Posh Has Becks In Tears On News Of A Baby Daughter

The Sunday People reports former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham caused her husband David to break down in tears when she revealed their new baby will be a girl. “The couple were over the moon that they are going to have a daughter to go with their son,” said the source. “They feel so lucky that when the new arrival comes they will have a perfect family unit. They’ve already started buying pink baby clothes.”

David Beckham E-Mailing Posh Back Home

England soccer team star David Beckham has learned to use the computer to send his Spice Girl wife Victoria Beckham e-mails and shop online. A source said, “Before David flew out to the World Cup he didn’t have a clue how to use the Internet and had never sent an e-mail in his life. But there isn’t much to do between matches and he can’t go out because he gets mobbed, so he gave it a go. Now he’s hooked on it and has spent hours sending messages back home and shopping online.”

Posh Proud And Nervous Over Hubby’s World Cup Kick

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham spoke with pride to the Sunday People after hubby David Beckham scored the winning and only goal in England’s World Cup match against Argentina earlier this week. “I am really, really proud of David.” gushed Posh. “But I was so, so nervous for him when he stepped up to take the penalty.”

Posh Spice On A Magazine Cover She Doesn’t Want

The Mirror reports former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is fuming after OK! magazine has an ‘exclusive’ cover with her that is taken from an interview that’s over a year old. “Victoria is very upset about it,” said a pal. “She didn’t even do the interview for them and not only are they ripping off their readers but it also looks like she’s cashing in on the World Cup.”

Posh Saves Face By Walking From Virgin Records

NME reports Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has walked away from her deal with Virgin Records, likely because if she didn’t she would have been dropped by the label. A brief statement from Posh said, “No-one has been dropped. The Virgin deal has come to a natural end and both parties have decided not to continue.”

David & Victoria Beckham Pull Out Of House Deal

The Sun reports David Beckham and his Spice Girl wife Victoria Beckham have pulled out of plans to buy a £850,000 mansion over security fears. An insider revealed, “They have had death threats in the past and their security has to be paramount. It is disappointing but they were told there was no way they would be able to make the house secure enough. They wanted a proper family home in Manchester now David is staying at Man Utd but they are having real trouble finding something they like.”

David & Victoria Beckham Throw Star-Studded Charity Bash

David Beckham and his wife Victoria, aka Posh Spice, threw a celebrity-studded party Sunday to raise money for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Guests at the affair included many of England’s World Cup soccer squad, Sir Elton John, tennis star Greg Rusedski, designer Vivienne Westwood, actress Joan Collins and Virgin empire billionaire Sir Richard Branson.

Posh Spice Blasted For Pop Idol Diss

The Mirror reports Pop Idol judge Pete Waterman blasted Victoria Beckham after she claimed that the show’s runner-up Gareth Gates cannot sing. Waterman fumed in response to the Spice Girl’s diss, “If Victoria thinks Gareth can’t sing, perhaps she should apply for the next Pop Idol series so we can have a good look and decide if she can actually sing. I would like to see her try to sing for 10 minutes in our audition.”

Posh To Stay Home Pregnant During World Cup

The Mirror reports Victoria Beckham will stay at home and tend to her pregnancy while her husband and soccer star David Beckham heads off to Dubai for the World Cup. A source at the Football Association revealed, “Victoria appears to have had a rethink and David has intimated that he intends to travel to Dubai alone. It is a real shame. All the other players intend to travel with wives or girlfriends. But, given the circumstances, you can understand why Victoria might not feel up to it.”

Posh TV Deal In Hopes To Save Label Deal

Popbitch.com reports ‘An Audience with Victoria Beckham’ is being planned for late May, the Saturday night before her next single, ‘I Wish’, a duet with Robbie Craig, is due out. Even though they originally planned it for a November airing, since Posh is said to be in danger of being dropped by Virgin, the revised date is hoped to rescue her album sales, and her label deal.

David & Victoria Beckham Spend $3.3 Million On 2nd Mansion

The Sun reports David and Victoria Beckham have spent $3.3 million on another mansion to make room for their new baby. The couple apparently are selling their two-bed penthouse flat in the North of England, buying the larger home nearby.

