Madonna, Whitney, And Mariah: Their Places In Music

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MADONNA – Madonna has established herself as music’s most intriguing and unconventional persona. She sets the trends, speaks taboos, sings the importance of independence and self-expression, and shocks. She has never run out of ideas to shock us, and in a few instances of her shocking moments, she never failed to deliver a statement, be it political, sexual, ambitious.

I never really understood what “reinvention” meant in the context of real music. True, she “reinvents” her image, and her sound, but not her -music-. If you strip down the beats, and sounds, her lyrics, way of singing, and messages are all the same. It’s the same music dressed up in a different way. Also, her shock method has always been effective (except in American Life), and we are always entertained. She doesn’t have a good voice, but props to her for keeping music not just music.

Madonna redefined music.

WHITNEY HOUSTON – Whitney has probably the best-known tone in the whole world. When she sings, we listen. She’s a true diva on stage: confident, strong, and commanding, in a beautiful way. For turning a country song into one of the most beloved tunes of all time, her voice is legend.

Whitney’s strong and confident persona is a facade, a mask that disguises the weak woman who succumbs to crack, alcohol, and husband. The stage is the only place where she can validate her perceived strong image, because in reality she’s not that strong. Her only asset, her voice, was wasted on alcohol, bickering, and crack. Her marriage and image are a regular punch line of late-night jokes. But no matter how she fares in the future, her name and the legend that is her voice are already written in history.

Whitney is a legend in her own right.

MARIAH CAREY – Mariah is my textbook definition of “diva”: she writes good music, has one of the greatest voices, beautiful, and classy. If there were a school for divas, Mariah would graduate as valedictorian. She is one of music’s leading vocal powerhouse, has the widest vocal range for any pop singer, hits the highest notes in recorded music, 16 big #1 hits, 2 of which became the longest running #1 of 2 decades, 200+ million records sold in just 15 years, 5 #1 albums, and numerous legend awards (even more than Whitney’s and Madonna’s combined). Of records, numbers, and octaves, Mariah is an undeniable force in music.

Like any top honor student, Mariah has always been driven by the need to be #1. She traded fame for love, traded ambition for sanity, traded dreams for family. She’s obsessed with perfection and control. She doesn’t want to disappoint anybody, while trying to please everybody. She’s a control freak, a workaholic who doesn’t need to be. While most divas have found family and love in life, she’s remained in her bubble, working non-stop to carve a place in music, which she doesn’t realized is already there. Big-voiced divas with big hairs aren’t supposed to last as long as Mariah has, but it seems there’s still more that she can do with her elastic voice and pen.

Mariah made the most out of music. She has the career and success that most legends can only dream of having.

Bobby And Whitney Reveal Intimate Secrets

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown are revealing some shocking and intimate secrets from behind the closed doors of their turbulent showbiz marriage in an interview with Sister 2 Sister’s Jamie Foster Brown. “(Houston) said, ‘I was a functioning junkie,'” Brown revealed to ‘Extra’, adding, “And they do hit each other, but both of them have told me she hits him more so than he hits her.”

Whitney Breaks Up With Bobby

Craig Kilborn joked during his Late Late Show monologue on Tuesday night, “Whitney Houston has broken up with Bobby Brown. Bobby says he’s not worried – she’s just playing hard to punch.”

Jordan Aims To Compete With Celine And Whitney

The Sun reports that balloon boobed pin-up Jordan, now going by her real name Katie Price, claims her upcoming music career will feature her belting out tunes that will compete with the likes of Celine Dion or Whitney Houston. “I like singing strong ballads like Whitney, Celine Dion, I could have got a song out ages ago with a bikini, round a pool with them bouncing all with the beach balls. But I want to do it properly.” Read Emily Smith’s interpretation of a Jordan tune and check out a cartoon mocking her Celine aspirations here.

Bobby To Stand Trial For Hitting Whitney

Bobby Brown will have to stand trial for smacking his wife, Whitney Houston, a judge ordered on Wednesday (May 5). Houston appeared in an Atlanta court with her husband, who is accused of busting her lip and bruising her cheek during a fight in December. If convicted, Brown faces a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Whitney And Bobby’s Marriage In Trouble

During an interview with ‘Dateline’, Bobby Brown wouldn’t talk about Whitney Houston’s alleged drug abuse, but did say that right now he and Houston are struggling to save their marriage. “I’m not saying ‘separation,’ I’m saying it’s time for Daddy to go to work and it’s time for mommy to be at home.” Brown states. “If we want to be together, we’ll be together, if we want to be apart from each other, we’ll be apart.” Read more and watch a video clip at

Bobby Brown Spells Trouble For Recovering Whitney

Whitney Houston’s close friends and even her mother Cissy voiced their concert to The Chicago Sun-Times as Bobby Brown joined his superstar wife at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. Whitney had been staying at the posh island vacation complex with a small band of friends and family members focused on keeping the singer and actress drug free. “His presence will do nothing to keep Whitney on the road to recovery,” a longtime former Houston associate said. “He is trouble with a capital ‘T’.”

Whitney And Bobby Together Again

The Boston Herald reports that after a break from each other, Bobby Brown is back with Whitney Houston, who has been staying at the Atlantis Casino and Resort down in the Bahamas for 10 days. Houston was reportedly soaking up the sun surrounded only by friends, until her Brown arrived a few days later.

Whitney And Bobby Planning Reality TV Show

A television insider tells Star magazine that money is likely the motivating factor behind Whitney Houston’s hubby Bobby Brown currently shooting reality series, ‘Being Bobby Brown’. “Bobby and Whitney probably need the money especially now that Bobby has to make child support payments [to an ex-girlfriend with whom he has two kids],” the insider explained.