digital EP release on October 13th. The ‘Who’s Got Your Money’ singer writes:

So I bet you have been wondering what I am up to and what the situation is with the album release. Well…. I have some very exciting news!

I have been very creative lately, writing so much for myself. It has been a very long time since I wrote songs solely for me. Because I have the best record company on Earth, I am headed back into the studio to record some of these awesome songs I am writing! I will be working with AMAZING writers and producers and am BEYOND excited to add some new material to my debut album “Shrinking Violet”, which will now be out in early 2010!!!

Tina Parol’s Roller Coaster Torture

Tina Parol documented her recent ride on a roller coaster, something the ‘Who’s Got Your Money’ singer didn’t appear to enjoy. Tina writes: “I have always been PETRIFIED of rollercoasters and got over my fear… on camera for u to see!!!” Watch it via YouTube below.

Tina Parol’s Life “Went From 0 To 60 In 2 Short Months”

Tina Parol checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@tinaparol) on Wednesday (September 2), talking about her busy summer and how growing up is scary. The ‘Who’s Got Your Money’ singer tells readers:

It’s funny how much a fortune cookie from a Times Square Chinese place can make you contemplate and reflect on life. Disturbing as it may be, I had a great one today! “Life always gets harder at the summit.”

I have had a whirlwind of a summer: traveling the ENTIRE United States, moving into my own place for the 1st time, meeting awesome folks at radio stations, promoting my 1st single, playing shows with my band….and even playing in front of 10,000 people! I went from 0 to 60 in 2 short months, and it was awesome….and I know it was only the beginning.

Tina Parol Performs ‘Who’s Got Your Money?’ On WPIX

Tina Parol visited WPIX in New York City on Thursday morning (August 27), performing her debut single ‘Who’s Got Your Money?’ and ‘Hold Onto Your Heart’. Tina talked about her choice between fashion design and music, writing a song for Britney Spears’ album, being nicknamed “Rainbow Brite” because of her multi-colored hair in high school, and still wanting to pursue fashion. Watch below.



Tina Parol Feels Good After ‘Who’s Got Your Money’ Charts

Tina Parol 'Who's Got Your Money' single cover

Tina Parol updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@tinaparol) on Friday (July 10), talking about charting with her debut single and some other accomplishments in her blossoming career. The ‘Who’s Got Your Money’ singer writes:

Here I am chillin at the San Francisco airport….ready to fly to Seattle. I have had an AMAZING week! First off, my 1st single “Who’s Got Your Money” just debuted the Billboard top 40 at #37!!! WOO HOO!!! Thank you all SO much for your radio requests and for supporting me to make this happen! Going straight to the top baby!!

Secondly, I just had a FANTASTIC West Coast radio promo trip with my guitarist Jonny and one of my radio reps, Alyssa. We went to Eugene and Portland, Oregon… Sacramento, Santa Rosa and Modesto, California… and Reno, Nevada!!! The trip was gorgeous, exciting and SO much fun! Thank you to ALL those stations for your support!

Next week I am off on radio promo again, after playing some fun in the NY area. So cool! Can’t wait!

Tina Parol Is Feeling Lucky

Tina Parol checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@tinaparol) on Friday (May 29), talking about touring and being happy with her job. The New York City pop singer writes:

I was just reflecting on how much fun I had touring this past month and decided to put up a bunch of personal pictures taken by my tour manager, Autumn. Props to her for documenting this amazing experience! New ones up in the “My Photos” and “Live!” albums, so go check them out!

I am so happy to do what I do as a career. I mean, my job is to write music, sing music and play music. How lucky am I? I am very lucky and fortunate. Every morning when I wake up, I am filled with gratitude for the day ahead and have to pinch myself sometimes. I am so happy. :) Thank you all for helping make my dreams come true.