Kimberley Walsh ‘Virtually Living’ With Triple Eight’s Justin

Triple 8 member Justin Scott spoke with The Sunday Mirror about his love for Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh. “It’s going absolutely brilliantly,” Justin said of their romance. “Whenever I’m in London – which is most of the time – I stay at Kimberley’s so I suppose we are virtually living together.”

Triple 8 Cite Musical Influences

The guys from Triple 8 recently held an online chat with and were asked their musical influences. David cited Stevie Wonder, Josh said Boyz II Men, Jamie cited “Performance wise, it’s *NSYNC”, and Sparx cited Michael Jackson and Prince.

Blue Worry About New Crop Of Boy Bands reports that Blue star Anthony Costa is admitting in the fickle world of pop, the band worries about the new crop of boybands stealing their fanbase. “We’re always nervous,” he said. “We can’t take this job for granted because there are other bands on our case, like Busted, Triple Eight, and D-Side. They’re all doing different types of music, but fans can move from band to band. Hopefully we’ve still got loads who support us.”

Blue Singers Set Up Property Firm

September 7, 2003 – Blue star Simon Webbe and bandmate Antony Costa have set up a property firm. “I now own six properties in London,” Webbe told The Sunday Mirror. “I do it for my daughter. She’s only six, but if I’m not busy, she says, ‘Go earn more money, daddy’.”

A Mixture Of One And Two On Blue’s Third Album

July 29, 2003 – Blue star Simon Webbe spoke with Radio 1 from this year’s Pride in the Park over the weekend where he previewed the band’s third album. “I think it’s a mixture of the same,” Simon said. “The first album had great songs on it, the second album had a lot of vibe about it, so we’re gonna mix the two together now and hopefully we’ll get six.”

Blue, Mel C On Shaan Album

July 26, 2003 – Mid-Day Mumbai reports Indian artist Shaan will be collaborating with former Spice Girl Mel C and Blue on his forthcoming album, though they won’t be appearing in the studio together. Instead, Shaan will sing Hindi lines, which will be overdubbed on Blue’s hit song ‘One Love’, while a few Mel C lines recorded in London will be added to a remixed techno version of Shaan’s ‘Tanha Dil’. “I’m really excited about these songs on the new album,” Shaan said. He added, “We had a plan of giving the album a large-than-life feel. So while my solo songs will dominate the album, we thought we’d arouse some extra curiosity by having other well-known singers.”

Kym Marsh Suspiciously Happy To Meet Triple 8’s David

The Sunday People reports former Hear’Say singer Kym Marsh greeted her Triple 8 pal David Wilcox looking suspiciously friendly with the man she furiously denied she had an affair with, causing her marriage to Jack Ryder to hit trouble. An onlooker remarked, “Kym seemed over the moon that David was at the same event as her. She walked into the backstage area where Triple 8 were signing autographs and her smile said it all.” Kym has always insisted that her relationship with David is purely platonic.

Triple 8’s David A Master Between The Sheets

The Sun reports Triple 8 star star David Wilcox is boasting about his bedroom skills. “I’m always good in bed, even if I’m drunk – never had any complaints,” Wilcox insisted. “And I never have any problem pulling.”

Triple Eight Star A Literal Hit With The Girls

The Sun reports Triple 8 star David Wilcox was punched in the face at London’s China White club early Thursday morning. Clubber Lauretta Borris asked David to move his drink because drops were being blown over her by a large electric fan. “I asked him to move his drink twice but he called me a ‘silly bitch’,” Borris explained. “I just lost it and punched him in the face twice. Bouncers arrived and ushered him away. Once he said sorry, he was allowed to stay.”

Sarah Harding’s Secret Dates With Triple Eight’s Josh

The Mirror reports Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding has been stepping out on her relationship with Mikey Green from the struggling boyband Phixx, turning on her charms with Triple 8’s Josh Barnett. “She got close to Josh because both of their groups go to the same parties and perform at the same concerts,” a pal of Harding’s revealed. “She didn’t plan it. It just happened. Sarah’s young, pretty and in a successful band so she’s bound to have her pick of men. She really doesn’t want to be tied down.”

‘Legally Blonde 2’ UK Premiere

The Cheeky Girls, Liberty X, former Hear’Say star Kym Marsh, and Triple Eight were on hand at the UK premiere of ‘Legally Blonde 2 Red, White and Blonde’ at the Warner West End Cinema in London’s Leicester Square on Wednesday (July 23).

Kym Marsh Skimps Up Attire To Boost Album Sales

July 20, 2003 – The Sunday People reports former Hear’Say star Kym is pulling out all the stops to make her solo career work after her single failed to make the Top 10 last week. The singer wore a skimpy dress and flashed her legs in a rather unladylike way on a Top Of The Pops kids’ interview.

Kym Marsh Takes A Shot At Less Successful Hear’Say Bandmates

July 11, 2003 – The Mirror reports that Kym appeared on Manchester radio station Key 103 on Wednesday to talk about her successful solo career, and was asked: “What do you think you have that Hear’Say haven’t?” The singer immediately replied: “A recording contract for starters.” Kym then panicked and was quick to try and rectify things by apologizing. “Oh dear, I probably shouldn’t have said that should I?”

Cheeky Girls Plot Airport Tour

June 10, 2003 – The Sun reports that the Cheeky Girls are set to get on the nerves of travelers with a summer tour of Britain’s major airports. Gabriela said, “We can’t wait to send people off on their summer holidays. Airports can be frustrating places and hopefully we can cheer everyone up if they are delayed.” But one traveler said, “I’m not sure if the Cheeky Girls blaring out their pop songs all afternoon is going to help matters much. Still, the kids will probably like it.”

The Cheeky Girls Do Paris

May 4, 2003 – The Sunday People caught up with the Cheeky Girls in Paris and asked the twins why they ditched their trademark hot pants. They responded, “We have a lot of young girls who are fans of ours and we want to grow with them. Like our hero, Madonna, we want to constantly change our look. Mum also thinks that to be a successful act and not a one-hit wonder we need to adapt our look regularly.”

Cheeky Girls Plane Chaos Claims

May 2, 2003 – Radio 1 reports complaints that the Cheeky Girls caused chaos on a flight from Rotterdam to Heathrow to are being investigated by the airline KLM. Passengers are claiming that minutes after the girls went into the cockpit of the twin-propelled Fokker 50 plane, it started lurching all over the place. Some say they thought it was going to crash. One passenger has said he saw one of the girls sitting in the pilot’s lap.

Girls Aloud Star Dumps Boyfriend For 888’s David Wilcox

The Mirror reports Girls Aloud sex bomb Nadine Coyle has split from Premiership footballer Neil McCafferty after two years, heading into the arms of Triple Eight singer David Wilcox. “Everyone thought Nadine had the strongest relationship in the band, so this has come as a complete shock,” an insider said. “No one can understand why she would dump a handsome Premiership footballer for a singer that no one’s ever heard of. If she thinks that it’s going to turn them into some sort of hot showbiz couple she’s going to be in for a bit of a shock. If she’s worried about her image, then the last person she should be going for is an unknown Z-lister like him. We’re hoping the split is temporary and that she goes back to Neil.”

888 Take The Embarrassment Out Of Being A Boyband

The guys from 888 (Triple 8) chatted with Top of the Pops and were asked about how they’ve said that they’re taking the embarrassment out of being a boyband, and what they meant by it. David responded, “I just think most boybands that come out of the UK aren’t bad, but they’re just not great. I think if you look at bands like B2K, *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys. They’re great bands. Great music and great singers. I just think that noone from here has really put on a great show like that, since Take That.”