A source revealed, “They’ve outgrown the flat and need somewhere bigger for the baby. David’s committed to staying at Manchester United and this confirms that.”

The Beckhams Shell Out $215,000 For Armor Plated Car

Hello! magazine reports David Beckham and his Posh Spice wife Victoria Beckham have purchased a $215,000 Mercedes S500, which has armor plating, an airtight passenger compartment in case of gas attacks, run-flat tires that are unstoppable in a shootout, and a reinforced floor designed to withstand landmine blasts. A pal said of the car, “This new one is not for show. [David will] do anything to protect his family.”

Victoria Beckham Only Half As Popular As Husband

Searches for Posh Spice star Victoria Beckham were quite weak considering her husband David Beckham received over twice as many searches on pay-per search engine Overture.com during the month of February. While Victoria had 10,927 searches, David had 22,977 in the same period. Combine Posh Spice and her maiden name Victoria Adams to the results and it is much closer, but still not impressive given her solo efforts. The most popular misspelling was Victoria Beckam with 384 queries.

Posh Doesn’t Want Becks In Pepsi Ad With Britney

The Sun reports Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has told husband David Beckham she doesn’t want him appearing in a Pepsi advertisement with Britney Spears. Posh fears the two being linked together, especially following her reported split with *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake and her recent comments that she felt David was “cute.”

Posh Appears Desperate Performing With Celebrity Lookalikes

The Sun reports Victoria Beckham is apparently going down the slippery slope of fame after making an appearance at a ski contest, where she performed opposite several celebrity lookalikes. Posh Spice was the only real deal and organizer Rupert Silbergasser admitted, “We tried to get Kylie Minogue or Anastasia, but both of them were far too expensive.”

Victoria Beckham Awards Terminally Ill 6 Year Old Girl

Spice Girl Victoria Beckham presented the terminally ill six-year-old Kirsty Howard with her Special Award for raising £1.2million for the children’s hospice she attends. Beckham told the young girl who suffers from a heart condition, “If my children grow up to be half as brave as her I will be incredibly proud.” While Kirsty was happy to see Victoria, she said it was “Not as great as having (her husband) David here, though.”

Posh Spice To Be The Next Oprah

Peoplenews.com reports Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is in negotiations to host her own Oprah-style chat show for ITV. The format will focus on “real” people rather than celebrities. Granada deputy head, Bob Massie said of Posh, “We think Victoria has a very nice way about her – much more so than people formerly thought – and we’re obviously keen to talk to her about the kind of projects she is interested in working on.”

Victoria Beckham & 3 Year Old Son Brooklyn In Car Wreck

The Mirror reports a pregnant Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and three-year-old son Brooklyn were involved in a six car crash near junction 13 of the M6 on Sunday. Victoria’s 55-year-old father Tony Adams was driving and was fortunately able to steer her husband’s Chrysler Grand Voyager away from a full impact.

Posh Not A Fan Of Kylie’s ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’

Posh Spice and solo artist Victoria Beckham had some less than friendly comments about rival Kylie Minogue’s single ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ on a new documentary for ITV1. Posh said, “When I first heard that record, if I’m being totally honest, I didn’t like it. I like a song that has lyrics, a good melody. I can’t dispute that it has a catchy feel but I like a song that has a bit of emotion.”

Posh Overcomes Polycystic Ovaries In Pregnancy

Sunday People reports Victoria Beckham was in tears of joy when she discovered she was pregnant, after the Spice Girl had been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, which can stop eggs developing, before having her first baby Brooklyn. A friend of Posh and husband David Beckham explained, “They have been trying for two years for another baby and have gone through tough times. She is overwhelmed with joy and relief.”

The couple had almost given up on a natural childbirth with the pal revealing, “Victoria had started to think it was never going to happen naturally. She consulted Harley Street specialists about possible treatment for her polycystic ovary syndrome.”

Victoria Beckham’s Wish Unlikely To Be Granted

The Sun’s Dominic Mohan reports it is unlikely the ‘I Wish’ single Victoria Beckham had hoped to release in May will hit shelves due to Robbie Craig being on a competing label to Posh’s home at Virgin. A London Records spokeswoman told Mohan, “Robbie has an exclusive deal with us – so draw your own conclusions.” A source says Craig wants out of his contract over the move but they’ve turned him down.

