Taio Cruz Fact Checks His Wikipedia Entry

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace on Tuesday (June 22), discussing some things on his Wikipedia page that are correct and incorrect. The British singer songwriter tells readers:

Stuff thats WRONG Grrrr (No doubt to be continued….)
1. My Name is.. drumroll please….not Adetayo Ayowale etec etc etc haha. my name is Jacob Taio Cruz. But you can just cal me Tie – Thai – Ty – TAIO (Am i drumming the pronunciation in enough haha)

I have never produced any songs for … Who tf is – Pedro Cruz??? lol
I did not got to Christ’s Church School (I’ve never even heard of it!) – How random!

And now onto… Stuff thats RIGHT Yay!!!

Yes I am 27 and born April 23 1983 (if only I were 24 but we can pretend if you’d like haha)

Yes I Produce and write all of my own songs

And Yes the Rokstarr brand is currently being worn by a host of your favourite celebrities haha (had to plug Rokstarr)

Since his posting, all of the incorrect items have been fixed. The blog at MySpace has since been removed.

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