David & Victoria Beckham May Name New Baby Essex

The Sun is all over the big news in the UK as Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is pregnant with her second child with husband David. Since they named their first son Brooklyn after he was conceived in the New York town, pals are betting the new baby will be named Essex, after their GBP2.5million mansion on the Essex border. Meanwhile, Victoria’s father Tony tells the Sun, “We are very excited and absolutely delighted and happy that Brooklyn will have a little brother or sister in September.”

Posh Spice And David Beckham Expecting 2nd Child

Well it appears earlier speculation on popbitch.com was on the money as David and Victoria Beckham announced today that Victoria was pregnant again. The couple said in a statement, “This year has been such an exciting year for us – England are in the World Cup finals, Victoria’s had a second top 10 hit and now we are expecting a new baby. It’s fantastic. Brooklyn is really looking forward to having a little brother or sister to play with.”

Posh Spice Comments On Pop Idol Competition

Popgoss.com spoke with Victoria Beckham to get her thoughts on the Pop Idol TV series (a solo artist version of Making the Band). Posh said, “The great thing about Pop Idol is that that’s what it was like for us. Obviously it wasn’t televised but that’s how tough it is a lot of the time. It really does give people an insight and I think if I wasn’t famous now, I would definitely have been there at the auditions for Pop Idol. I don’t know how far I would’ve got but I’d definitely have been there!”

Posh Surprises By Singing Live At Fundraiser

Drew McAdam of the Scotsman was at the Forth One’s Help A Child appeal, which supports children with special needs in East Central Scotland, last night to see Spice Girl Victoria Beckham perform. The singer was the headliner, but insisted on performing first on the bill that included A1 and Warren Stacey. McAdam said, “While the posh lady of pop looked comfortable and confident, she may not have the most remarkable voice in the world.”

Posh Says Spice Girls Can’t Win On Breakup Reports

Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice spoke with Sky TV about the status of the Spice Girls after the release of her own solo work. Posh said, “A lot of people are saying ‘Have you split up? Haven’t you split up? If we came out and said to everybody we’ve split up, everybody would say ‘we knew that anyway and what do we care’ so we can’t win whatever we say. What we’re saying is the truth. We are working on solo material and maybe at some point there will be a greatest hits.”

Posh Blasts Music Stars Posing Half Naked… While Posing Half Naked!

The Sun reports Victoria Beckham has taken issue with pop stars who do sexy photo shoots to promote new albums. Posh said, “When you have a record out people do interviews. I don’t do FHM and things like that. I’m not a sex symbol. I am an artist.” Apparently though the singer is seen half naked herself in the current issue of Arena magazine.

Posh Lashes Out At Ginger Spice On Wax

The Mirror reports Posh has taken a page from the hip hop beef culture. Victoria Beckham has targeted ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell who quit the group at their peak with a song on her album. The tune ‘Watcha Talkin’ Bout’ includes the lyrics, “It started when the fame and fans kept coming in, and then you changed on us. Then you told us you were cool and we were wrong.”

Posh Says Spice Girls Unlikely To Reunite

The Herald Sun reports Spice Girl Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham is revealing it is unlikely the girls will work together as a band again. Posh admits, “Right now we are all doing our own thing and there are no plans in the future to do anything as a group. But maybe at some point it would be good to do a greatest hits.”

Posh & David Commission Bronze Statue Of Themselves

The Sun reports Victoria and David Beckham have commissioned a 20ft bronze statue of themselves for their garden. The couple will spend GBP100,000 on the sculpture which will be done by Frances Segelman. A friend revealed, “They wanted something three-dimensional to immortalize them and then Emma told them about Frances. She is very excited about it. She wants to get them to pose as soon as possible.”

Posh Understands Why People Find Her Irritating

Victoria Beckham spoke with the Mike Toolan Show on Radio Key 103 in Manchester where she told the host she understands “why people get irritated by me and David.” Posh said, “The picture that the press paints is not us. We are not like that. This person they make me out to be irritates the hell out of me as well. I’m famous for making music. With the Spice Girls we sold more than 40 million albums and people forget that. They are more interested in what you buy when you go shopping, what you wear, what your hair’s like, what your make-up is like and how much you weigh.”